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Rebuild Message #5: "The Manipulated Field Event" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This was channeled from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides after receiving a message while making breakfast on May 30th, 2022 that we've officially entered "The Manipulated Field" energetics.

This is huge and something to be aware of as we move forward into brand new ways of doing, being and existing in the universe.

Take a look at our fifth message geared to help you anchor these new energetics streaming into your body now...

Topics Include:

  • The ‘Manipulated Fields’

  • Global Chaotic Nodes

  • The ‘Eye of the Needle’ Event

  • Timeline & Solar Event

  • It’s Happening Within You - Ground



P.S. If you don't know what the Rebuild Cycle is...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...Intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

Olivia: Tell me about the "Manipulated Fields"…

The Manipulated Fields is an event that was foreseen on the event horizon many eons ago in your time.

It is an important 'marker' for the ascension journey you all are undergoing with the planet and cosmos at this time.

This event delineates a fracture in the eneregtic strata of universes, which the purpose is to open "the gates of heaven" energy or newly created Source Fields to enter your atmosphere, grid, lay lines and individual and planetary bodies first.

Once these new energetics open and anchor into these 'areas', then the rest of the creation receives through these 'portals' within original form.

These new energetics are 'twofold' in nature...

  • On one hand they are here to raise the frequency fields in preparation for the upcoming journey through 'The Eye of the Needle'...

  • And on the other hand, they are opening breadth and depth in all dimensions especially the lower dimensions allowing you 'room to breathe'.

More space and possibilities open up for you and the planet and more openness to come together in common ground 'OCTT style' (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source).

Global Chaotic Nodes

Connection is important with this event and is why there is much 'thwarting' of commonality and connection at this time from the Matrix Grid of the ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline).

This is always your sign that there is a massive shift point in ascension energetics when the Matrix 'Controllers' need to create chaos and attempt domination upon your planet.

Look to all 'chaotic node' events as such and it will relieve and release the tension and fear present as well.

From Olivia: Something you can say to yourself when the global events get rough --> "Oh, the ascension energies are ramping up and we're going to a higher dimension right now, that's why the controllers are doing this massively evil thing in the world."

Olivia: Can you speak about this 'Eye of the Needle' we are preparing for? What is it & how best to prepare?

The 'Eye of the Needle' is much like a massive wormhole or space portal in time - designed to 'flip' energetics and process light in more Source aligned ways.

This event is designed to recreate and restructure instantly (from the higher dimensional perspective) that which was 'stuck' or 'stagnant' dead energy...

Bring back to life that which was once thought to be inactive or lost in its truth and awareness.

This was spoken of in the bible as 'resurrection' and 'second coming' energetics, which was taken from common ascension teachings present upon your planet 3,000 years ago in the 'mystery schools'. It has since been thwarted and masked in various ways that the original thread of truth has been lost.

Timeline & Solar Event

You will see this Eye of the Needle be present within at least a decade, if not earlier.

The solar cycle, 'spewing' plasmatic energetics from the Great Central Sun of this quadrant of the universe is ushering in this event quickly upon your planet.

There will be within this event a huge and magnificent light wave rippling throughout this quadrant and beyond from your sun/s.

When the three suns line up in a protective embrace around the planets, this will occur.

All life is protected through this event.

All non-life will possibly be destroyed or resurrected in Source aligned energetics on the OCTT.

There are many OCTT Souls lined up awaiting their arrival into non-souled 'open' bodies for that time.

There will be a greatly outnumbered OCTT energetics and all of history will be re-routed.

It's Happening Now - Ground

One does not have to wait for this event to live this new energetics now.

It is already happening within you at this time.

Minor aches and pains, discomfort within your physical vessel can be a big sign of 'rerouting' energetics that speak to this event occurring in your great central sun within you.

Ground into the sun within your planet for assistance and connection.

Connection is needed for this to fully anchor and take hold now.

You are the 'transmission station' of the new Source energetics.


With love in our hearts for you all,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #5: 'The Manipulated Field Event' - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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