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Create a Life You LOVE in this New Earth with My Guides & I!

Would you LOVE to...

  • Receive high vibe messages each week to stay in alignment with your TRUE SELF and Source to create a life you LOVE?

  • Know how to work with the New Earth template of creating from within everything you need, while growing your amazing Spark and aligning to your intuitive and wise inner being?

  • Activate your new Soul Mission that's coming on line this year?

  • Retrieve lost aspects of your amazingness to fully step out in big ways?


If so, then join my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself, be inspired, step into your True Creatorship and Empowerment, let your unique Spark shine and become a member to Spark Your Week! Channeled Message & Meditation for only $45/month!

Your membership gives you access to the bi-weekly detailed MP3, PDF worksheet, channeled messages, tools and unique meditation specifically designed for this New Earth were in now from my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself to help you...

Step into

your authentic self


Grow your intuitive abilities

and trust your inner wisdom


Create a life you LOVE

and LOVE the life you have


Feel renewed enough

to see the best possibilities and paths in your life​


So many people are writing me, letting me know these messages, tools and meditations have been game changing - helping them stay in true alignment and quickly shift and manifest things they never thought they could!

So what are you waiting for?  I invite you to join me and feel how wonderful it is to come home to yourself!​

Your Spark Your Week! Membership Includes...

Access to Our Member's Only Site

receive all PDF worksheets, MP3 New Earth Meditation,

community discussions, detailed message transcripts and access to all past weeks


Support and Inspiration in Our Private Facebook Group

with daily topics, a place to share what you're experiencing,

insights and grow your community

Energetic Tools, Activations & Downloads Aligned to Stay in Flow

because we're all unique - you get to choose the ones that resonate for you and your Spark

Each Report Contains...

  • A New Earth Message - What the Council's noticing about the New Earth activations happening and where we are currently

  • Theme/s - your Source's top priorities at this time

  • Unique Creation Code - download lost aspects of yourself from your Source to enhance your creating abilities

  • Specific Soul Mission Activation - specific soul missions that are currently activating for groups of lightworkers, find out if it's you

  • 11 Major Lightcodes - learn which ones are activating this year (from the 2020 Report), what they're doing and how to create with them

  • The Councils of Light Message - with embedded activation codes to assist you in remembering what you're working on in your dream state

  • New Earth Elemental Companion - New Earth elements that are here now for you to embody and work with

  • MP3 New Earth Meditation - to align you to your True Creatorship & Empowerment

  • PDF worksheet recap - embedded with light codes recapping the major points so you can print out and work with during the day

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