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Preview of "The Meaning of Strands" from The Diamond Sun Book

Welcome to the preview of "The Meaning of Strands" from chapter 17 of my new book, The Diamond Sun...

Working consciously with the frequencies streaming from the Diamond Sun means the activation of DNA strands integral to your evolution. Find out what DNA consists of and how to process upgrades from the Sun with The Diamond Sun Collective as your guide.



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Preview of "The Meaning of Strands"

From chapter 17 in The Diamond Sun book by Olivia Lundberg

(Channeled from The Diamond Sun Collective)

The lightcodes streaming from the Diamond Sun contain natural DNA upgrades within them. This section of chapters focuses upon these Source-aligned upgrades - the specific qualities and “strands” affected. By “strands” we mean the wholeness of that information packet. You will notice, within these chapters, the term “codex” is used as well. Codex is different than strand and refers to the complete packet of information within a multiple number of strands together - the wholeness of all strands you are working within. The codex is the container, the system, that is working in wholeness to affect the whole of the being. Therefore, “strand” is singular and “codex” is the whole system. 

You have many strands of DNA based upon your belief system about your physicality - how expanded it is and able to do what it needs to do within its Original Creation Template. Depending upon those factors, you have either a limited number of DNA strands or an expanded/infinite number of strands to work from. There is a “wholeness networking system” within your DNA. It may be helpful to think of DNA strands through the metaphor of computers. DNA strands are like the coding of a computer. There are varying levels of “computing” found within each person’s being. You have the simple Abacus computer all the way up to Quantum computing. Simply put, the Abacus does what it needs to do, just as one or two strands of active/conscious DNA does what it needs to do. However, when you “move up” into more active/conscious strands you have more computing abilities - more wisdom, more ability to see wholeness and connect dots you may not have seen before. 

This is the same as how your DNA strands move through the ascension cycle. When you consciously flow within ascension cycles on the Source timeline, you are able to call in light packets and DNA upgrades as you need them through the Sun, as the Sun’s ascension cycle allows it to work within the earth plane and lifeforms more consciously. Throughout these chapters, you will be shifting your DNA, in the ways you need, just by being in the Sun. This is how these activations work. Knowing which pieces of DNA are being shifted and why it’s helpful, anchors this into sovereignty. Stating your consent and knowing what is happening within your body throughout this process is taking responsibility for your transformation. 

Your Sovereignty and Consent Are Needed

The DNA Upgrades, in the following chapters, cannot be run without your consent/permission as a sovereign being. When you are not within your wholeness and scattered throughout the outer world, not centered in your inner world, anything can shape your DNA. If you believe your environment creates you, molds you, helps you and supports you, instead of the truth that your inner Source-aligned being (your wholeness and Source connection) is your support, then anything in your environment you give power to can shape your DNA. Your environment/experience becomes you. When you are sovereign within your center, things within your environment do not shape and change your DNA as haphazardly as before. Only that which is in resonance with your core Source-aligned vibration within is allowed to help shift your DNA on your journey into wholeness upon the Source timeline. Therefore, the more expanded in consciousness (whole) you become on the Source timeline, the more your consent and resonance matters. …[end of preview]

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