Clear Your Stuff!

It's time to leave your outdated, fear based stories, projections and beliefs behind, once and for all... Why? Because these are the limitations you've been carrying with you since childhood, which are actually keeping you from a life you LOVE. And keeping you in a spiral of procrastination, distress and fear. Yes, it's true. The energy on the earth is primed to release these easily now. Only you get to create the stories you want to live out in your life. So why not clear the core issues reeking havoc in your life? It's really simple... Clear Your "Stuff" Tool: 1. Find a quite place where you won't be disturbed. Call in your spirit guides by saying to yourself, "Bring to me my highest level spirit guides and higher self now." 2. Imagine a light that represents them standing with you. 3. Tell them, "Clear all the stories, beliefs and projections I have that are keeping me small and living a life of survival and fear." 4. You will notice a shift happening, energy moving or nothing at all. Sit for a moment and let your guides do their thing. Notice how this is for you and you'll also know when it's been done. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 once each day for a week. 6. Notice the aha's and new ideas and understandings about your life that open up over the week as you do this for yourself. Your intentions set the course for your life. Why not release the stories keeping you small and open yourself up to the LOVING stories, which have been waiting in the wings to dance upon your stage? If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

Get your light out into the world and help others step into their light as well, just by being you – as the self-partnered and empowered Empathic Lightworker you really are!

Become a part of my free community of Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, who have gone within, self-partnered with their True Self and are powerfully anchored on their journey of activating more of their LIGHT and fully embracing a life they LOVE.

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I can't wait to see you on the inside... <3

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