'New Earth Artistry'

Session Subscription

Weave Your Amazing Tapestry of

Who You Really Are Back Into Your Life!

  • Reconnect to your Divine DNA & New Soul Mission

  • Regain your True Empowerment, Sovereignty & Freedom in this New Earth

  • Remember who you truly are & SHINE your light into this new world


Your Leadership Is Requested


This unique session subscription is specifically for Empathic Lightworkers who are here to teach others how to:


Embody Truths

of the universe


Shed Human Experiences

holding them back


Step Into Their Beautiful True Self

upon this New Earth


Our New Earth Now Supports You Fully in This...

Your True Self connection

Into your True BE-ing

To your True North

This Is Your Divine Birthright.

And you've chosen to come down now at this time to do this (rather quickly) for the collective as well...

Because we're at a place, in the evolution of consciousness on this planet, when your full remembrance of who you truly are is available to you and quick shifts into a life you LOVE are magically possible because you've:

  • Never forgotten your connection to Source

  • Never lost your true human state of Divine Empathy


Even if you have doubts.

All you need to do is be reminded of your amazing wholeness and this process naturally unfolds.

That's where your subscription comes in...
This monthly subscription activates a fast track for those needing to step into their light & leadership quickly to help their community in the ascension process unfolding.

This is different from 'a la carte' sessions,

where your transformation isn't as imperative.

If you are being asked to step up into your True Leadership now, this subscription is for you...

Your 'New Earth Artistry' Subscription Includes...


90 Min 'Divine Body Scalar Wave' Sessions:  2/month  - ($900/month value)

(click to learn more about these sessions)

Reunite with your amazing True Physical Form, step into your new soul mission and gifts

and release the fears holding you back from a life you LOVE

through unique 12D Reiki & Akashic Sessions

- phone sessions​

Spark Your Week! Membership - ($45/month value)

(click to learn more about this membership)

Receive support from my guides, The Councils of Light,

and our member's community outside of sessions, which quickly shifts you into

your Empowered True Creator Self on this New Earth

Recordings of All Sessions

With energy downloads to reconnect you, anytime you listen​

Total Value: $945/month

Your Investment: $675/month

Space is limited, email for availability...

Next Steps


  1.  Email me for availability, as space is limited.

  2. If there is space, we'll schedule your Free 20 Minute Phone Consult to see if this is a right fit for you.

  3. If so, we'll finalize payment and schedule your first session.

  4. We meet by phone or Zoom Video and you begin to Shine!

"I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side. 

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person." - Lisa K.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

Receive your FREE copy of my book, Activate Your Spark & Transform Your Life!

and get on my list to stay up-to-date on this ascension journey we're on as we create this New Earth...

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