Exchanging Control For Flow - Manifesting With Soul

Do you feel like you’ve been pushing a boulder up hill lately?

Wanting things a certain way? Feeling impatient for the outcome to arrive?

The good news is, the energy is primed now, after yesterday’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, to let it all go and flow….

I can always tell I’m working against my Soul's natural flow of ease, grace and Divine timing, when I feel an intensity inside my body build up and take over.

Have you ever felt this way?

For me, it’s like a volcano ready to erupt, but it never does…just pure pressure. Mind blowing pressure.

I start to think...

  • “Why isn’t this happening fast enough?"

  • "What else do I have to do to make it happen?"

  • "If I just [insert obsessive, crazy action here] it will work!”

It’s this weird place in my brain, where the world becomes a battle ground and there’s a group of beings above the earth with a shiny gate to everything I possible could want and imagine, but only they hold the magic key.

And my job is to get that freaking key!

But, in order for them to open the gate and let me in, I have to have the perfect combination of actions to get a sneak peak past the gates.

So I run with this crazy reality and I scheme in my mind to find the right things to do, to get on their good side…

  • “I’ll wash my car and then they'll see I’m taking care of my things - because they probably think I’m a slob and that’s why I’m not getting in!"

  • “I’ll find the perfect colored font for my marketing, because come on the Universe hates bad design!”

  • “I’ll plead and obsess and make myself cry in front of them and they’ll see I’m struggling and that will touch their heart and they’ll let me in!”

OMG! It’s totally absurd!

And it’s these thoughts that fill my brain when I’m in this world.

And yes, oddly enough, at some level it feels really good to be thinking so hard, because I’m taking action or trying to figure things out, so I’m being productive.

And aren’t we supposed to be productive?

You see, in this frantic energy, filled with fear and lack, the shadow side takes over.

And I’m left with this out of control party of false aspects of me that LOVE the crazy, the complicated and the obsessive puzzles.

At some point, I let this all go and come back to my center.

Because the reality is, to flow - is to let go.

To live with peace, clarity and LOVE, manifesting easily in your life, all you need to do is the opposite of what your out of control and obbsessive aspects of you are wanting you to do.

And that’s what the energy now is primed for…

Since yesterday’s Eclipse, we’re in a beautiful time of taking action through receiving, listening and letting others show you the way…

It’s easy now for you to:

  • Relax

  • Flow

  • Receive

Stay in your heart and let people, answers and actions easily come to you, without pressure or forcing.

Let others ask you for help and subtly or directly relay a good action for you to consider/take.

Listen to the people around you who are relaxed, at peace and giving from a place of HEART & LOVE.

They are your sign from the Universe and your Soul who LOVE you, that your prayers have been answered, you’re never alone and and the Universe wants you to thrive.

Ignore anyone who’s giving you advice from a place of:

  • Judgment

  • Fear

  • Pressure

  • Disbelief

They're still living from that crazy town of gates and strategies.

And let’s be honest, do you really want to go back there?


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