'New Earth Artistry'

Session Subscription

Weave the Amazing Tapestry of

Who You Really Are Back Into Your Life!

As Empaths, it's easy to lose our self, give our power away and distrust our intuition to guide us.  Especially during times of stress, up-leveling and transformation.

It's in these moments that it becomes imperative to:


Reclaim your connection to your True Self

Re-center into your True BE-ing

Re-align to your True North


This is what my guides like to call the powerful process of...'weaving the amazing tapestry of who you really are back into your life'.

And it's a superpower you have as an Empath!

You Are a Graceful Luminary, Here to...

Embody the truths of the universe

Shed the human experiences holding you back

Step into your beautiful authentic True Self NOW on this New Earth

As an Empath, once you embody this superpower and claim this ability, you do it rather quickly because we're at a place, in the evolution of consciousness on this planet, when quick shifts into a life you LOVE are magically possible now.

Especially for Empaths, like yourself.


All you need to do is remember and call back to you your connection with your Divine Self, Source and True Self, which transforms the landscape of your life in amazing ways and in a short amount of time! 



Why wait for a life you LOVE?

Learn to turn on and create with your Empathic Lightworker Superpowers NOW...


Through transformative openings facilitated by your True Self/Source,

Spirit Guides and Master Teachers during sessions. 


This Can Be You....



Walking with more openness and flow

greeting the new day with joy and excitement at what miracles await


Really and truly LOVING yourself and your life

which are unfolding in magical ways


Trusting in yourself and your intuition

to anchor you into a life you LOVE in every moment of your day

no matter who or what is around you

Opening to more of your amazingness

around your intuitive, healing and manifesting abilities

We'll Tailor Each Session to Exactly What You Need...

Each month you'll receive two uniquely tailored 90-minute sessions...5D Reiki + Harmonizing Session and/or a Cosmic Heart Activation Akashic Reading.

Which will:


  • Align your body to your True Self & Source

  • Release the illusions and blocks holding you back

  • Bring you back to the true remembrance and BE-ingness of who you really are

  • Turn on your manifesting mojo and connect you to your wisdom and your Soul's guidance

  • Open the doors to your powerful superhero gifts of creating with deep, soul aligned quantum truths, instead of fleeting illusions

Continue Your Journey Between Sessions...

To help strengthen your connection you've honed to the TRUE YOU, between sessions, you'll receive access to my special, Spark Your Week! membership channeled from my guides, The Councils of Light.



  • Lightcode/Creation Code Activations, which will keep your vibration high

  • High Dimensional Energy Tools to help you hone your TRUE YOU soul gifts

  • New Earth Meditations to keep you centered and grounded

  • Channeled Energy Reports to understand what the energy of the week is like for you

  • Access to daily inspiration, support and community in our private Facebook Group

Your 'New Earth Tapestry' Subscription Includes...


2, 90 Min Cosmic Heart Activation Akashic/5D Reiki + Sessions Per Month  - ($900 value/month)

tailored to be exactly what you need to weave your beautiful New Tapestry of Truth

into your life and release your fears holding you back from a life you LOVE

- by phone, Zoom or in-person​

Spark Your Week! Membership - ($45 value/month)

with my guides, The Councils of Light,

which quickly shifts and up-levels your life

Unique Messages & Activations From Your True Self, Spirit Guides and Akashic Records

to help you step into your empowerment and create a life you LOVE!

Recordings of All Sessions

with energy downloads to re-energize you anytime you listen​


Total Value: $945/month

Your Investment: $675/month*


*You may cancel your subscription prior to the next billing cycle,

unused sessions will roll over into the next month and you have 30 days to use them,

no refunds for unused sessions.


Next Steps


  1.  Contact me to schedule your Free 20 Minute Phone Consult to see if this is right for you.

  2. If so, we'll finalize payment and schedule your first session.

  3. We meet via phone, Zoom or in person and you start truly LOVING your life!

"Before the program, I felt lost, unsure of myself, and had low confidence in my intuitive abilities.

I was having a hard time trying to figure out my purpose and was lacking direction in my career and life in general.

After the program, I now feel more confident, uplifted, and proud of myself!" - Ali S.

"I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side. 

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person." - Lisa K.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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