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Rebuild Message #1: "The Beginning of the Cycle" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

We've officially hit the Rebuild Cycle!

It's off and running like nothing we've ever seen before...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...

This cycle is intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate - no matter what it looks like in the outer world.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

I'll be given specific Rebuild Cycle channeled messages from my guides, as we move through this cycle when needed...

Take a look at our first message with 5 tips/tools to help you align to this grand Rebuild Cycle...



First message - "The Beginning of the Cycle"…

Channeled Message from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This is the Rebuild you’ve all been waiting for…

The Rebuild Cycle is demarcated by two singular events - the "opening" and the "closing".

There is, in essence, a type of "window" of "enticing" energy and activation throughout this cycle's years upon your planet.

You are entering this window now…

Which means your body and BEing are now coming into alignment with this new cycle in ways you may be noticing:

  • Sped up time

  • Resistance to taking new steps upon your path

  • Unfamiliar with your body - it is literally a different person to you

  • Unable to make a decision

  • Not sure how things are going to play out and becoming distracted by outer events

To help you come into alignment and not be taken down false paths of fearful ego choices - to which it becomes harder to return [from here on out]…

We have prepared five important tips/tools for this alignment at the beginning of this cycle.

5 Tips to Align with this Rebuild Cycle...

Tip #1 - It Is Always Happening Within You...

That which you see being “rebuilt” outside of you is not necessarily the key to this time, nor shall you need to set your watch by outer events - your internal rebuild is not dependent on whether outer structures and systems successfully complete theirs...the outer world will get there “in time”.

You are here to do this rebuild from inside of you - first and foremost...

  • Throughout your life.

  • Throughout your psyche.

  • Throughout your heart.

This internal system rebuild is what drives the outer Original Creation Template and Timeline to ramp up into higher octaves of creation and life upon this earth as you move forward collectively through this bigger ascension event unfolding.

If you were to sit back and wait for the outer world to make its move before you attempted your own personal life rebuild…

You would be waiting in vain and missing big opportunities with this cycle.

Do not rely upon the outside to fulfill its part of the bargain, before you attempt yours.

Otherwise, you risk anchoring back down into the Artificial Creation Template & Timeline that is dismantling through this cycle.

This Rebuild Cycle not only catapults you forward in monumentous ways, but it also "re-births" you to become the Divine Human you were always meant to be...

And with much more ease than in years past or in future year cycles ahead.

This is the "consciousness awakening" energy of this cycle.

Tip #2 - Receive the Source Truth Transmissions...

More and more truths will be revealed through your internal processing unit [mind] and then transmitted to those around you.

This means, you'll be receiving more and more Original Creation Template & Timeline Truths as downloads of information during this cycle.

These transmissions are key to your success and the success of your planet.

Do not take these downloads lightly nor dismiss them.

You are a BIG part of the equation of "Truth" happening now upon your plant.

These transmissions are coming from the Great Central Sun, Your True Self, Soul and resonate Source Fields that all make up YOU on the Original Creation Template and Timeline.

They cannot be hijacked...

But you can deny them for a time.

These transmissions will be "guiding" your personal Rebuild Cycle within you...

And will help you take action upon those things in alignment with your own unique rebuild inside.

Tip #3 - Know When to Take Action During this Cycle...

Tips to determine what actions to take during this rebuild cycle:

  1. Actions you need to take will become clear the more you accept, listen to and let the downloaded transmissions of Truth sink in.

  2. Imagine the potential actions you're thinking of taking and notice what they feel like for you when you hug them into your field. Does it feel like a yes/ease/love? Does it feel like a no?

  3. Anything that feels dramatic or hugely shifting should be sat with and waited upon.

  4. Remember, those choices that come into alignment during this cycle have already harmonized with you and are coming into your field easily to take action upon.

  5. This is not the cycle to force things to happen or take monumental action in order to attempt to shift energy quickly - these are all types of Artificial Creation Template & Timeline choices and will backfire dramatically within your life. This includes fad dieting, extreme activities, intense and irrational fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, spur of the moment choices that go against your core harmonics and are often spurred on by "group think" (time to leave negative social media, negative friend/family groups and any type of ACT mainstream groups so you can finally think for yourself).

