I'm Addicted To Dowsing!

Can I tell you a secret?

I’m addicted to pendulum dowsing...That's right, I love and use pendulums so much I even carried them tucked away in my bra...until one too many times of having to explain to horrified clients, "don't worry, I just need to get this out [insert fumbling noises] to check in for you."

And witnessing my mom pull five things out of her bra, including a cell phone, wallet and keys...let's just say, it was a wake up call for me.

That was years ago, I've gotten better...

I now have pendulums all over my house and even wear a necklace made of a crystal point on a long chain from Target that doubles as a pendulum.

I just can't stop, they're that good.

I ask it things like...

  • Is this meat still good/will I get sick or die if I eat it?

  • Is this vitamin what I need today?

  • Is this emotion mine?

  • What on my list is absolutely aligned with what I need to do today?

  • Who's the best person to call to handle this quickly and efficiently?

I’ve been teaching people how to use pendulums for years now and my students are hooked too.

I had one student years ago while on a first date have her pendulum and other "helpful" crystals fall out of her bra and onto the floor during dinner.

She looked in horror, as her date picked up all her accoutrements.

But, as would fate have it, it brought them together and allowed her to be real about who she was - ultimately creating an amazing connection between the two of them.

I also had a student who was a firefighter say her and her team went to a woman’s house who had to remover her shirt, but instead she proceeded to take loads of crystals and a pendulum out of her bra beforehand.

Her team looked to her flabbergasted - debating whether this woman needed a mental evaluation as well. Lol!

I’ll swing one in the grocery store, checking in on which produce is better for my body and which supplement would be good for my daughter.

My daughter is so used to running and "getting mommy a pendulum" that it’s a long standing joke in our house.

Of course, these little crystals on a chain do nothing on their own.

They’re a visual aid for my intuition; to help me step out of the way and get clear.

The electromagnetic pulses in my fingers move them according to a programed set of movements representing different answers.

  • In sessions I use them…

  • In classes I use them…

  • I clear houses and energy fields with them…

They are my go to.

Call me a crazy pendulum lady. I also have two cats. I’ll take it.

And if the paramedics come to my house, I’ll proudly pull them out of my bra.


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