Client Stories: Soul Purpose of Money Issues In Business...

A client came to me for an Akashic Reading struggling with the lack of clients and money in her business that she once had, which made her feel worthless.

Her Spirit Guides told her her money struggles were not part of her Soul Purpose to work with at this time. It wasn't hers - any feeling of worth and struggle. She had taken on other people's issues around her who were struggling with money.

They added that her business’s money flow, or lack thereof, was chosen by her Soul to help her:

  • Focus on other areas of her business

  • Get clear on her message

  • Refocus on what was truly important for her

If she had a ton of clients and money coming in, she would have thought her business model was perfect, stayed at the same level and wouldn’t have gotten so creative and innovative.

They helped her remember that even though money wasn’t coming in the way she’d have liked, she was still finding the money to pay for her expenses and needs each month - she had been taken care of.

With that message a weight had lifted off her and she was clear for the first time she said in months - the fog of stress, anxiety and shame had lifted.

All that time she said she had felt like she was doing something wrong or being punished. She said it felt so good to know in her whole being the truth of the messages her guides had given her in the reading.

The relief, inspiration and hope she experienced with this message, continued after the session:

  • She began to trust in the insights she was being led to take action upon in her business.

  • New and better avenues opened up, which started to bring in the income she was needing.

  • And her connection to her community increased and she began to really love what she was doing in a whole new way.

All because of one simple message given directly from her Soul, letting her know the bigger reason for her challenge and what the experience was providing her.

I LOVE these big shift moments that happen during sessions! It never ceases to amaze me.

Isn’t it an eye opener to know that sometimes we take on the struggle and purpose of others, spin in never-ending cycles of worry and fret about the future, when in actuality we never needed to in the first place.

It was never ours to hold.


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