There has been a gradual laying of foundations over the past two years within your life and around you.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes, which allows the harmonizing of this cycle’s energy to bring into alignment that which is rebuilding and entering your life now to take action upon easily.

Trust this and trust this natural energy within this cycle.

Tip #4 - Replenish & Release with OCT Energy

We recommend bringing in the energy of the OCT around you daily and throughout your day.

This rebuild cycle is allowing you to tap into the much needed energy supply of OCT Source that is now heavily anchored within your life and within the earth grid at this time.

It's time to receive this OCT Source energy and allow it to move through you - wherever you are in the world and with whomever you're with.

There are so many more dimensional planes of existence available now.

Your Field of Source Energy around you does and does not interact with others' fields.

If you find yourself sitting next to people in public and are afraid to expand your field or tap into the OCT Source energy around you to fill you up...

You can let that go now.

That is an old way of thinking that is not in alignment with the new grid harmonics of the earth plane now.

That was also an ACT mind wipe technology and programming that kept you from replenishing your energy field.

Those are now no longer True for you.

It's time to tap into your Source Fields and replenish, while letting go of anything you’re holding onto that is in resistance.

Doing these two things at the same time can be very beneficial to rebuild your natural energy system and physical body.

Steps to replenish with the OCT:

  1. Go into your light of your True Self within your body.

  2. Call in the OCTT of Source: ”I AM the Original Creation Template and Timeline of Source now and always.”

  3. Notice how this is for you and let this anchor in.

  4. Imagine your Source Field around you.

  5. Imagine bringing into your body the OCT Source energy that’s naturally in your field and around you in every moment.

  6. Then imagine [while the Source energy is flowing in] your hands and arms releasing things you’ve been holding onto.

Tip #5 - ”I AM Loved” Anchoring Truth Within You...

Throughout this cycle [and beyond], there is a continuous wave of Source energy flowing within your planet and now within your bodies.

This current of energy is filled with the energy, frequency and Source Lightcodes of “I AM Loved.”

This truth is being honed at your deepest core resonance within your body.

As this Source resonance and energy enters your body...

You may feel/think/see the opposite.

Anything that you experience that is opposite this "I AM Loved" Truth, is your sign that this Source flow is activating within you.

The ACT matrix of reality that is continuing to currently dismantle is holding out in small areas of your body and being which are currently dismantling as well.

This means that when this Source current of "I AM Loved" energy activates and resonates at a new level inside of you, the remaining hooks to the ACT Matrix within you will activate and send a stream of energy and messaging that you are experiencing ‘insecurity’.

It is translating this Source current into its baseline ACT reading, which is always fear.

So for example, let’s say all of a sudden you start to "get down" on yourself...

Floods of negative messaging begins to occur within you that you are this and you are that...

All of which are incredibly painful to think and hear about and make you feel immediately worthless and broken.

This is the mis-translation of the actual True Source energy flowing now within you at a much deeper level - “I AM Loved.”

To utilize "I AM Loved" to shift out of negative ACT thoughts:

  1. Catch yourself in the moment of thinking negative thoughts.

  2. Imagine inside of you the Source energy flowing and remember that this is a sign that Source energy is now flowing within you.

  3. State: “I AM Loved”

  4. Notice - it will immediately shift out of the worthless messaging and into the true messaging that you are loved, which will anchor in more and more as you practice this technique.

You may also notice once you do the technique above, you can feel/notice the ACT within you come to the surface and release.

This is a powerful tool that can be utilized now in much deeper ways than before.

We’ll be giving you more as the Rebuild continues…

Right now, practice using these five tips, as these are the most important to remember at this time.

Stay tuned for more... as you [and all of us in Source] venture forth into the Rebuild.

With Love in our hearts for you/us all,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #1: "The Beginning of the Cycle" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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