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You're not starting a business to escape your day job...

You’re starting a business because you have unique intuitive and healing gifts that help people feel better and transform their lives in amazing ways.


There’s been a yearning in your heart to get out and offer those gifts to others, but you're not sure where to begin or how to start.

You want to make sure you create a business you LOVE and that represents the unique soul mission and integrity you have in helping people.

Because you're an Empath, ready to step out into your Soul Mission and share your amazing intuitive and healing gifts with the world...

You're looking for a community of support and the wisdom of someone who's gone before and knows the steps, pitfalls, tips and tricks that are unique to Empaths starting a metaphysical business.

Because traditional business advice doesn't quite resonate with you.


You don't know how, but you know there's an easier way to build a business you LOVE.

You're right....there IS!




Join an Amazing

Group of Women


Create a Solid Foundation

Do What You LOVE

Attract Raving Fans

Olivia's Empath Business Startup Challenge was the push I needed to launch my business.


Not only did she offer her own knowledge and support but I learned so much from the other wonderful women in the course as well. It created a sense of overall support and community.


Olivia provided tools and guidance from spirit to launch every aspect of my business. It was an amazing and valued experience.


- Mallory Llewelyn



Spirited Animal Care

Mallory Llewelyn | Pet Death Doula & Medium

Here's how it works...

You’ll walk with me and a small group of amazing Empathic Lightworkers for 4-months, gaining the confidence, know-how and freedom to create a business you LOVE! 

Over the decade plus I’ve been in business, I’ve seen and experienced the pitfalls and trip-ups unique to Empaths starting a transformational service-based business based upon their intuitive/healing gifts.

I've seen what works and what doesn't, firsthand.


I’ll be by your side so you don't get stuck, burn out or spin your wheels doing things you don't need to at this stage of the game.


And when challenges do arise, you'll be prepared and catch them easily - learning the lessons quickly and moving on even stronger than before!

This is an exciting time.  Keep the excitement and joy flowing through the process.  Receive the support you need to get started, enjoy:

  • A Step-By-Step Action Plan & roadmap

  • A Powerful Tool to Clear the Start-Up Inner Struggles, fears & doubts easily

  • Fully Knowing Your Ideal Clients & Soul Mission inside out

  • Crafting Your Offers & Pricing Your Services so you're confident in what you do

  • Easily Marketing Your Business Without an Online Presence - build client relationships & get raving fans

  • Your 4 Tech Items you need at this stage

  • Naturally Selling, by being totally you

  • Releasing the Pitfalls & Challenges that other businesses get stuck in at this stage 

  • Knowing the Right Social Media Platform for You & when/how to step in

  • Keeping Your Clients Engaged & coming back for more, without sleazy tactics




1. Understand the Layout of the Land

Learn the 3 stages every business goes through & the inner game requirements to stay the course


2. Activate Your Soul Mission

Get clear on what you're here to do & who you're here to help


3. Attract Your Ideal Clients 

Offer your sessions in a way that magnetizes clients to you & builds your client base - learn how to set up both in-person & virtual sessions


4. Get the Word Out

Market your services, while being totally you - naturally building your referrals & creating a lead magnet in the process


5. Set Up Your Tech

Easily implement the 4 tech items you need at this level & understand the role social media plays in your business


6. Celebrate!

You've got a business that's flowing, clients finding you easily & client transformations that make your heart sing - the validation you made the right choice in starting your business is here! 

Your 4-Month 'Empath Startup Challenge' Includes...

  • 16 Weekly Group Calls, via Zoom ($2,800 value)

  • 'Empaths in Business - Startup Formula', video training modules each week ($800 value)

  • Support, Accountability & Community in our Private Community Group ($500 value)

  • Access to Olivia throughout your 4-month program - ask me anything 24/7 ($1,000 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) & Private Community Group ($700 value)


Total Value: $5,800


Your Price: $600/month

(4 payments)

(must have taken Reiki and/or Akashic training with Olivia)

While working with Olivia, I saw my life transform in front of me, ultimately resulting in greater confidence, awareness, & authenticity. 


When I began working with Olivia, I had began making significant changes in my life, both personally & professionally.  Through Olivia's gifts, knowledge, & experience, she was able to help me connect to my true gifts & how to bring them to life to help others.


People who are looking to understand themselves & take their life to the next level, need someone exactly like Olivia in their life.

- Lesha R.

It's time to start


Ascended Arts Healing

Marianne Jones | Reiki & Channeling

This is not a program that feeds you breadcrumbs of information and then has you floundering until the next class!! 


Olivia's mastery of working with empaths combined with her business knowledge was invaluable throughout the entirety of her program. She is there with you every step of the way and creates a safe place for learning, growing and implementing. 


Since my "graduation" from the program, I have grown my customer base with confidence and trust.  In fact, I am now in the process of finding a larger space for my business and am creating new services to offer my clients and community outreach!  


It was one of the best decisions I have made for my business and myself.


- Marianne Jones


Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 12.16.31

This program not only completely transformed my business, but transformed myself as well.


This course is unique to other business courses in that Olivia teaches how to build a business from an energetic and spiritual perspective. This was a game-changer and what sets her apart from any other business course.


I created my first business without building this strong foundation, and I struggled the entire time. It took me years to figure everything out on my own. After being called to start a spiritually-based business, I wanted to do it the right way this time by connecting to my True Self and creating it from bliss and joy, which is what this course taught me! Building this business has been fun, inspirational, and easy!


- Ali Stewart


Soul Healing with Ali

Ali Stewart | Reiki, Akashic & Sound



Space is limited


Enrollment is Closed

Get in on the next round...

I run one to two rounds of this program each year starting in March &/or September:


Meeting via Zoom weekly each Monday, 5-7pm (mountain)

For specific dates:

Contact Olivia

NOTE: Acceptance is based on an application process (scroll below for application)

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