Your 2 Empath Business Truths...

Over the years of running my business and helping Empaths start and grow theirs... I've enrolled in various business programs, purchased online coaching products, hired business coaches and researched popular business advice. Through all this, my guides were by my side letting me know... "That doesn't work like that for Empaths..." ”Take this one tiny piece and lose the rest…" "Yeah, that one works, but not like that..." Popular business strategies don't take into account the superpowers we, as Empaths, have that the general entrepreneur doesn’t. (You know, the four I spoke about in this article) Which means... As an Empath, when you don’t see your superpowers being addressed or utilized in traditional business coaching or advice, it’s easy to automatically think…

  • You’re doing it wrong.

  • You have to ditch those superpowers in order to have a successful business.

Yes, it’s true, in order to start and grow a business, you need to follow some important physical steps… But, as an Empath, you also have to align these steps to your two major Empath Business Truths… #1 Relationships are at the core of your business. Everything stems from relationships for Empaths. (whether you’re in person or online) And when you focus on this in every area of your business, magic happens. #2 Your True Self is your ultimate business guide. Your true self knows your Soul Purpose, your path and knows what’s going to be aligned to your ideal clients whom you have sacred soul contracts to work with. You can seriously cut through the pitfalls, challenges and “shiny objects” that veer business’s off their path, by relying on your True Self. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Because you’re different from the common denominator of business owners out there. And it's go time. Start that business, based on your Soul Mission, you've been dreaming about. If you want to learn how to utilize your Goddesspreneur Business Superpowers to grow your business and receive the steps that create structure specifically for Empaths... Join me in my Business Startup 90-day Challenge!

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