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"The Galactic Collective Timeline" - The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Founders

Did you feel the intense transition we went through over this last weekend?

So much was re-routed that the earth literally vibrated and anxiety heightened.

We’re finally coming out the other side of a massive shift and collective timeline choice point, as the original Source timeline reconnects into this quadrant of the galaxy.

I asked my guides about it and check out what they said below.

We don’t have to wait for the collective of humanity to choose its timeline anymore…💕



NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

The Galactic Collective Timeline

From The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Founders - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled August 21st, 2023)

We see this time as being “tenfold” - meaning multiple reasons for all that you are experiencing now. Remember, life is not just one way. Therefore, you are entering into more multidimensionality and processing many different energetics all at the same time. The “higher” you go in ascension consciousness on the OCTT, the more in “wholeness” you are as you process; the more you are able to “shake out” those things that do not keep you in wholeness [or do not help you process things in wholeness]. So much of the past few days has been a type of shaking out of all the places within you that do not justify themselves, that do not create wholeness within you. These are the places that “veil” you. There has been, one could say, a lifting of multiple veils at one time. 

It does not matter what has created this time and experience. It could be [and is] cosmic energies, nefarious beings playing their part in the ACT grid, the vibrations of fear, the inner truth timing of this process for each of you… all of these things are true and therefore timelines are shifting because of this shake up and the removing of veils. Many people [the majority of those who are on the OCT ascension or striving to move into more of the OCT timeline and energetics] have hit a new level of awakening. They have opened a new part of themselves. Because of this new opening that's bursting forth, many “bubbles” inside are also popping. These bubbles were holding stories, templates and old ways of being. As new energetics come in, to produce more of a more aligned template, these bubbles burst forth to make room. 

One could say you are also jumping through multiple timelines, but the way we see it is you are making big leaps onto higher timelines. As far as the collective timeline choice… there is an OCT collective timeline now. You all are being asked to choose it, if you desire. Before, there wasn't much available in terms of opportunities for collective timelines to anchor upon the OCTT. Now, we can safely say that there is a definite OCT collective timeline and you do not need to wait for the whole collective to choose this timeline. You can choose this collective timeline yourself by just stating the consent and intention to do so: “I choose consciously, knowingly and with all of my OCT being this collective OCT timeline that is now in place in our quadrant of the Galaxy.” It is a “galactic collective timeline” on the OCTT that you are choosing. It is not an Earth based timeline. 

The Earth has shifted to connect in and let you connect into this collective OCT timeline. Choosing this collective galactic OCT timeline allows you breathing room to assess what is working and what is not and where the ACT alignment is and how to best transmute, remove or recreate it through this Rebuild Cycle. This is an important and monumental time that one can say the energetics of past few months have brought to the forefront, but really this is a cumulative holistic journey. All of you, from birth until now, have created this - as well as your ancestors. This moment is “holistic” in choice. 

One does not now need to be aligned and rely upon what your humanity of the earth collective chooses as its collective timeline. One now can choose this OCT galactic timeline. This galactic collective timeline does not connect you to ancient galactic historical traumas. This is a Source timeline that was always meant to be within this quadrant of the Galaxy and is now coming in for you to live from again. This Source timeline is here to help this journey of your own earth collective, in your own personal lives and in your own quadrant of the Galaxy. We are excited for this new opening, which brings many more OCT opportunities your way and many more OCT templates for life, that are available to all, because of it. 

With love in our hearts for you at this time,

The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Founders of Creation


"'The Galactic Collective Timeline' - The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Founders": Copyright © 2023 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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