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"New Frequencies of Earth & Re-Birthed Cells" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

The last few weeks have been a doozie!

It's very intense energetically, emotionally and physically out there in the public spectrum.

So many body insecurities have been surfacing for everyone, as well as survival issues.

Have you noticed this lately?

My guides came to help us shift this density and explain what's going on and where we're headed (full message below).



New Frequencies of Earth & Re-birthed Cells…

Channeled Message from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

We’re calling this the “Equinox Straddle and Pivot Event”

It’s the transition/pivot [and time of massive exhaustion] as you “hold the line” of frequencies you wish to anchor into this earth plane, as the earth herself transitions to a new frequency and level of consciousness.

You and the earth are both working together to move this massive planet into alignment with the 5D and above earth that is ready to merge and elevate now.

This is why you have noticed, been aware of and been around, the intensity of frequencies that are trying to “find a home” lately.

The last month [and really since the shift point of 2022]…you’ve been gearing up for this event.

The sun has also been gearing up to release massive coronal "plasmic frequencies" of newly elevated Lightcodes.

This is beginning of a whole new solar cycle of events - the likes of which you’ve never before witnessed upon your planet.

Right now, as it stands, the amount of Original Creation Template and Timeline anchored and now available to you all is 100%.

This has increased at a massive rate from a mere 15% at the beginning of 2020 - to the amazement of all energies witnessing your earth transition.

Nobody expected it to happen this quickly.

Therefore, time is speeding up - because [and in direct relation to] your collective consciousness improving and waking up.

The amount of Artificial Creation Template and Timeline (the false matrix of enslavement, fear and hopelessness) that is available to you upon this planet to access is now at 15%.

The A.C.T.T. has been dismantling and is no longer able to anchor upon your planet, as before.

Because of this transition in amounts of O.C.T.T. versus A.C.T.T. upon your planet, you have become increasingly “sensitive” to the remaining and very intense emotionality and mentality of the A.C.T.T. that is kicking and screaming like a lower consciousness being would when they don’t get their way.

The earth, because of this massive up-level of the O.C.T.T. and release of the A.C.T.T., has paused in order to gain the momentum necessary to shift frequencies accordingly.

This pause has become a loose cannon for a lot of you who have been finding it hard to align, center and find your peace within your body.

This is one reason (out of many) you have found it difficult [and exhausting] to be in densely populated places or places that do not clear their energy spaces [read all public locations].

We are here to remind you this transition is short-lived, as the frequencies of the earth are now ready for you to become harmonized and embodied with.

But, before we venture into the harmonizing of the new earth energetics…

We must mention something that has also been happening upon your planet, due to this shift in frequencies and the pause in earth connection…

All past lives where you left planets and incarnations early because the density shifted [and you couldn’t stay vibrationally] have been coming into the collective consciousness and individual consciousness as well.

There are huge amounts of anguish associated with these types of planetary lifetimes.

You have been processing this to some degree over the last 3 weeks - not understanding what to do and how to release this.

This has been making things much more difficult, as many people are actually leaving the earth plane as well because the earth is shifting frequencies.

So, in essence, there is a resonance happening to these lifetimes and the present choices people around you are making.

You may have experienced this processing of these past lives and the choice points of those wishing to leave this incarnation as:

  • Depression and exhaustion

  • Anxiety, overwhelm and impatience

  • Self-hatred and body insecurity

  • Inability to feel like you’re in your body and fully grounded

  • Fear of future earth events

  • Wanting to leave this earth plane

  • Unable to use past tools with success

Stay the course.

Now is the time to use your clearing and charging tools and work to align with the new frequencies of the earth plane.

It’s time to change your rhythm to align to this next phase and new frequencies of the earth - to embody a new level of living that’s coming in now.

The simplest ways to change your rhythm are:

  1. Clearing out the old (get your clearing tools going)

  2. Realigning/harmonizing with the new earth frequencies.

Harmonizing with the New Earth Frequencies

You have endured a “Gateway [shift-point] Event” over the last few days.

Which has been well documented in the Schumann Resonance Reports - a documentation of the earth’s heartbeat, incoming cosmic frequencies and timeline/gateway jumps.

With this recent Gateway Event, the earth is now in a new dimension and your body needs to adjust and harmonize to this…

If you want to live upon this new frequency earth and feel aligned, grounded and centered within the elevating O.C.T.T.

