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The Mandela Effect & Upcoming Timeline Shifts...

To give context to my guide’s message below, it’s important to understand the two main ways the world around us and our lives are created. They are either created through:

  1. The Original Creation Template [and Timeline]

  2. or The Artificial Creation Template [and Timeline]

The Original Creation Template is:

  • Powered by Source

  • Is the Original way that Source creates - in wholeness, sacredness and with both True Light and True Dark cycles that support one another in balance and harmony

The Artificial Creation Template is:

  • Not powered by Source and is at its core "fragmented"

  • The byproduct of events that occurred in ancient universal history

  • Devoid of energy and need some kind of host - or power source outside of itself - to maintain the energy needed to create

  • One could call this template “AI”, as it’s artificially (non-Source) created in the universe

  • Contains both False Light and False Dark, which are parasitic in nature and do not support one another - they need the power and light of others to stay alive

We are currently witnessing the dismantling of the Artificial Template from our society - and with that, the removal and separation from the Artificial Timeline.

The Original Timeline has now been restored to our planet and we are now able to live from it once again (it was purposely kept from us by certain groups upon our planet).

The Mandela Effect (the slight changes to events and mass media that large numbers of people witness as years go by)...

Is one of the major signs that we are removing the Artificial Timelines and its corresponding template from our world.

There will be many more such “Mandela Events” within the ascension timeline [as part of the Original Timeline].

Which is why my guides came to me today to bring in this message for my community.

If you haven't heard of the Mandela Effect, check out this great list of 50 [eye-opening] “Mandela Effects” and then come back and read what my guides had to say about it all below:

And with that, I give you the message I received from my guides…



Message from My Guides, The Councils of Light and Timeline Guides on the Mandela Effect & Upcoming Timeline Shifts:

It’s important to understand what’s happening - regarding timelines shifts and how to best prepare, as the world will be undergoing increasing “anomalies” of time and space in the upcoming months and years.

To understand this event, we must give context:

The Mandela Effect is the result of “clashing” timelines (Artificial Creation Timeline versus the Original Creation Timeline) in your current “reality”.

Which reality you align with, will allow you to either “see” this or not.

The “holding” of various timelines in the consciousness of individuals creates “interpretations” of events and changing of media in the collective consciousness.

You are indeed Creators.

The timelines you choose [and flow within] have meaning.

Certain creation molecules of energy are also intrinsic within these different aligned timelines.

Which, when “brought together” (collide) with other Creators [and their own timeline energies], must create and align within the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness is like a “visual identity” [within the material plane of existence] that is created through the combining of various viewpoints [consciousness] upon your planet.

This collective consciousness, therefore, creates, merges and removes timelines as needed.

To “see” the Mandela Effect in the collective tapestry of creation upon your planet is your sign that timeline events and shifts are indeed occurring.

These timeline shifts can be both “individual” shifts or “collective” shifts.

When you have an individual timeline shift, your Soul has moved you onto the Original Timeline - you have chosen.

Individual timeline shifts are always purposeful in this regard.

Collective timeline shifts align with what the collective has chosen from a Soul level.

So any collective timeline shifts (Collective Mandela Effects) will occur as the collective chooses - either aligning with the Artificial Timeline or the Original Timeline as needed.

One can have personal timeline shifts occurring during collective timeline shifts.

In actuality, individual timeline shifts tend to happen when undergoing a collective shift or in large groups because it has more impact.

It brings others with you that will balance and harmonize the timelines [so creation doesn’t fall “off into oblivion”] - as there always needs to be a balance within creation.

Remember: all timeline shifts are there to either move you onto the Original Timeline or not.

The choice is yours.

The days for the Artificial Creation Template and Timeline are numbered upon your planet.

With the ascension energies present now in the cosmos and the location of your sun [that is dragging all planets behind it into new territories within the galaxy], it is much harder to veer into creating more Artificial Timelines.

There is more Source directed “creative potentials” and new ways to manifest [now that the Original Creation Template is anchored] that are happening now.

This will become stronger over the coming years.

You will also become more aware of the different timeline shifts as they occur.

Some signs that Timeline Shifts are occurring:

  • Huge changes in your [or other’s] personality

  • Not remembering trauma or past events very well

  • Awareness of Mandela Effects

  • Time feeling “off” or waking up in a different type of reality

  • Feeling out of your body - in a type of “out of it” state [without anything that has created this, like partying the night before]

  • Those around you not being able to “stabilize” the new timeline shift [that you are now anchored into] and it being up to you to end the relationship (lots of Lightworkers have experienced this over the years)

One can trace huge life events and changes in situations/relationships to big Collective Timeline Shifts, which also correspond to individual timeline shifts.

Look back upon your life and notice if the following years of major Timeline shifts [below] helped usher in life changing experiences and path re-routes in your own life.

Notice too any of the "signs" above occurring during these years...

The major collective timeline shifts (can be multiple shifts during these years) over the past 29 years:












Signs the Original Creation Template and Timeline has anchored...

