“I loved it!

I highly recommend her and

will be going back.” 

– Sarah J.


"I had no idea what to expect from our Intuitive Guidance Business Coaching Session together, but wow, what a difference it has made!”


"I just wanted to update you on results from our session.

Since then has been MAJOR business transition! I can definitely feel the guide change.

I am quitting my office, and primarily working from home.

Focusing on phone sessions and trainings and video classes.

I know this is the right path because it is happening easily! No stress.

My scheduling has even been better and over all my organization has been better. 

Thank you! :)" 


– Sarah N.

"Olivia was very upbeat and supportive….we were able to laugh

(which I find comforting) and truly enjoy the time we had together."

“I have never had a Reiki session before.

Olivia made me feel so comfortable and safe.

I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side.

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person.

Her classes are fun and informative…..I enjoy them as well.”


– Lisa K.

"If I had only two words to describe my experience with Olivia,

I would say, ‘Beyond Expectations.’ That or, ‘Holy Wow!’

I am so looking forward to my next class with her!"

“At first skeptical, my wife insisted I do an Akashic Reading with Olivia several years ago. In one session, without any prior ‘coaching,’ we dove deep into some really heavy,

deeply personal issues…stuff she would have no way of knowing.

I was also given a sort of ‘road map’ for the next couple years in that session.

All of it came true!!!


Fast forward to today, my wife again purchased a class for me with Olivia,

this time regarding crystals. I’ve long had a connection to minerals,

but in only two days time I have deepened my connection to

not only these little wonders, but to the Divine as well.”


– Rob C.

"Every interaction with Olivia has exceeded expectation."  


"The Akashic Readings have opened up new ideas and possibilities,

and most important to me, getting closer to the truth. 

Thank you Olivia for being a bright light and a friend. 

I sense the warmth, kindness, and spark that you share from the core of who you are. 

I am excited for future sessions together.  Thank you!”


– Bill L.

“I felt immediately relaxed with Olivia.

She makes you feel like you’ve been friends for a while,

even if you’ve just met."


"My Akashic Reading was powerful and comforting. She dove right into the reading,

and I felt a wave of love and peace come over me that stayed for the rest of the day.

I’m still in awe of what my guides had to say.

Olivia is talented and very connected to the Universe.

I feel blessed by the encouragement of my guides,

and for choosing Olivia to convey their message. Thank you very much.”


– Kelly F.

"Olivia is loving, compassionate, accurate, and real."

“I have done reiki, readings, and all three levels of reiki certifications with Olivia.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reader/Reiki Master

who only uses the highest vibrational energy.”


– Sarah N.

"Olivia is a patient, careful, knowledgeable, funny, and loving teacher." 


"I look forward to more sessions and classes with her!”


– Morgan P.

"Olivia coached and supported me through a difficult experience, 

helped open me up to my own clarity and taught me

how to trust my own intuition."


“Olivia is warm, comforting and honest.

She is accurate, sincere and an outstanding listener.

Her methodology and approach made me feel comfortable.”


– Jennifer G.

“Olivia is a great role model and inspiration in this industry, and for me personally on my healing path."

"I just wanted to thank you for such a helpful and healing Transformational Business Intuitive Session last week. When I got in the car after our session, I had a text from a friend asking for my website for another friend. A few days later someone emailed me out of the blue asking if I taught reiki classes!! 


I've been feeling much more empowered and positive after laying out such specific business plans with you. I emailed all my clients about my upcoming price change, and it felt really good. Today I'm tackling my vision board...the one that has been stuck in my craft cabinet unfinished for WAY too long. 


You are incredible at what you do!  Thank you!"

- Megan S.

“Olivia’s wisdom, knowledge, and connection to the Divine

give me the support I really need."

– Sunny U.

"Olivia is such a beautiful person that makes her clients

feel totally comfortable." 


"I am blessed to have received the information she gave me

from my Akashic reading. Thank you so much!”


– Lisa L.

"At the end of both classes, I walked away with

amazing new abilities to heal others and myself." 


“Olivia taught her Akashic Level 1 and 2 classes in a light-filled, safe,

and yet highly practical way.  Her knowledge base, teaching skills,

and faith in her students elevated my experience beyond learning.  

It allowed for deep growth and healing.

I’m very much looking forward to taking the Akashic Level 3 training in the future!”


– Kerri F.

"I will continue to rely on Olivia for great classes and intuitive readings.”

“I met Olivia about a year ago. I had recently experienced a pretty big change in my life and was feeling lost at sea. That’s when I discovered Olivia’s Reiki Classes.


From her first class I was so impressed with Olivia’s professional teaching style

coupled with creativity and compassion. It’s my understanding that Olivia is an artist

and professional educator as well. Her background in education coupled with her heightened intuitive nature helps create an energizing and enlightening environment

that facilitates learning and enrichment.


After completing my Reiki Level III training I went on to take a variety of Olivia’s other offerings. Olivia teaches all her classes with the same professional enthusiasm." 


– Cathi B.

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