Why It's So Hard For Us Empaths To Trust Ourselves...

For Empaths it’s a common theme and part of our soul mission to distrust ourselves.

It’s part of the first part of the journey all Empathic Lightworkers embark upon early in life:

To learn what it truly means to look to another for validation of what they’re feeling within.

This path starts with a very common experience all Empaths go through, usually early in childhood...

We begin to understand and intuit correctly the reality of our home life and emotional reality.

We pick up on the real issues and emotional energies of our caregivers.

For the majority of Empathic Lightworkers, we learned how to survive by “reading” or intuiting the world around us.

What our caregivers were thinking and feeling.

So we could be one step ahead and create safety and security for ourselves in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

We also, at some point, early on, voiced these awarenesses to our caregivers.

For many of us, we may not consciously remember doing this...

But I guarantee you did actually voice this aloud.

You did tell someone what you knew to be true around you.

What you were picking up about how they were feeling.

Or what was really going on.

Which, to our surprise, was met with avoidance or denial on their part.

Denial of the feelings and denial of the truths we were stating.

Because they knew we were right.

Either they didn't want to face that or take responsibility.

Or they didn't want us to know.

Either way, because we were so young, we looked to them as godlike people who wouldn't lie to us.

We trusted them to tell us the truth.

And in that moment, we believed them.


  • Pushed down our intuition and connection to the truth of all that we experience

  • Believed we can't understand the truth of what's going on

  • Put our faith in others to tell us what we're thinking, feeling or knowing in our lives at any time…

Because others "knew best."

And we learned in that moment a valuable “lesson”…

That would keep us “safe” and feeling secure in the world for years to come.

And that is...

“Don’t speak up, you don't really know what's going on and always trust others to tell you what is truth so you can survive.”

We set aside our truths for the truths of another.

This was the original soul contract we signed up for when we came down to earth.

To help the collective and all who have agreed to this contract realize they can release this contract at anytime.

But in order to fully understand we have the power to choose or release the contracts we engage with...

We have to witness them playing out in our world, in graphic detail.

Yes, you agreed to witness the consequences, in painful detail, of what it is like to create a life using this belief as your tool.

Because, here’s the truth of manifesting/creating down here on earth:

Every belief is a point of creation.

What you’re focusing on, putting your energy into, creates itself.

What you believe about life and your self, is reflected back to you in your surroundings.

So if you’re afraid to trust yourself, because you’ve got this contract you’re here to experience,…

You’ll create experiences and relationships where you easily trust others, whether they are right or not.

And more often than not, you’ll find yourself around people who are afraid to tell the truth themselves.

Where you’re left believing false promises...

And creating a reality where words are more true, than actions.

Because you handed over your power, long ago, to words another person spoke.

You’re so not alone on this journey…

This is the path ALL of us Empathic Lightworkers have had to witness and experience in our lives.

I can’t tell you how many amazingly gifted Empaths, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my years of being in business...

Who doubt what they’re getting is valid and trust others to help them on their journey.

It ranges from:

"I saw this healer who said I didn't know what I was talking about and she saw the truth..."

"This person is saying they're going to make my business a great success! I'm super excited I met them because I've been needing this to come in for quite some time."

"My spouse doesn't believe what I'm doing is real. They think it's all hokey and I need to get a real job."

"I have to check in with my ____ to see if this is something I want to do."

"I totally had a dream about this a month ago, I distrusted it and now it's come true. I can't tell anyone about this as they'll think I'm crazy and never believe me."

"I don't know what I'd do if my partner or colleagues (anyone important to them) knows I'm intuitive."

And the list goes on.

We've all said these at some point on our journey.

Because we’re magnets to these experiences when we're playing out that original contract we signed up for.

But, there always comes a point, on this journey into becoming an empowered Empathic Lightworker, where we realize...

We can release the contract and come back home to our beautiful, wise and true self.

We finally “understand"...

Just how preposterous and opposite to our light and truth this contract really is.

Just how separating and self-depricating this contract really is for us.

And how when we created a life using this contract...

We only created more and more distrust of ourselves.

More and more giving away of our power.

More and more looking and clinging to the materiality of our life to tell us who we are.

Until we are fragile, fearful and vulnerable beyond measure.

Because we've in essence lost our self.

There’s no getting around it…we all have to see that level of creation, in order to release the contract.

So we can choose the other path.

Which is trusting our self again.

Self-partnering with our inner truth – our TRUE SELF.

And when we do…

It’s easy to reclaim ourself and our values of integrity and self respect.

Never again do we allow someone who is not aligned into our life, home, business, heart and tell us what our truth is.

Because you’ve reclaimed your voice and finally trust your intuition.

You've fully reclaimed this truth, which your TRUE SELF fills you up with and anchors your new life around:

“I’ve always had access to the truth of all existence. It’s easy to trust myself because by showing up in my divine channel of my truth, I speak up easily, I embody and expand love, integrity and truth and my bright light dissolves all darkness.”

And the coolest part...

When you self-partner with your True Self to reclaim yourself and trust yourself again, it happens in record time.

Because it's now quantum.

You've shifted your inner world to self-partnership, where trusting yourself again becomes second nature.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

Get your light out into the world and help others step into their light as well, just by being you – as the self-partnered and empowered Empathic Lightworker you really are!

Become a part of my free community of Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, who have gone within, self-partnered with their True Self and are powerfully anchored on their journey of activating more of their LIGHT and fully embracing a life they LOVE.

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I can't wait to see you on the inside... <3

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