Release Your Fear Tool!

Old fears and anger have been coming up over and over again for myself, my clients and my colleagues.

Maybe you've noticed this pattern for yourself as well...

Having deep fears and anger consume you - believing your fears, the illusion, telling you you're not a powerful creator of your reality, you're powerless and will always be the victim of your life.

Having moments of calm and empowerment - not believing these fears, but it doesn't last long.

It's super easy now to move out of the fear and anger that's been toying with you.

And to help you do just that, my guides gave me a powerful tool to help you release fear and stand in your 5D empowerment...

The key right now, like Jedi training, is to, "face your fears and release your anger."

With this tool, it's super easy to do just that...

5D Fear to Empowerment Tool: 1. When you start to feel uncomfortable or afraid, ask yourself, "What am I really afraid of - what's the fear I have right now?" 2. Notice what fear comes to you. There are two sides of the coin we're all working - victimhood/empowerment. What you're fearing will stem from a place of victimhood - that you will be demolished or hurt in some way by your experience and you are powerless to do anything about it, which then creates anger. You're fears are purposeful and are asking you to recognize them and move to the other side of the coin into empowerment. 3. When you've hit the core fear, you'll know because the fear will release and there will be a sense of calm. If you haven't gotten that sense, keep asking the question until you feel a sense of calm, "What am I really afraid of?" You may notice you go backward in time to childhood and you hit a core childhood fear. That's good, there's no need to unpack it because once you make it conscious it will release automatically. 3. Once you have a sense of calm come over you, it's your sign the fear released. 4. Once it's released, then say, "I'm in 5D and I'm empowered." Congratulations! You've just flipped over to the other side of the coin and...

  • Shifted out of victimhood

  • Created a new timeline of empowerment

  • Released your fears

You're amazing!

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

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