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Rebuild Message #2: "Souled Beings Only" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This was channeled from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 15th, 2022 - a very important date for this rebuild pivot point.

Take a look at our second message with a large view understanding of what May's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ushered in..

Topics Include:

  • No Fear

  • Souled Beings Only

  • Adjustments

  • Starseeds

  • Your Crew

  • New Moon Frequency Shifts



P.S. If you don't know what the Rebuild Cycle is...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...Intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

Olivia: What does my community need to know about today’s Lunar Eclipse and where we’re heading through this Rebuild cycle currently?

There is nothing to be afraid of now and moving forward.

Anything you read about that brings in fear is an illusion, designed by the controllers/deep state/cabal to thwart the magnificent and extremely active inner ascension happening now upon your planet.

There are many people leaving this earth plane.

Some of those people have already had their souls leave their bodies long before exiting - they have been playing the part, but have left a very long time ago.

The earth’s energetics are not able to hold them any longer, without a soul connection. This is what today’s marker, you term the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is ushering in.

A new energetics that is anchoring upon this planet, where life forms are aligned with the organics of the earth, instead of the technology that has been created upon this earth.

The time of organic lifeforms with connection to individual or group soul energy is upon you.

This is what is creating fear in the masses and the collective.

So much of what you see around you - the disparaging choices, the “fear porn”, the aggravated interactions - these are all created through "soulless life forms" and passed down to interfere with the individual ascension matrix that is fully anchored upon your planet now.

There will be time in the future to acknowledge this and process this cycle in full understanding, but until then, just know that today marks a new beginning within the earth’s ascension journey and cycles of life upon this earth plane.

It is a chance to heal past karma that was incurred through genetic experiments to remove souls from creations and manipulation of life forms and the life force energetics of this earth plane to contain soulless individuals.

The earth is coming into more balance and urging in organic life forms on the Original Creation Template and Timeline now.

This has been requested by the divine humans upon this earth and the soul of the earth for quite some time.

Now it is anchoring much more fully and in real time, due to the numbers of awakened Starseeds and divine human individuals who are working with their DNA activations ushered in by the Diamond Sun in much more conscious and empowered ways.

What you may notice moving forward after today:

  • More time for things you love - out of the blue having more time and more availability to live your life with more freedom and joy to do the things outside of your daily activities

  • Choosing you becomes easier - less drama from others around what you need to do

  • More harmonizing with aligned people - those who have soul energy within them will be more attracted to you now and you’ll be more able to be seen by them

The veils between people will become much thinner and less defined by societal expectations and matrix roles (Artificial Template and Timeline programming).

This means, you’ll be more able to see those around you for who and what they truly are and recognize those who are soul embodied and who are not.

This creates a big choice point for you - your ego programming could rise up to thwart you in your decisions.

This is a good thing, as the ego programming is not real - it is only a matrix illusion keeping you connected to the Artificial Template and Timelines.

When you release easily the ego programming, you will come to understand that simply moving out of the way of those who are not aligned is the easiest and quickest way to respond.

Let those around you walk their path.

It will become easier to do and yet, the energetics of connection within the earth planes are also being adjusted as we speak.

There may be some times during this adjustment process that you feel more isolated or depressed thinking you are not connected.

This is the release of those old energetics of loss and ego identities within you.

This will pass and you will feel the connections to those who are really aligned come in.

We see this process possibly taking approximately 2 weeks - 2 months, depending upon other factors involved.

There is a lot of talk around the Starseed circles about full disclosure.

This is a distraction, as true Starseeds know they have already made contact.

We in the cosmos are all watching out for our groups of Starseeds - this is getting stronger and much more consciously connected to.

Watch your "guidance crews" become more pronounced and helpful in the coming weeks, until you are at one with each other.

A sense of pride in yourself, protection and empowerment comes more into consciousness as well when this happens, as you are aligned to your true energetics…your true north.

So much of the pain and hardship Starseeds [especially] endure is because this alignment is constantly being thwarted by the false matrix frequencies put in place upon this earth by nefarious organizations.

These "false light frequency harmonics" are becoming less and less able to sabotage your connection.

They are dwindling in power as the moon’s lunar base tones that have been emitted for thousands of years, keeping the 3D matrix in place upon your earth, are running out of power.

The moon has less artificial matrix power and frequency dynamics than even a year ago…and much less than a hundred years ago.

This means the artificial roles of the 3D ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline) grid are releasing their hold upon individuals.

There will become more free will choice, through this event as the lunar soul is returning to her rightful place.

The moon’s artificial physicality (it is a “man-made” base, not an organic life form) will transcend her karmic imprints and the frequencies emitted will be transformed through the energetics of the Diamond Sun into workable tones that will assist divine humans on earth and beyond.

The time of enslaving matrices upon the earth is at its end.

Those who profit off of this Artificial matrix of reality will become less and less powerful in the energetic stream of things.

Their intentions will have less power and less opportunity or energy to manifest in the physical.

Those scare tactics of those groups who are losing their power, will become more noticeable and those who are not awakened to the illusions and truths of your matrix reality will become more out of balance through this time.

It is important to keep your cosmic body and your true self aligned to your individual and unique Source connection and spiritual connection within you at all times.

This is the go-time - the time you need to stay anchored within and not led outside of yourself for one minute.

It’s time to use your tools of discernment, turn off distractions that untie your form your center and focus on the moment.

Notice the energetics around you, clear out the ACTT energies and bring in the OCTT energies.

You have the power to shift the frequencies.

You have the power to call into your being those energies that are aligned.

The earth has awakened so you can do this easily.

It’s time to experience this for yourself.

With love in our hearts for you all,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #2: 'Souled Beings Only' - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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