Why Empaths Need to Rethink Being a Healer...

One major sign you’re an Empath is the genuine desire to fix and heal others.

This desire usually lands Empaths into the healing, teaching and service-oriented professions.

This desire to help heal others, some would say, is a very good thing.

And true, us Empaths are amazing healers and intuitives!

And we also are huge givers...

Especially to those in need or unhealed individuals claiming to need our help.

And we jump in whole-heartedly, at the expense of ourself.

This I can guarantee:

Healing others from a state of scarcity (focusing on others at the expense of yourself) is NOT empowerment.

We heal in this way because it was what we learned to do.

Our healing and intuitive abilities were born from tragedy…

Usually from traumatic and/or aggressive caregivers who we learned to intuitively and energetically understand in order to avoid negative consequences and abuse from an unconscious and irresponsible adult.

And until we recognize this pattern and core wounding, we can never be free to really step out and into our True healing gifts.

Let's dive into this a bit more, so you can recognize this wounding and release it once and for all...

In these formative years during childhood, we began a very powerful subconscious contract with our caregivers…

”I will give you my power, be responsible for you and your wrongdoings, so you can avoid the responsibility you are clearly not able to take, in exchange for my survival.”

And there began the handing over of power that we all experience.

Which our spirit accepts because our bigger Soul Mission for taking on this contract is this:

We’re here to see clearly what it is like to experience the core wound of our collective society, family lines and past life timelines we’re here to help heal and empower.

But we can’t really step into this higher purpose of our healing abilities until we take a look inside.

And release and reprogram this core contract.

Otherwise we continue to subconsciously take responsibility for others in exchange for our survival.

And we get sucked into healing everyone we come across who promises fulfillment of our needs or paying clients who convince us we need them in order to survive.

If you're feeling the desire to release this, once and for all, stop reading for a moment and commit to releasing this core contract within you, by writing in the comments section below:

"I commit to self-partnering with my True Self to release this core contract of taking on other people's S.T.U.F.F in exchange for my survival once and for all, so I can step into fully my empowered version of myself."

This commitment, written out in public, whether people see it or not, is a powerful anchor point, which stops this contract dead in it's tracks and allows opens the door to your empowered path, so that it can unfold for you in the most Divinely orchestrated and perfect ways.

And now back to our journey...

We also take on other people’s issues to fill us with a sense of purpose:

Bear with me here, no one wants to take on people's stuff consciously.

This is very much a subconscious thing we do initially.

Until we begin to recognize it and then we start to know in the moment when it's happening and can release it easily.

We do this because that was part of our initial contract:

To fill the void that was created within us when we first handed over our power to our caregivers.

The result of this core wounding are very genuine statements of needing to use our natural intuitive healing abilities to help heal the world.

But, in order to truly heal the world, we need to heal this core wound within us.

Through looking within and self-partnering to release your S.T.U.F.F and reclaim your life.

Empathic Lightworkers know the only Divine soul mission of all empowered healers is about:

Learning to walk hand in hand with your true source of power – your True Self.

Which means:

  • Being in your own body

  • Being in your own source of power

  • Working your own issues first, before helping facilitate the healing of another

When we make this shift back to focusing on healing our self before healing another, our outer world shifts in amazing ways:

  • People around us begin to move into their own empowerment and healing naturally without much help from us.

  • People around us begin to understand themselves more clearly.

  • We stand in the truth of our own light and naturally help others do the same.

  • We no longer look outside of our self for answers, validation or power.

This is why all my classes are designed for Empaths and Empathic Lightworkers and our unique issues and needs to connect back with our True Self and step into our gifts fully in order to shine our light into the world.

I know because I walked this path out of the disempowered state of healing others to the empowered state in my business.

If you're interested in learning how to really becoming the empowered healer you're meant to be and release those old patterns of healing others at the expense of yourself, my Reiki classes specifically designed for Empaths are a great place to start.

Click for my upcoming class calendar...and take back your power and innate healing gifts.

Just by be-ing you.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

Get your light out into the world and help others step into their light as well, just by being you – as the self-partnered and empowered Empathic Lightworker you really are!

Become a part of my free community of Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, who have gone within, self-partnered with their True Self and are powerfully anchored on their journey of activating more of their LIGHT and fully embracing a life they LOVE.

Then join my Empath Empowerment Challenge! and become an Empowered Empath through getting your True Self Magic MOJO ON!

I can't wait to see you on the inside... <3

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