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"The Convergence" - Channeled Message from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides...

You've been processing major energies. The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides have come in to give you a very important message to help...

Message from Olivia:

Dear Amazing Empathic Lightworker,

Right now you may be wondering if everything is going to be ok. It is.

There’s a lot of drama and trauma going around right now and you may be getting caught up in the cross fire.

There are so many Empathic Lightworkers holding things together and trying their best to man the ship - you may feel like you can't let go.

My guides are saying it’s time to stop 'manning the ship' and 'let go of the reigns' - trust everything is as it should be and the ship and horse know exactly where they are heading.

It’s time [and yet extremely hard] to release those we love to take care of themselves…yet stay connected with love - but we must.

It’s time to make sure that all is well within yourself and do the inner work this energy cycle is calling you to do, with compassion and love.

Yesterday, I was given a very special message from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides, just for you, which I'm led to put in its entirety below...

I know it's been intense, but hang on...❤️


(read the full channeled message below)

The Convergence

from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

(channeled in on 2-15-22)

This time is being marked by intensity.

Everything is converging into one, as we speak.

The linearity of the 3rd dimension is crashing in upon itself, as everything is happening 'at once'.

You are witnessing the outer world multi-dimensionally shift into 'quantum matter'.

There will never be a time again that one can go linearly into the world, without the stopping of time.

This is what is making this time difficult within you as well.

There is not a linear - one step in front of the other solution.

There is layer upon layer of evidence within you of what is occurring outside of you.

The same areas of life that are being dismantled are also being dismantled within you.

There are areas that are regaining momentum and unity through this process too - inside of you and outside of you.

You are breathing together now.

And that is troubling you.

There is enmeshment and solidarity and also empowering independence - as well as freedom of choice at brand new levels occurring within and without.

This is a time of rejoicing and a time of going within to reap the harvest by cutting down the vines.

There will come a day soon when you will look back at all of this internal processing and deep nights of the soul and understand that it was a true reclaiming of yourself into wholeness.

We suggest through this time to be aware of yourself at a whole new level.

To trust in your inner world to guide you.

That whatever you are being given right now is important for you to understand.

Some of the challenges you are facing are not your own.

They are other’s lessons that have gotten enmeshed with your life.

This is the hard part of this time, as time itself and the matrix of reality in the Artificial Timeline and Template are crashing/falling down.

You will need to be aware of what is truly yours to process and what is not.

There are massive amounts of collective grief occurring, which you will be able to pick up on...

Guilt from others who cannot handle their mistakes, as well as anger at the failure of a system of power that has kept the few in control for a very long time.

You will feel this immensely as well.

You will understand how this has played out throughout the world, as well as within your own psyche.

You will be letting go of the failure, the guilt and the punishment of the ‘false mind’ that has controlled you.

This is a tough, but necessary step.

Be kind to yourself and know that the exhaustion you feel now, is allowing you to do the internal work necessary.

Resting, eating well, sleeping - all the simple daily life necessities will become more important than the complex magic pills around you.

Take your time through this cycle.

There is much to be harvested, but you need to walk slowly to ‘gleam’ the rewards.

You have planted these seeds for yourself over the past two years.

Now it is time to watch them grow and tend to the soil of your inner plane.

This, we cannot stress enough.

It serves you well to utilize those tried and true inner tools you’ve learned over the years, that have never left your side, but may have been forgotten or put aside.

Go back through your tool bag, Empathic Lightworker.

Find the ones that resonate - again.

And use them now.

Keep remembering that the balancing of deep inner work with simple pleasure and self-loving action is important now.

The energies are ramping up…

As the outer world speeds up [timelines crashing into one another and truths revealed at escalating frequencies]...

You will need your tools to stay grounded in the ‘true now’ - Original Creation Timeline.

This too shall pass, as you move into the rebuilding energies of March, 2022. February, we consider an opening into the ‘brand new’ - the escalation of the Age of Aquarius.

You have arrived, yet you are all newborns - take good care of yourselves.

With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light & The Timeline Guides


"Convergence; Channeled Message from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, authors name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.

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