Because of this frequency shift and new dimension of earth, the fully anchored O.C.T.T can now begin to elevate in resonance too - moving into more multi-dimensional frequencies to assist the various and unique beings living within this resonance field of “true reality”.

It is indeed a truly astonishing time to be alive and one of the major reasons you all chose to come down at this specific time - to assist, document and BE through this major ascension event.

This is also why you’re possibly feeling “frantic” and “unsure” in your body.

The new frequency of the earth is resonating to the frequency of “The Cube” and “Codex of of Purity and Hope” now.

Anchoring The Cube brings in the frequencies needed to pull through the next phase of this developing new global awareness and ultimately the earth’s True Consciousness Fields.

The earth is also now able to work in unison with the OCTT Source fields and has brought back the overarching “immune system” of the earth in all its true sovereign glory and power.

Which means, all lower frequency fields and beings are like dust and easily removed by this awesome new ability the earth and its inhabitants have in removing frequencies, which no longer align to the dominate fields present now…

Much like lymphocytes move through blood and “clean up” foreign frequencies and disease-causing beings within your immune system.

The earth has her immune system dialed in now and so do you.

To align to this new Source OCT gift and true divine human ability, it’s time to align to the new frequency fields of the earth, for you work in resonance together in this way moving forward.

Tool to Harmonize with the New Frequencies of the Earth:

  1. Release all doubt and fear by imagining it leaving (in whatever way you need) - imagine it being collected all together and then throw it into the light.

  2. Tap into your True Self within (go into the light within you).

  3. Invite the True Self/Soul of Original Creation Template (OCT) Earth to you and imagine it coming into a meeting space within your light to be with you and your True Self.

  4. Request: “Harmonize me to your new OCT frequency fields now and forever.” This will fortify your energies and physical body - help keep neutrality and distance with the lower frequencies present as the ACT dismantles.

  5. Request a message around this from the earth: “What do I need to know about this now?” Notice what you receive.

  6. Ground into the earth (imagining your light moving down body and into the earth) and notice how this is for you. Then return to your present moment within your body.

The Regeneration of Your Cellular Landscape in April

During the month of April, approximately, you will have achieved no small feat - along with the earth and all her systems - a regeneration of your cellular landscape.

To discuss this shift, one must be aware that your body regenerates its cells on different cycles of time, depending upon the system of the body the cells belong to.

On average, every 7-10 years your body is technically a newly regenerate body because all your cells have been through the dearth and rebirth cycles - in effect, brand new cells.

This is why it is extremely important to eat well, drink clean water, rest and get outside everyday - to give your cells the fuel and substance it needs to regenerate and repair itself.

You are now undergoing a collective cellular rebirth process - from within your own bodies, within the earth body and within the collective of humanity body.

This regeneration entails three stages:

  1. Removal of all misaligned frequency fields within each cell of creation within these three different landscapes [your body, the earth body and the collective of humanity body].

  2. The restructuring of the new frequency fields of each cell’s landscape within these three bodies.

  3. The rebirth/regeneration of newly adaptable and frequency specific cells for the forward momentum of your species and planet at this time within the larger cycle of ascension in the cosmic environment and multi-verse.

This is no easy feat and one that you all have accomplished.

We are so very proud of you.

With the help of the whole, you have achieved this result, which means…

During the month of April, you will be seeing the result of these newly regenerated cells within your body and environmental landscape.

You may notice the following in April:

  • Things you didn’t notice before in your environment that align with new earth frequencies will be seen, heard and felt

  • Areas of your body you struggled with, will naturally align to new earth frequencies and purge the old patterns and habits of self-hatred and insecurity

  • A new landscape of “body” and physicality will be formed and in forward motion to whatever your stated “goal” and soul desire of body physicality

  • A new level of health and wellness

  • “Desires of the flesh” will transform into more aligned higher-vibrational requests and coming together in more loving intentions

  • The ability to feel your way through [intuit] your life with more ease and grace

  • The ability to open into more awareness and gifts that bypass the pain programming and looping of the ACTT

This is only a future looking understanding of what you may encounter.

Everyone’s body and soul directives are unique to them.

On a global scale, this cellular regeneration of the collective of humanity body, has the effect of empowering people to take control of their health, which limits drastically any attempt to create a fear based health event on a global scale.

There is a dying of old nefarious agendas with this birthing of the new cellular landscape.

Fear around the body and interactions with others will become a thing of the past.

Empowered cells are what you are now working with.


With Love in our hearts for you all,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"New Frequencies of Earth & Re-birthed Cells" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.

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