You're an Amazing Spirit!


You've done out-of-this-world things you couldn't possibly imagine, are far more talented than you think and have traveled throughout the universe, creating and guiding this tapestry of life into the wonderful amalgam that it is today!


Thank you for being you!  


Now that you've been on this earth for awhile, it's easy to forget just how awesome you really are and how easy it is to follow your Soul's wisdom.

Get back to the easier path of creating the life you're meant to live...

Open a direct line to your Soul, it's wisdom and the intuitive messages you need to help you shift quickly into a life you LOVE.



Remember who you really are and why you're here with your 3, 90-min Akashic Sessions tailored just for you...choose from Akashic Sessions and/or Akashic Business Coaching.


This package is great for extra support:


  • to supercharge your group program

  • during a time of transition in your life

  • when you're up-leveling & manifesting 

At first skeptical,

my wife insisted I do an Akashic Reading with Olivia several years ago...


In one session, without any prior ‘coaching,’ we dove deep into some really heavy, deeply personal issues…stuff she would have no way of knowing. 

I was also given a sort of ‘road map’ for

the next couple years in that session. 

All of it came true!!! 


- Rob C.

Wooden Surface



Contain everything your Soul has ever experienced throughout the universe &

all its LOVE & wisdom for you.

Since you're in the presence of your Soul during your sessions, anything is truly possible & magic happens.

What to expect...


I'll access information stored in your Akashic Records  and answer your questions from the perspective of your Soul, True Self and Spirit Guides.  

Clients remark upon how filled with peace and calm they are during and after sessions, as the connection to their Soul's energy grows stronger.


No matter what's going on in your life, you'll leave with a roadmap of next steps, experience more joy, happiness and an expanded view of yourself in your life.

Aha's and quick shifts are a natural part of these sessions.  

Join me and together we will:

  • Supercharge an area of your life and/or business and activate your true manifestation power.

  • Receive answers to your questions from the wisdom and higher perspective of your Akashic Records.

  • Shift out of fear and into an expanded view of your situation so you can clearly see your true path to a life you LOVE.

  • Reconnect with who you truly are and your Soul Purpose.

  • Clear any energy blocks holding you back so you can embody the confidence and clarity to move forward easily.

My Akashic Session was

powerful and comforting. 


She dove right into the reading, 

and I felt a wave of love and peace come over me

that stayed for the rest of the day.  

I’m still in awe of what my guides had to say.  

Olivia is talented and very connected to the Universe.  

I feel blessed by the encouragement of my guides, 

and for choosing Olivia to convey their message.


– Kelly F.

Your 'SHINE!' Akashic Session Package Includes...

  • 1, 20-min Consult Call, to get ready for your package sessions & create a game plan together (book this session 1st)

  • 3, 90-Min Akashic Sessionschoose Akashic Readings and/or Akashic Business Coaching Sessions tailored just for you to use within three months via Zoom

  • Emailed MP3 Recordings, of all sessions


Your Price: $1,350


Special Program Participant Price: $900


must be currently enrolled in a group program with Olivia

(Spark Your Week! members excluded)

To join a group program and receive the discounted price....

Olivia is such a beautiful person that makes her clients feel totally comfortable.  


I am blessed to have received the information she gave me from my Akashic reading. Thank you so much! 


– Lisa L


  1. Purchase above (if you're currently enrolled in a group program, be sure to receive your special pricing).

  2. You'll receive a link to book & a randomly generated code emailed to you, which will automatically deduct your booked appointments from the balance of your package, so you don't have to keep track.

  3. You have 90 days to use your 4 sessions - book your 20 minute consult call first and we'll create a unique package of sessions just for you.

  4. You're all set and I look forward to helping you SHINE!

Start Trusting Yourself!

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no matter what's going on around you...

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