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Rebuild Message #7: "The Fear Trap" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This was given to me from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides, which I've put into my own words with their help.

We're undergoing a massive assault of ACTT (Aritficial Creation Template & Timeline) energetics and sound frequencies geared to inciting fear within the global community - which can and will be used at different points within this rebuild cycle.

Take a look at our seventh message - all about this fear trap and how to release it once and for all...

Topics Include:

  • These Fears Are Not Your Own

  • The Fear Agenda

  • 4 Key Ways to Release Fear During This Rebuild Cycle



P.S. If you don't know what the Rebuild Cycle is...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...Intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

From Olivia - with her guides:

Your core fears may be coming to the surface now.

These fears are not your own.

These fears are being manufactured through resonance fields in the collective and the infrastructure of our society at large.

You see, the nefarious groups who used to have a lot of power, have no power nor the monetary funds they need to really do the damage they wish to inflict upon us.

That's the result of the past two years - a catalyst for the global awakening we're witnessing.

And that’s why we’re seeing such massive fear campaigns everywhere now - in mainstream media, with our economy and just about everywhere you look on the ACTT (Artificial Creation Template and Timeline - the 3D matrix).

The only thing these nefarious power elite have...

Is keeping our vibration low enough that we don’t raise our consciousness and keep ascending into higher states of reality.

This is their ultimate agenda - to stop our Divine Human form and the planet from ascending out of the ACTT 3D matrix by keeping us at a lower vibration of reality through fear.

We’re all undergoing a major fear campaign right now.

Everywhere you turn there is fear and possibly this fear is rising in what seems like your internal reality.

My guides and I are here to tell you that it is not yours.

There are low sound wave frequencies that can trigger fear and have been used by various nefarious groups for a very long time to help control the masses.

These frequencies are being used now to control the higher vibration that is anchoring upon our planet now.

They can be transmuted by you and your energy field can protect you from them...

Only if you are aware that they are real.

This message is not meant to scare you, but to give you hope, courage and protection during this very powerful Rebuild Cycle.

4 Key Ways to Release Fear During This Rebuild Cycle

If this resonates, my guides and I recommend the following to help you move through this time:

First, remember...

On the OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source), full trust and surrender is required, which is not in alignment with the ego at all.

That’s why it's really easy to succumb to the fear…

When you're living from your ego, it's hard to have the patience required and to trust the process.

And why the fear may drive your ego to make you do hasty and irrational things to quickly get back seeming control.

Do what you can to work on releasing your ego and recognizing when your ego is running the show. Be with your emotions - accept your feelings as they are in the now moment ["I love and accept these feelings, just as they are in this now moment."].

This will go a long way to stepping the ego out of your driver's seat.

Also, release your ego [when you recognize it throughout your day] through:

  • Visualizing it being given to a light bubble and letting it go to back to the Universal Source

  • Stating the command, "Release the ego and all its aspects from me now."

Second, you have the ability to transmute (change from one state to another) any type of energy in your field.

Which means...

When fear frequencies come into your energy field and you experience fear responses, anxiety, worry, insomnia, etc...

You can transmute it into love energetics or OCT energetics (Original Creation Template energetics)

Simply state and imagine it is happening, "Transmute this fear into love/OCT energetics now."

Third, you also have the ability to command your energy field with statements given to your True Self.

A simple command you can use to fortify your energy field and the field of your home, surroundings, land - basically where ever you find yourself out and about in the world...

Is to state:

“EMF/ELF, air, water and food pollution and outside energetics protection activate now.”

Fourth, raise your consciousness up and out of the lower planes of fear.

Simply imagine growing taller and taller until you are bigger than the planet.

Or imagine going into your light within you (your True Self) and then rising up into higher states of light until you are at an elevated level of consciousness.

Or tell your True Self:

"Elevate my consciousness out of the planes of fear now."

You do have the power to shift your circumstances, to step out of fear and elevate your consciousness.

We believe in you.

That's why you're here at this time now.

You've got this!

Lots of love,

-Olivia &The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #7: 'The Fear Trap' - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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