Choose Love to Change Your Life

One of the best pieces of guidance my spirit guides gave was to choose love, not fear. I know it sound simplistic, but follow me…

In each moment you literally have a choice…

A choice to choose love or fear.

But your life, thus far, has bombarded you with logical reasons to choose fear over love.

“It’s too simple.”

“People won’t understand.”

“I’ll lose my power.”

“People will walk all over me.”

And the list goes on.

But here’s the catch, love in the way we’ve been told love is, is not the truth about love. Love is not powerless, gushy, innocent, childlike.

Love is the Divine Creative Force of the universe.

  • As a Force, it’s a powerful energy.

  • As a Creative energy, it’s intelligent.

  • As a Divine energy, it’s connected to all that is and is with you and around you at all times.

Love is what creates and destroys. There’s nothing in the universe that wasn’t created with the power of LOVE - yes, even the most destructive events were crafted with the power of LOVE.

So when you decide to choose love, it comes in in the most simple of ways and the most powerful of awareness.

Ask yourself, each day, “What would love do or say in this instance?”

I guarantee you that what will come to you is the most loving and powerful statement of your deepest truths. You will relax and the fear will subside.

It may not happen right away, but it will happen. Keep this as a daily, hourly practice and you’ll start seeing the results.

Because when you choose love, you start to re-align your life to one you do actually LOVE, instead of one you fear.

If you’re in the process of rebooting your life and creating a life you LOVE, trust love and align your life to love through connecting with it each day.

Simply asking yourself, "What would love do?”, powerfully shifts your path in the most simple of ways.

Because whatever question you ask yourself or the universe, must be answered.

Struggling with aligning to LOVE?

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