Your 4 Goddesspreneur Superpowers!

I can't tell you how much it makes me curse to the heavens every time I hear an Empath in business downplay their amazing superpowers.

If I had a penny for every time this happens, I'd be a billionaire.

During sessions, my guides and I will say to them:

“You're an Empath!  You have these amazing superpowers that are naturally aligned to running a successful business!”

And when we list some of them...they're like:

“Yeah, but everybody has that.”

Everybody has that!!!???!!!!

My guides and I, over the decade of helping Empaths start and grow businesses and growing my own as an Empath…

Have realized, Empaths are a freaking powerhouse of amazing entrepreneurial strengths, which easily translates into natural marketing and easy sales, without having to convince someone or resort to sleazy sales tactics and pushy questions.

Here are your 4 BIGGEST Empath Superpowers that are legit amazing as a business owner and fast track you to business success:

#1 Heart empathic listening

You genuinely listen and care about what people are telling you.  

You don’t have to learn how to make sure clients feel heard and you’re not listening just to get a sale - people notice this and make a true connection with you.

#2 You have true genuine Transformations

You’re not just getting people in for money and then hope they get something.

Or do the, “I think I have a transformation that will make them feel fantastic” and then people get in and they're like, “oh that was okay…”

You have True transformation. The kind that makes people light up, get all glowy and feel young again!  

#3 You also have genuine amazing gifts and expertise!

You do, you really freaking do!

(and contrary to what you think, not everyone can do what you do)

It is a big deal, cause from your gifts comes this big one…

#4 You have the ability to intuitively channel in any higher wisdom and information you need

At any time, even when you’re talking to somebody!

It just naturally flows!

That's such a HUGE superpower.

Put all those superpowers together and what do you get?

Amazing, natural marketing and sales conversations!

Get excited cause you ARE amazing!!

It's time to start that business, based upon your Soul Mission, you've been dreaming about.

Need the support, step by step training and accountability specifically designed for magic MOJO Empath Goddesses like yourself starting their intuitive and/or healing business, so you stay the course and exponentially grow your business?

Join me in my Business Startup 90-Day Challenge!

Become a part of a powerful community of Empaths creating a business they LOVE, together.


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