The #1 Empath Marketing Mistake

There's a reason why I'm kookie in my business…

Add a cuss word to make a point…

And come up with wild metaphors students and clients never forget.

It’s just who I am.

I used to think I had to hide this part of myself, if I wanted to be a professional business owner.

I thought because I was doing something so precious and spiritual, I had to put half my being in a trunk to make sure I didn’t offend anyone.

The day I realized, “Fuck it. I'm just going to cuss when the moment strikes.”

Everything changed.

It was a major pivot for my business...

Because it broke the, “I’m going to play it safe” Empath Business Barrier we all erect.

The number one mistake I see Empaths consistently make in their marketing is this…

They’re too gentle and loving.

Delicately explaining themselves and the [lengthy] details of their sessions.

Whenever I ask Empaths why they do this…

They always tell me…

“I thought this was how I was supposed to market myself to make sure people know how loving sessions are?”

Or, “I want to honor my teacher/certification/type of service by explaining every detail of the in’s and out’s and history of the tool I learned.”

I know this firsthand because ten years ago when I started my business, this was how I marketed myself too.

But, ten years ago, Reiki was still an unheard of modality.

You had to explain in depth.

You had to be gentle and loving.

And you had to focus on the session.

To bring these modalities into the mainstream.

And get people comfortable enough to try it out.

Now, Reiki is mainstream and so are the intuitive and healing gifts you have.

There’s more people certified in your modality/ies than ever before.

Which means you need to step up and set yourself apart...

By simply being yourself.

When people come to any aspect of your business - website, marketing, etc…

And it doesn't feel conversational….

It doesn't feel like they’re sitting in a room with you…

Connecting with you, while you share with them how much you understand them...

They're going to check out.

They're going to be like, “Why am I here? This is like everybody else.”

Because they need to know who you are and what amazing transformations set you apart from the rest.

This is what easily attracts to you amazing clients you absolutely LOVE working with and who keep coming back for more.

And no you don't have to start cussing like a sailor. ;)

Join us in my Empath Business Startup 90-Day Challenge and learn how to be in the business of being yourself.

Get ready for people who really connect with you in healthy ways and inspire your business to flow and grow.

Just being you, plain and simple.


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