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Rebuild Message #9: "Mental Body Reclaim" - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

This was given to me from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides, after receiving many messages about discernment, staying focused and not getting distracted through our current cycle of global events and deep collective clearings and integrations.

We’re up-leveling and remembering who we are very quickly now.

That means you are at a whole new level of responsibility when it comes to your thoughts and where you put your mental focus.

In order to fully step into your next level of creatorship, you need to become aware of your mental body.

Take a look at our ninth message - all about your ability to reclaim your mental body now and how to do it with ease…

Topics Include:

  • True Intentions are Key

  • How to Find Your True Intention

  • ACT Magnetic Nodes & Their Mental Body Hooks

  • National/State “Mottos” Create ACT False Beliefs

  • The Earth Grid Flows ACT Nodes Instantaneously to Dense Areas

  • These Nodes Are Dismantling

  • How to Release these Nodes

  • How to Reclaim Your Mental Body in Wholeness



P.S. If you don't know what the Rebuild Cycle is...

According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, this is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time (March 2022 - April 2025 dates can and have been shifting, as we move forward - be aware)...Intended to "rebuild" everything around us and inside of us at a massive rate.

It's all part of our ascension journey and human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.

Olivia: How do we reclaim our Mental Body, focus our thoughts to positive OCT energetics and take action upon our True Priorities during this cycle of discernment and distraction you call the “Creative Void”?

True Intentions are Key

It is not a question of True Priorities, but of True Intentions.

What is your intention for your life right now?

What do you truly desire, want and wish to create during this cycle of chaotic nodes and energetics of the Creative Void timeline that’s in effect now during this Rebuild Event?

These questions are not the same as the Artificial Creation Template (ACT) manifesting tools that have been taught for eons.

The main purpose of “The Secret” manifesting teachings is to keep one’s thought attached to ACT matrix desires, thoughts and creations...

What your false identities wish for - money, esteem, validation, power, and attention.

What we speak of is a bit different.

When you set "Original Creation Template (OCT) intentions" you go within…

You step out of your ego or false identities of self and what the outer world wants of you and you step into knowing what your True Self/Source Self on the Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source (OCTT) desires.

First: Find Your True Intention

Move into your True Self and Source Self (the light within your body), step onto the OCTT (imagine jumping up onto the light timeline of Source) and sit within your light - asking the following questions:

  • What do I desire on the OCTT?

  • What is my next step on my Source aligned path of this life?

  • What is my True OCT Intention that I need to anchor into during this time that will lead me through these choatic nodes with OCT energetics of grace, ease, support, love and connection?”

The answers you receive can be one word, simple answers, feelings, knowingness or long in-depth answers.

Trust what you receive.

ACT Magnetic Nodes & Their Mental Body Hooks

Once you receive the “answer”, it is now time to detach from the outer world hooks that, like magnets, keep your attention focused on outer world distractions.

There are, in fact energetic “nodes” in the 3D matrix ACT grid - in the etheric plane of the earth - that act as receivers and transmitters (a kind of telephone system in the earth’s magnetic field).

These areas or nodes are the things that vie for your attention - that keep you hooked into outer world narratives.

These are the areas that you do not “see” with your physical eyes, but pick up on intuitively with your other worldly senses.

When you pick up on these areas coming into your field to hook you, your mental body, in it’s fractured state as a earth human, becomes confused…it doesn’t know how to “read” these areas because they are cloaked or veiled from conscious understanding.

This is how this ACT 3D grid operates.

These nodes are connected to geographic areas on the planet - on the ACT 3D Grid:

  • England contains “tradition” and “following the rules” nodes

  • South America contains “passion” and “sensuality” nodes

  • Australia contains “false freedom” nodes

  • America contains “deliverance” and “land of plenty” nodes

  • China contains “enslavement” and “survival” nodes

National/State “Mottos” Create ACT False Beliefs

You can learn what ACT energy/false beliefs each country/state broadcasts by looking at their state or national “motto”.

The ACT grid always has "rules" masked as communal beliefs that go against sovereignty and free will.

From this perspective you can get a sense of the false beliefs/ACT energetics of the area you’re living in and what you may pick up on in the people around you.

Once you are aware of these grid areas upon the planet and within your State/Country, you can understand where your mental body may be pulled at times.

And you can assess whether these nodes are here for you to work through or let go of.

These state/national mottos are also become more evident - being felt more intensely now...

In order to help people step out of these ACT energetics, shift into OCT energetics and/or release these false beliefs altogether.

The following is an important exercise to help you become aware of what ACT beliefs your area is holding and examining during this cycle.

Here's how to do it...

Once you have your state/national motto, add “you are forced to” to the beginning of it and “according to the rules of the state” at the end.

So for example, China doesn’t have a National Motto, but some say it’s “Work Together, Work in Harmony”.

Adding those additions to it, you have:

“You are forced to work together and work in harmony according to the rules of the state.”

The state motto of Colorado is “Nothing without God”.

Adding the additions, , we have the ACT false belief running through the state and its collective:

“You are forced to do nothing without God according to the rules of the state.”

There is an ACT energetic with this motto in Colorado around religion and spiritual beliefs.

The Colorado Rockies bring many people to the state to have a spiritual awakening or question their faith in order to release the ACT grid of what is right and wrong spirituality.

The state motto of California is “Eureka!” - I have found it (meaning gold or other precious things).

