The Two Paths of All Empathic Lightworkers...

As an Empath, we all have two major paths to choose from in life:

  1. Live as a channel for other people’s stuff - this is a path we walk as a disempowered Empath

  2. Live as a channel for your truth (your Divine True Self) - this is the path we walk as an empowered Empathic Lightworker

We can always shift to the second path, but we all start out on the first path.

The first path of disempowerment...

Begins by seeking approval from the outside and learning to be a healing and intuitive channel for other people's stuff.

The outside world and unhealed caregivers are our classroom on this path.

In this classroom, intuitive gifts are honed and strengthened through having to sense the needs and feelings of abusive or aggressive caregivers in order to survive.

As we get older and enter into healing professions where we use our amazing gifts of sensing the needs of others to help them, we begin to lose ourselves as we accommodate their needs.

Our own health suffers as a result.

This first path holds experiences, which reflect our core childhood wounds.

On this first path, we look to the circumstances of our life and the people around us to determine our worth.

Because when we were very young our intuition was not validated by others.

We spoke the truth of what was going on and our caregivers denied it.

As a young child, who sees their caregivers as all-knowing gods, we easily trusted they knew best.

And from that point forward we learned to trust the guidance of those who were not self-partnered or empowered, instead of our self.

We began the ultimate subconscious self-betrayal program there is...

We disowned our inner wisdom.

Going forward, this subconscious program attracted people and experiences to us that mirrored this core wounding.

Yes, some people we can read right away and know who they are at their core.

But, those people on our path who are similar to our early caregivers and abusers...

Those we don't see clearly.

Because on this path, those subconscious early woundings come up time and again to help us heal them and look at them.

Whether that be a subtle manipulator or outwardly aggressive boss, clients or family members, on this path we attract them to us to repeat those childhood experiences of:

  • Giving our power away

  • Not trusting the red flags and intuitive guidance we receive to stay safe

  • Being afraid to speak up for ourselves to maintain healthy boundaries

On the first path, we learn to accommodate everyone else.

The irony is, on this path of not standing up for ourselves, we're really great at fighting for the rights of the underdog, the down trodden and the unhealed.

Because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to do.

We understand where the unhealed are coming from.

We have compassion for the trauma of others, because we’ve experienced similar situations ourselves.

We’re natural healers and compassionate people.

We're naturally empathic and genuinely care.

When you stand up for yourself, it’s a whole different story…

  • Fear sets in

  • You make excuses for other people’s bad behavior

  • You give multiple chances to people and situations that are unhealthy

  • You let people into your home, body, finances and business who haven’t proven their trust

  • You trust words more than actions

  • You overlook your body screaming at you that it’s time to get out or make a big change to save yourself

And one day, after ignoring your needs for the sake of others, it’s easy to see someone you don’t recognize staring back at you in the mirror.

You played a role for so long at the hands of others to be whatever they needed you to be that you, your body and soul are now totally depleted.

And that’s what is so sad…

You, our amazing healers and Empathic Lightworkers, here to shift the planet with your light, are not seeing your amazing worth because you’ve subconsciously agreed to rely upon unhealed and toxic people to determine who you are in exchange for your power.

You’ve agreed to give away your power to people who are only here to take and take and take until there’s nothing left.

Here, in this state of utter depletion, is where the shift point into the second path lies.

It’s in the most stressful, drastic and “not enough time” moments in your life, that the only hope is to go within, heal, look at, release and reclaim yourself.

Because there’s literally no more energy left for you to resist.

This lowest point is where the magic happens.

Now, more than any other time in your life, you're more able to self-partner with your True Self and begin to heal your woundings and trauma and release those devastating subconscious programs and soul contracts you've been replaying throughout your life.

You're now turning your life around, onto the second path of reclaiming yourself and creating a life you LOVE, without fear, trauma and more abuse.

This is the second path of empowerment:

Going within, meeting and self-partnering with your True Self to heal and release your S.T.U.F.F.

This is the key to unlocking you from the first path.

The driver change on the road to living a life you LOVE…

No longer is your wounded inner child driving your car and looking at others to take care of them (the first path).

Now your Divine True Self is steering the wheel.

Shifting your life and you into being the powerful creator you really are and were always meant to be by reclaiming your:

Values of integrity and mutual respect and never again letting someone who is not aligned into our life, home, business and heart.

Voice and trusting your intuition through releasing the fears and subconscious programming of:

“Don’t speak up, you’re not right, you need to trust others to tell you what is truth so you can survive.”

And reclaiming your TRUE SELF, which knows:

“I’ve always had access to the truth of all existence. It’s easy to trust myself because by showing up in my divine channel of my truth, I speak up easily, I embody and expand love, integrity and truth and my bright light dissolves all darkness.”

This was always the path forward.

There was no other way.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

Get your light out into the world and help others step into their light as well, just by being you – as the self-partnered and empowered Empathic Lightworker you really are!

Become a part of my free community of Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, who have gone within, self-partnered with their True Self and are powerfully anchored on their journey of activating more of their LIGHT and fully embracing a life they LOVE.

Then join my Empath Empowerment Challenge! and become an Empowered Empath through getting your True Self Magic MOJO ON!

I can't wait to see you on the inside... <3

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