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Rebuild Message #4: "Your True Self Is KEY" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This was channeled from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides after an aha I had with my guides the other day about the importance of our True Self.

We're at a pivotal point in the early Rebuild energetics where it's crucial that we anchor into our True Self in order to see clearly the path out of this old 3D matrix structure of enslavement and pain.

Take a look at our fourth message geared to help us choose our path wisely and leave the matrix...

Topics Include:

  • Shifting this Earth Game

  • True Discernment

  • Your Higher Timeline

  • Your Power



P.S. If you don't know what the Rebuild Cycle is...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...Intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

Olivia: Tell me about this aha I had today and what my community needs to know about it…

What you don’t realize is the saying, “you are more powerful than you realize” is actually true now - as the energetics have shifted to allow yourself to create the new world you wish to live in, right here, right now by:

  • Leaving the 3D matrix (that once was a lot harder to remove yourself from)

  • Reclaiming lost DNA and consciousness strands

  • Reuniting with your Source connection in spirit and in the physical

How do you do this easily?

With the one true timeline, energetic frequency shift and divine wisdom of the you who has already done this successfully - your True Self.

Shifting this Earth Game

Reuniting, connecting and committing to your True Self is the key that shifts this whole earth game.

And luckily it is always with you, inside you and your divine body at all times…

Within each of your cells and every fiber of your divine being in the physical.

It is everyone’s divine birthright to connect with this part of themselves in the physical.

The 3D matrix and any nefarious being cannot ever take this away.

But, these nefarious players can, however, wreak havoc upon your mental and emotional bodies, as well as damage your physical vessel…

To the point where you have blocks to accessing or even knowing/remembering this part of yourself.

The good news is, once you remember you do have this within you and you take actions to remove yourself from these nefarious agendas and experiences, your connection to your True Self and your Source connection comes back to you - even stronger than before.

True Discernment & Your Higher Timeline

Whenever you access your intuition, we recommend:

Always connect through your True Self within - let your True Self chime in and give advice for whatever you’re going through in your life.

Even if you’re talking with one of your spirit guides, bring in your True Self as well.


Because your True Self knows exactly the higher paths for you and the best choices that will remove you from the 3D matrix of enslavement and bring you into true empowerment, health and positive manifestations - anchoring you onto the Original Creation Template and Timeline easily.

This is the number one practice that what will not only shift your timelines and energetics to one of true health, vitality and abundance…

But will also shift the earth plane and open the doors for others to do as well.

Your Power

As a Starseed/Empathic Lightworker, this has always been your “mission”.

Do not rely upon outside sources to give you the advice you’re seeking. They are limited in their perspective, even if they are in higher dimensions of awareness. They have not walked in your shoes, nor within this unique 3D matrix of earth at this time and within the ascension journey unfolding.

Things are much different in your reality, than what they can perceive.

Your unique perspective is required to make choices aligned to exactly what you need.

Only your True Self knows what’s best for you.

Others only "open doors" to new avenues of thought…and are here on your journey at specific times, with specific frequencies that allow you to remember who you really are…

Your True Self.

With love in our hearts for you all,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #4: 'Your True Self Is KEY' - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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