Adding our additions, we have the ACT false belief running through the state and its collective:

“You are forced to think you have found it already according to the rules of the state.”

Those in California can have a hard time stepping out of the box that has been placed on them by politics and awakening to the precious truths within - without the dominance of the state watching.

Stepping out of the mainstream ACT thought process becomes a lot harder to do in California.

The state motto of Texas is “Friendship”.

Adding our additions, we have the ACT false belief running through the state and its collective:

“You are forced into friendships according to the rules of the state.”

In Texas, staying within the confines of ACT traditional relationships, friendships and alignment with others becomes a predominant theme.

The Earth Grid Flows ACT Nodes Instantaneously to Dense Areas

These nodes, because they are connected to the electromagnetic grid of the earth are easily connected to one another instantaneously.

An energy wave coming from China, instantaneously reaches someone sitting in their living room in Chicago, as well as everywhere upon the planet.

This is at the heart of why you collectively “feel” certain emotions at times and fears.

The ACT grid is designed in this way - to keep the whole planet entrained in these ACT energetics in order to control.

The areas where these waves coming from these nodes can be most intense or felt more easily are:

  • large cities

  • places where many people who are ACT oriented reside/work

  • large group gatherings that are more ego driven

This is why places in nature are considered sacred and it is recommended to step outside where many natural elements reside to get a “break” from these energetics.

When one lives in a communal environment - whether a large family in one home, an apartment complex or a large high-rise living environment without much natural elements, one is more prone to having their mental bodies stay in a state of fractured energetics - no matter how much you’ve stepped into higher dimensional thought and states of being.

These nodes affect all who are within the "societal bounds" of the earth.

This is why detaching from these nodes and bringing your mental body back into wholeness are so important to staying in alignment with your True Self/Source Self on the OCTT at this time.

When you run these nodes in your life, you’re also entraining with the collective of the area - inadvertently running the fears and emotions of everyone around you who are dealing with these false beliefs.

These Nodes Are Dismantling

The good new is these nodes are now less powerful - fracturing, moving and dismantling during this cycle, as the OCTT builds momentum.

Like a computer or electronic device that is running low on power or dying, the data processing of these dying nodes can lag, freeze, glitch and become more annoying than helpful.

This is what is occurring upon the ACT Grid at this time.

These nodes are glitching.

These nodes are being reclaimed by the OCT Source Timeline.

Because of this, these nodes are sending out bursts of activity and energy frequencies that are more confusing to your mental body than ever before.

Health Issues Are the Body Running These Nodes

This is one of the reasons why those upon the ACT matrixed grid (those who are more ego driven and live within false identities) are having a hard time of it now.

They cannot process these differing nodes and energetics within their body anymore.

This is why health problems are coming up for many (and being manifested more quickly) - to bring attention to where you are placing your attention.

If you are believing these nodes, running these nodes within your body and living from these energy waves from these nodes, you will quickly develop health issues.

These health issues are your body’s way of telling you where you are oriented.

To heal these issues one must only redirect their attention to their True Intention and reclaim their mental body.

Second: Release these Nodes

To release these nodes (and their hooks)…

One may opt to design a program for oneself where they learn to focus their attention and remember where the thoughts they think are actually coming from.

One can also easily visualize releasing long cords to these ACT nodes - releasing the energy hooks or tentacle like structures from their body (especially their mental body).

All one needs is the aligned intention to do so, by going within their True Self/Source Self light within their body and doing this visualization from this place, while stating their consent:

“I no longer consent to carrying these hooks to these ACT nodes anymore within my body and energy field. I AM truly free and living from OCT energetics and the OCTT. Release these hooks, tentacles and energy connections now and forever.”

Once these hooks are removed (and one may repeat this practice daily until they find no more) one can reclaim their mental body in wholeness…

Finally: Reclaim Your Mental Body in Wholeness

As you move into Mental Body Wholeness, you will begin to align more and more to your True Priority and you will begin to walk with more clarity, health and vitality and purpose.

One can bring their mental body back into wholeness by doing the simple energy clearing tool:

  1. Imagine your mental body as an egg of energy around you with you inside.

  2. Tell it to light up all the energy, false identities, false beliefs, confusion and energy that is not your True OCT mental body.

  3. Notice what areas of this egg light up.

  4. Next, tell your mental body: "Release these areas of energy back to their source."

  5. Let this run to completion and notice what this is like for you.

  6. Then, tell your mental body: "Bring back all OCT True Self Mental Body energetics into my mental body."

  7. Notice what this is like for you.

  8. Imagine your mental body whole and lit up with Source energetics.

  9. State your True Priority/intention you received from the first part of this channeled message: “Bring me and my whole life into alignment with this True Priority of _______ now.”

  10. Throughout your day ask yourself if what you are doing, thinking or experiencing is in alignment with your True Priority above: “Is this in alignment with my True Priority of _____?”

  11. You will have a sense of whether this is or not. Don't worry if you don't receive a clear answer...if you don’t know in the moment, the act of asking is telling your True Self that you are conscious and aware of this intention and are working towards it.

We know this is quite a task upon your planet and has been very hard to master in the past.

However, this cycle of energy is making it much easier to accomplish now.

Take it slow, trust yourself and most importantly…

Believe in YOU.

With love in our hearts for you all at this unique time upon your planet,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


"Rebuild Message #9: 'Mental Body Reclaim' - Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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