As Empaths, We Attract The Unhealthy People We Need To Become Our Empowered Self…

When we’re walking the first half of our journey into our empowered Empathic Lightworker life

We’re walking the disempowered path of the Empath…

Giving away our power, at the expense of our self.

A contract we agreed to early in childhood in order to survive an upbringing with irresponsible, abusive and/or unconscious caregivers.

In the process, we agreed to distrust our intuition.

To trust others around us to tell us who we are and what we need.

Which leads to the very common Empath life journey of:

Taking on other people’s pain to heal them in order to feel like we have a purpose…

Trying to fix the world around us in order to feel safe enough to really be us in it…

And attracting people who have spent their lives looking outside of themselves for their sense of power.

People who are not self-partnered and who’ve agreed to the contract of…

Taking another’s power

and projecting all their unhealed wounds onto them…

So they don’t have to take responsibility for themselves.

In a nutshell…

On this path, our "normal" is this:

Subconsciously attracting unconscious people and unhealthy situations into our lives.

Playing out the core illusion we need to believe in, in order to feel whole on this disempowered path:

We can heal others and help them feel better about themselves,

then we can survive and they will help us.

This is the #1 illusionary lens ALL disempowered Empaths work with.

That gets us into the most trouble…

And the most pain…

Because the people we are playing out this illusion with are the last people in the world who are going to heal or shift their life in any way.

No matter how much we love them, help them, heal them, or show them the way.

They are your big soul lesson…

Which your True Self gives you to mirror for you the core wounding you need to heal inside your self.

Because when you’re on the first disempowered path as an Empath…

You are working from your wounded inner child who needs healing and empowerment.

And you create your world through your faulty subconscious programs you learned from your unhealed traumas and childhood woundings, still stored in your body.

This unhealed trauma and wounding manifests more of the same vibration and experiences into your life in order to get your attention.

The real message these unhealthy people and situations are giving you is this:

“Go within and heal your self.”

But, on this path, you hear a glimpse of this message or none at all…

Still holding out hope that the outer world will take your pain away…

Wanting desperately for:

  • Others to take care of you

  • The world to be a safer place

  • The reward you so much deserve for all your hard work

  • All your actions to pay off in order to receive what you need

  • Others to validate and love you

But the TRUTH is this:

Your outer world is only a reflection of your inner world.

And when you’re holding onto pain, trauma and wounding from your past…

Believing in the illusions…

Living from core false contracts and subconscious programs…

And ignoring your inner needs of going within…

You’ll always be chasing the illusions.

And believing in the fantasies.

The ONLY way to change your life is to go within.

To self partner with your empowered True Self.

Your self actualized:

  • Divine Adult

  • Creator Self

  • Source

When you’re focused on your inner journey in this way…

You’re looking and healing your self from within.

Because you know that’s the key to changing and manifesting your outer world.

And giving yourself what you need…

Instead of waiting for others to give it to you.

In this empowered state, self-partnered and not looking to others to save you…

You KNOW, without a doubt…

The one true power is within you.




In this self-partnered state, you begin to easily:

  • Honor others on their path, without trying to change them or heal them

  • Let people and experiences go when they are not aligned to your core values

  • Look within to become who you need to be for your self

  • Feel safe within your own body

  • Live from a constant state of empowerment, awareness and LOVE for your self

  • Trust that all your needs are always met and create what you need when you need it by going within

  • View the outer world as a mirror to connect deeper to your truths

When you walk through life self-partnered in this way…

The people in your life…

The unhealthy people you used to focus on and help heal…

Either become elevated on their own.

And find their way to self-partnering as well, without you doing anything.

Or they leave…

Because they were only mirrors for your inner journey to your own empowerment.

They play a role in this world...

A big soul mission as well:

To never take responsibility, never apologize and never grow.

So others, like yourself, can.

Having gratitude for all the unhealthy people in your life is a key to shifting out of victimhood and blame and into your power.

"Thank you _____ for mirroring the pain inside

and playing a role in the reclaiming of my own power."

Because the truth is…

Life isn't happening TO you..

It's happening FOR you.

You never needed the approval of others.

You just needed your own.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

Get your light out into the world and help others step into their light as well, just by being you – as the self-partnered and empowered Empathic Lightworker you really are!

Become a part of my free community of Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, who have gone within, self-partnered with their True Self and are powerfully anchored on their journey of activating more of their LIGHT and fully embracing a life they LOVE.

Then join my Empath Empowerment Challenge! and become an Empowered Empath through getting your True Self Magic MOJO ON!

I can't wait to meet you on this inside... <3

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