As an Empathic Lightworker, We Create in Our Outer World, What We Are in Our Inner World

October 7, 2019



There’s a Quantum Law in the Universe, which states:


“As Within, So Without.”


Which means...

You manifest things, people and experiences to you through the vibrational state of your inner world.


Empathic Lightworkers know how to use this Quantum Law, which is the powerful secret to manifesting...


Giving your self what you need first from within...


Becoming the energetic state that matches what you want...


Creates it in your outer world.


But only if your subconscious mind believes you can actually have it.


And you'll know if your subconscious is on board with what you want...


Because it will always open up the areas of false beliefs it's holding that are in resistance.


The fear and resistance and doubt...


So you can change it.


Because when we align to the energy of what we want inside of ourselves...


More love, a relationship, money, whatever...


We automatically know if we're in resistance to it (our subconscious mind is holding beliefs that are in conflict with having it)...


And can work those things as they come up to release and reprogram.


Creating an alignment inside of ourselves to what we are manifesting outside of ourselves.

And when we do that we easily trust it's coming.


Because it's already here.


We're embodying it every moment of our day.

The outer world's physical representation of it coming to you is like a cherry on top of an already amazing sundae!


You're fine if it comes...or not.

Because you already have it.


Within you.


This is the empowered Empathic Lightworker path to manifesting.


No longer waiting for others to give us what we want.


Because now we have the inner tools and wisdom to create it for ourself.

At a very deep core level.


Because when we were on the disempowered Empath journey...

We learned what it was like to manifest from a disempowered state:


When our inner world was working with the soul contracts and subconscious false beliefs and fears normal for all Empaths:


“I trust others to tell me what I want.”


“I help others in order to survive.”


“I am nothing without another.”


And so on…


Keeping us looking to our outside world to create our happiness…


Our job, our friends and our family to provide us with money, love, success, happiness, etc. we need.


And waiting for them to change, so we could finally have it.


But it never really arrived.


Just fleeting moments of having it.


And then back to square one...


Manifesting, waiting for and helping others shift again, while feeling more drained and unhappy than when we started…


Because we’d been chasing an illusion outside ourselves.


That has been living within us (subconsciously) the whole time.


"If I help heal you, I will be safe."


"If my outer world changes, then I can finally be free to live my life the way I've always wanted."


As Empaths, these limiting inner subconscious beliefs keep creating opportunities for us to continue:


  • Playing small

  • Feeling disempowered

  • Looking to our outer world to tell us our worth

  • Seeing very little progress toward our goals


Because as Empaths, we’ve learned from a very early age, to depend upon others in order to survive.


We learned the fine art of appeasing those in charge to stay safe and helping others get their needs met first.


We believed others when they told us we were wrong.


And learned to distrust the one person who could actually give us what we wanted.

Our True Self.


But, instead of going within and self-partnering…


We continued believing others and holding out hope they’ll change or our situation will change.


We spun in a never ending cycle of putting ourselves last.


And we learned that creating from this subconscious belief where we depend upon others to give us what we need...


Sets us up to become magnets to all kinds of struggles, challenges and unhealthy situations.


Our natural empathy felt like a cruel joke…


At our expense.


We couldn't help boosting up the worth of others, at the expense of our own needs.


And all the while, the Quantum Universe gave us what we were believing about ourselves...


From our inner world of unhealed projections, pain and wounding.


The Quantum Universe watched and understood our disempowered manifesting journey through this lens:


"They have agreed to a soul contract of believing the subconscious false programs of disempowerment…


In order to know what it’s like to create without their truth and their inner light to help shift this untrue collective way of life on this planet.

So we’ll give them what they need to see this contract through to its bitter end which will help them step into the creators they actually are:


Since they’ve agreed to forget their power to create a life they LOVE and honor themselves in the process…


We’ll give them people who will devalue them and convince them they hold the power.


Since they’re creating from the limiting beliefs that another holds the key…


We’ll give them people who promise them a lot and never deliver.


And we’ll keep giving them the perfect experiences and people who reflect back to them the limiting beliefs inside of themselves running the show.


Because this is the law of our Quantum Universe - inner to outer."


And at some point we finally get it.


And shift into the Empathic Lightworker we really are.


We’ve received so many mirrors to our inner wounding and limiting subconscious beliefs.


We see clearly the only way to change our life, is to release these patterns that keep showing up over and over again.


Because you’ve finally…


Maxed your pain threshold.


Maxed your endurance and resilience cup.

Maxed taking care of others at the expense of your beautiful self.


You’re finally, somehow, not afraid anymore to know who you are.


And you begin going within, self-partnering with the only person who can give you what you need to create your life anew - your True Self.


Because you painfully realized...


This self-partnering connects you back to your manifesting mojo that quickly shifts your life.


Back to your True Self - the combination of the truth of your wholeness throughout the universe:


  • Your Source

  • Your Divine Aspects

  • Your Creative Power

  • Your Light

  • Your Soul


Which has always been smack dab inside of your body the whole time.


No matter how many traumas you’ve endured…


No matter how many false beliefs, fears and projections you’ve taken on from the outside world and people around you…


You’ve never lost it.


And you’ve never lost your connection to it.


And once reconnected, you begin to truly live from inside out.


Try it and find out...


Work with your True Self daily with this easy Quantum Tool...


1. Commit to self-partnering with your True Self, which re-aligns your being-ness:


“From this day forward, I commit to the only power to change my life.  My beautiful True Self inside of my body.  My Light and my Source of all of my creations.”


2. Imagine it within you, which begins the natural process of reclaiming your power.


3. Connect to this light within you every moment of your day (especially when you're being pulled outside of yourself and into drama), which creates the inner vibrational shift you need to create what you truly want.


4. Ask your True Self throughout your day:


“What soul quality do I need right now?” 


Instead of asking what others need.


Or asking others what you need.


5. Receive what your True Self tells you, by telling your True Self:


"Fill me up with this quality now."


And receive.


Any resistance you feel in this process, feel coming out of your body and tell your True Self to release.