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Preview of "The Solar Codes" from The Diamond Sun Book

Welcome to the preview of "The Solar Codes" from chapter 4 of my new book, The Diamond Sun...

Solar Codes are streaming from the Source aspect of our Sun. My guides, The Diamond Sun Collective, explain how big "light blasts" that sweep over our planet help bring these codes in.



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Preview of "The Solar Codes"

From chapter 4 in The Diamond Sun book by Olivia Lundberg

(Channeled from The Diamond Sun Collective)

It’s time to consciously anchor and bring in the main lightcodes of this Diamond Sun cycle. There has been and will continue to be a huge light blast effecting all - especially the whole of North America. The light blast of November 2021 was the initial opening into a continuous wave of up-leveled frequencies. You’ll be feeling these integrating over the coming years. As the Earth expands her “reach” and her frequency shifts back into her truth, the world as you know it will change dramatically. The Diamond Sun frequencies of the light blast dance together with the Earth, as the Earth calls them to her with force and magnitude. Do not be afraid. 

There will be a lot of scientists and new waves of propaganda over the coming years touting the negative effects of the Sun’s rays: stay protected from the Sun and become complacent in the most illusionary of ways. Your True Self, on the other hand, will crave to be outside on certain days, to receive these rays and unique coding that have never before been completely received on the Earth in this way. This is one of the reasons you chose to come down here in this lifetime: to witness and assist with this “frequency jump” - inside and out. Because of this continual expansion of lightcodes happening now, and in the future, we give you the 3 main Solar Codes we feel are the most important to consciously integrate at this time. 

NOTE: We do not suggest doing anything you’re not in resonance with. If these three main Solar Codes do not resonate with you, do not attempt to bring those into your body and being. Always discern with your own truth what is in alignment and what is not. 

Activation: Solar Code #1 - “Sound Waves”

(Solar frequencies filled with proton packets of light here to shift/up-level DNA on the Source timeline)

This code comes with a built-in “sovereignty consent statement”, which activates for all lifeforms, as it is integrated individually: “I do not give consent for the Artificial Template and Timeline beings and/or its systems to victimize, control and/or traumatize me or anyone else upon this planet ever again, anymore.” This Solar Code requires “etheric body support” (supporting your Divine Human Template), as you will be creating a new body template with this frequency. To bring in this Solar Code from the Diamond Sun and work with it consciously with Source-aligned processes, we give you this activation…[end of preview]

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