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Earth's NEW Soul Mission & Awakening [has started]! - Diamond Sun Special Update...

This is a SPECIAL UPDATE: It's BIG - prepare to integrate the massive Diamond Sun Frequencies, in tandem with the earth:

Hello Beautiful Diamond Sun Goddesses,

This morning in my meditation, as I was grounding into the earth, the earth pulled me to her very powerfully and told me/showed me:

“I am changing and the light/new frequency is moving out from my core to the earth’s surface, changing the world’s surface forever.”

I saw a bright white light in her core, shifting frequencies and that frequency is now traveling up and out to the surface of the planet everywhere.

The surface will definitely be changed.

I asked why this shift is happening and what it’s about...

The Diamond Sun Collective of guides came in and answered:

She’s undergoing a “soul mission” shift and her frequencies are shifting because of this.

The earth’s new Soul Mission is “to know thyself fully” - to consciously know every living thing “intimately” that is here on this earth - to discern/judge what is “allowable and what is not” upon the earth.

She is now fully “awake” and choosing accordingly.

Because of this, the earth’s consciousness is coming into our consciousness and deciding who is to stay and continue incarnating here - kicking out the artificial template and “anti-life” beings.

This is acceptable from a free will original creation template perspective, as her free-will takes precedence now as she is the dominant being and her awakening [and soul mission] is now taking priority.

I asked, how will she “kick out” these beings?

With the help of the Diamond Sun (the Source energetics within our physical Sun in our Solar System).

The Diamond Sun frequencies are up-leveling and higher frequencies are coming through, which means beings [life down here] who can handle, process, assimilate and transmute these through their heart/core/truth will survive/thrive here on earth.

Those who cannot will be given a choice - to stay and perish or leave of their own accord.

Off-world beings who cannot process these frequencies have left/are leaving (it is not worth it, they feel, and they are organizing another base/planet and exiting those here to it now).

What do we need to do to prepare for this shift?

You will be given a choice on how to assimilate these new frequencies —> quickly or slowly.

This all will be chosen by your “oversoul”, not your conscious mind/personality.

You can “check-in” on the decision/conversation your oversoul is having with the Councils of Light and Council Guardians of the Earth and her Soul to see what decision has been made.

Check in with your oversoul and find out whether it has decided to process these incoming New Diamond Sun Frequencies “slowly” or “quickly”.

Once you have your answer, proceed…

To support either decision [slowly or quickly], we recommend:

If you are processing them "slowly"...

which means processing the incoming Diamond Sun frequencies “a little bit each day”

  1. Ask how long will this slow process take in earth time?

  2. Check in each day with what solar frequencies are being assimilated and codes coming in for you.

  3. Then check in on what areas to focus on each day to best support this:

  • Physical (supporting the current body template you have)

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

  • Etheric (creating a ‘new’ body template)

  • Astral (dream state work)

From Olivia: I’m hearing to give as an example for the above what I received. I was told my oversoul chose “slowly”, which will take about 2 months to achieve. I then checked in on what solar frequencies are being processed today - I received, “tonality/sound”. Then I checked in on what I need to focus on today to best support this process - I received “mental”: “listen to good classical music and toning that supports you (non-physical music as well from inside yourself - let the toning happen within you).”

If you are processing them "quickly"...

which means processing these frequencies “all at once”

  1. Dedicate 1-2 weeks of processing light frequencies and assimilating new codes.

  2. Be outside each day, during this time, connecting to the Diamond Sun.

  3. Do not become “mental” with this process (you don’t need to know what frequencies are coming in - check in on this after this period has completed, if you’d like). Check-in with yourself during this time - What do I need? But, know, you may not be clear on this. This time can get confusing easily, so stick to step 4’s basics as your guide (no-brainer self-care).

  4. Make a plan beforehand - Check in with yourself: what is my back to basics self-care I need to have in place daily through this time? Get back to basics - physical self care and nurturing, without over-thinking - using basic elements as your guide:

  • Ground (earth)

  • Be in water (water)

  • Feel heat/sweat/be by fire (fire)

  • Breathe air (air)

  • Meditate & center (spirit/ether)

From Olivia: We're all processing these frequencies now at a huge higher level! It's an exciting time to be alive and one we have been training for and prepared for when we arrived. Enjoy!

Lots of love,

Olivia & The Diamond Sun Collective of Guides


"Diamond Sun Special Update": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.

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