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"The Pivot of 2-22-22" - Download from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides...

Today's portal is HUGE! The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides have come in with a very important message to understand what's occurring...

Dear Amazing Empathic Lightworker,

Welcome to today’s BIGGGG 2-22-22 Portal!

We’re in the midst of a HUGE pivot point in our collective and individual awakening.

My guides gave me a massive download this morning that explains what is occurring...

NOTE: the info below is not channeled verbatim from my guides. This is from the download I received from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides and is the result of me typing up all the lightcodes that flowed through the download and then going over it all, sitting with my guides to make sure I'm understanding it correctly:

Today’s portal marks the day Source/Divine/God is now 100% fully flowing through this planet.

The Original Creation Timeline of Source is now flowing through our Universe:

  • Reclaiming and collecting all fragments from parallel timelines

  • Gathering the false Artificial timelines and "transmorphing" them into the Original Creation Timeline

  • Lifting up [in consciousness] those energies and beings in lower consciousness [for those who have chosen this]

Timelines are merging and today also marks the HUGE choice point to either stay on the Original Creation Timeline of Source or move into other areas of time and space.

You may have noticed the shifting of timelines over the past few days:

  • Heart palpitations and sped up time

  • Intense joy and lightness - I can do anything energy

  • Sacred alignment with Source

  • New aha’s and awareness

Along with the clearing aspects of such high-vibrational energy needed to help align us with the timeline jumps and merging happening now:

  • Revisiting the past and letting go

  • Sadness and depression

  • Heaviness in the body

  • A feeling like you can’t do what you want and will never reach your goals

  • Survival fears

  • Quick to temper around other people

  • Needing more quiet and alone time than usual

These are all normal signs you are moving into this new timeline portal onto the Original Creation Template and Timeline.

You’re being catapulted.

The energies of ascension are working much more strongly and at even more powerful levels to bring the Original Creation Template into form once again.

The Original Creation Timeline has been kept from us for eons, as the Artificial Timeline has gathered momentum - until now.

The Original Creation Timeline was flowing at 30% before today and is now fully 100% operational for all with this portal!

That’s great news for us on a global and individual level.

As the Original Creation Template and Timeline continues to collect and transmorph the Artificial Templates and Timelines of illusion, false power, false light and true evil…

We will be seeing a growing number of consciousness awakenings happening - along with the energy "ramp up" of those awakened.

This means those whose intentions are in alignment with sovereignty, freedom and Universal Divine Laws are now energizing our earth grid.

Their intentions and energy have awakened to creator-level proportions.

When True Consciousness and Source realigns with actions and intentions - miracles and magic happen.

Today’s Pluto return in America is also occurring today.

It marks the return to original directives of aligned Sovereignty, True Power and Universal Law…

And is aligning to the Original Creation Template and Timeline as well.

As this Pluto return begins to anchor, America opens a BIG frequency wave or OCT Grid Energetic for the planet.

My guides are saying Canada opened a big one prior to this as well, with the Freedom Convoy...which allowed America to open hers fully going into this next cycle.

This opening ushers in the “Rebuild” energy cycle for the planet that begins in March and lasts through 2025.

Watch for this to start occurring, as we enter March.

Those who are not choosing this path...

Of the Original Creation Template and Timeline and ascending levels of consciousness have various reasons and contracts for doing so:

  • Assisting those loved ones who have chosen to stay

  • Balancing karma from previous cycles/lifetimes

  • Living their Soul mission to assist the “setting up” of the Sub-Creation Zones, so Souls do not get stuck there - they are only for finishing out choice points.

Those who are choosing to stay back will eventually separate completely from the Original Creation Timeline and be located within “Sub-Creation Zones” of creation, which will hold/house them.

Fear has been generating for those following this ascension timeline...

Some call these Sub-Creation Zones the “Armageddon Timelines”.

This is intense wording purposely used to spread fear and why my guides call them "Sub-Creation Zones" instead.

There will be certain Source Created Timelines which will hold these Sub-Creation Zones...

Along with those beings and souls who wish to play out their choice and contracts fully - eventually getting to choose to join the Original Creation Timeline when they are ready.

These zones will contain each individual's “reality” - a Source Created "illusion" [much like a hologram - but not on the Artificial Template or Timeline] for them to play out their choices fully.

The amount of time they will be in these zones will differ for everyone.

You will see by May, 2022 the choice point of everyone around you - as it will be anchored.

As such, it’s become increasingly important to consciously align to the Original Creation Timeline now:

  1. “Align me to the Original Creation Timeline now.”

  2. Stay in awareness throughout your day - choosing True Self integrity and Source - not getting hooked into ego.

Those aspects within you which resist this, fear you can’t do this or feel you’re not worthy…

Those are Artificial Creation Templates that were programmed within you to hold you back and keep you on the Artificial Timeline.

Watch for signs in yourself and those around you that you are in the Artificial Timeline and step back onto the Original Creation Timeline:

  • Consciousness “looping” - telling the same stories over and over again without consciously remembering or enjoying the energy of those victim/fear based experiences

  • Forgetfulness to the point of zoning out

  • Being completely unable to ground into the present - in survival mode

  • Changing personalities back to old patterns

  • Lack of alignment to things that light up your soul that you have been interested in

Everyone in creation is being given an opportunity to choose and to fully trust this process…

No matter what doubts and fears creep up.

This is what it means to create and align to New Earth.

This is what ascension is all about.

This is why you’ve come to earth at this time.

With love, -Olivia

(information contained in this post is from my Councils of Light & Timeline Guides)


"The Pivot of 2-22-22; from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides": Copyright © 2022 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, authors name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.

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