Your earth/human collective is indeed choosing to align to the Original Creation Timeline and Template now - aligning back to Source directives and releasing the Artificial Timeline and Template.

Major historical Collective Mandela Effect Timeline Shift events on your planet are your sign this is happening, as they have removed a major historical trauma [like the death of Mandela in prison].

The two major Mandela Effect events that everyone speaks of do indeed document the release of the Artificial Timeline (the Original Timeline anchored in):

  1. Tiananmen Square Mandela Effect - the protestor being run over by the tank [Artificial Timeline event] is now removed and you are on the Original Timeline of him not being run over

  2. Nelson Mandela Mandela Effect - Mandela dying in prison [Artificial Timeline event] is now removed and you are on the Original Timeline of Mandela leaving prison and becoming the president of South Africa

All changes in spelling or branding of mainstream TV shows, games and products...

Are major signs the Artificial Creation Template is “making corrections” to the timelines to try and stay in power [the dominant timeline].

No matter how hard the Artificial Timeline tries, it is not in control of the dominant timeline and therefore, cannot change historical events now that the collective consciousness is more aware of and aligned to the Original Creation Template and Timeline.

People are also more aware of the Artificial Creation Template and Timeline.

Average people and scientists are tapping into this matrix and speaking about it:

Simulation Theory: The fact that so many physicist and scientists have been coming to the conclusion that the world you live in is in fact a “simulation” is in fact the awareness of the Artificial Creation Template.

This simulation is the creation of the Artificial Timeline, which needs to conserve energy and therefore creates “illusionary surfaces” to holographically create a reality you can interact in - much like a video game.

In this Artificial Reality, the observer gives this Artificial Creation Template power by observing and interacting with it.

Whereas, in the Original Creation Template, there is a constant and infinite flow of Source energy fueling all of Organic Life.

The Original Creation Template and Timeline doesn’t need someone or something else to “prove” it exists and is alive [to give it life].

All life emerging from the Original Creation Template is sentient, Sovereign and Free to live as it wishes - interconnected and whole.

Flat Earth Theory: Those who believe in the Flat Earth Theory are indeed picking up on the Artificial Creation Template [and Timeline] of the artificial reality.

There does exist a “flat earth”.

This is part of the earth’s “Artificial Creation Simulation” [talked about above].

The Artificial Creation Template has overlaid your earth with a “flat earth”.

All creation from the Artificial Creation Template is “flat” and limited in this way.

On the Original Creation Template of this earth, it is indeed round.

Depending upon which timeline you live from, you will either notice both occurring simultaneously or choose one to live from.

Be aware of the major future collective timeline shifts through 2030:





These future timeline shifts are merging and anchoring you onto more of the Original Creation Template of Source.

This is a big part of the Ascension journey you are on - to evolve your species into higher consciousness.

These future shifts will be felt and “seen” a little differently than in the past, as time is speeding up.

Now that the Original Template and Timeline is in place [thanks to the last 29 years of timeline shifts], these future timeline shifts are here to open and anchor the Original Timeline even more.

Expect to have an easier time making changes, staying genuinely connected and feeling loved, supported and empowered.

To align to these openings, one must recognize the illusions of the Artificial Template and Timeline, as it dismantles in society due to a lack of people powering its simulation of reality.

This dismantling that will occur, will be viewed easily from the Original Timeline you are now upon.

There will be nothing to officially “do”, but we encourage you to:

  • Trust your intuition and inspiration to take action when needed.

  • Notice, for those of you who have stepped out of the elections before - you may be called to play a part in them once again - as your Original Timeline oriented “vote” shifts the Artificial Timeline and creations in major ways.

  • Giving consent (either aloud or to yourself) becomes a powerful act at this stage and we encourage you to start using this in your daily life.

  • Utilize the Timeline Healing Tool below, when guided.

  • Imagine the world you’d like to live in and you upon the Original Timeline.

  • Discern whether you are working from the Artificial Template versus the Original Template [or in the Artificial Timeline versus the Organic Timeline]…Is it flat and limited [surface only]? Or is it whole and complete [scared and heart connected]?

Timeline Healing [Time Travel] Tool:

You ARE a Time Traveler. That is what the Original Creation Template of your Divine Human form gifts you. When you step into this knowing, you’re able to affect the present and future easily. Here’s how…

  1. Think of a major traumatic event in your life.

  2. Imagine it on a linear line of time.

  3. Travel back on this timeline of this event to the very beginning - the moment before this traumatic event.

  4. Now stand there with love and “release” this path forward onto this trauma - imagine the path forward into this trauma doesn’t exist.

This is an integral time upon your planet and within the multi-verse.

We know, the more you are aware of what is occurring, the more aligned you are to creating the earth you wish to live within.

Step forward onto the Original Timeline and connect in wholeness to the Light.

-The Councils of Light and Timeline Guides


"The Mandela Effect & Upcoming Timeline Shifts" - The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides: Copyright © 2021 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.

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