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You're an adventurous spirit...


Generous, uplifting & inspiring.

Yet, staying above the hopelessness around you lately feels like a full-time job.


You feel a deeper calling in the world - to give back in bigger ways and you've vowed you're not going to lose yourself again in the process.

You've been searching... yearning to break your glass ceiling, grow and learn in new ways.

You've talked to others, emulated what works for them, but somehow, it hasn't been enough and you haven't seen the consistent happiness they promised.

You're on the precipice, ready to grow into the most beautiful version of yourself...

And give yourself permission to create the life you know you're meant to live - one you absolutely LOVE.


It's time to finally break free of the doubts that have been holding you back.

It's time to live your life UNBOUND.

Olivia coached & supported me

through a difficult experience, 

helped open me up to my own clarity

& taught me how to trust my own intuition.

– Jennifer G.

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Join an Amazing

Group of Women


Say YES! to you

Follow your inspiration

Create a life you LOVE

Hello!  It's your future self...

Just wanted to let you know how amazing it is over here in this life you've created.

It's beyond fantastic to wake up without follow our inspiration throughout our day and come to bigger and better places in our life because of it.


Those fears and doubts you lived with for so long...I'm here to say, were not yours.

And I loved how easy it was for you to release them when you finally embraced your gifts.

You're not far from your dream.  It's right around the corner.  I know what you can do when you start believing in yourself and release the past.


I'm so glad you realized your creativity is an asset and finally partnered with it!


It's the key to living your True Freedom over here. You'll'll be here soon!

In your corner,

-Your Future Self


1. Release the Past

Lighten your load - step out of self-control & finally stop micromanaging life

2. Put You First

Reconnect to your passion & refuel your depleted energy reserves

3. Regain Clarity

Easily clear what's holding you back & step into your power

4. Follow Your Path

Understand your Soul Purpose & follow your lead

5. Manifest in Flow

Exponentially increase your manifesting power & enjoy the flow

6. Celebrate!

Life has shifted - everything is enhanced, your intuition is off the charts & True Freedom is yours! 

Your 3-Month 'Unbound' Program Includes...

  • Weekly Group Calls2 hours via Zoom ($1,200 value)

  • '6-Step Unbound Process'training modules ($600 value)

  • Support & Community in our Private Women's Unbound FB Group ($500 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all future versions, content & FB Group ($500 value)


Total Value: $2,800


Your Price: $1,300

(or 3 payments of $500)

Space is limited


Enrollment is COMING SOON...

NOTE: Acceptance is based on an application process when enrollment opens.  

While working with Olivia,

I saw my life transform in front of me,

ultimately resulting in greater confidence,

awareness, & authenticity. 


When I began working with Olivia, I had began making significant changes in my life, both personally & professionally. Through Olivia's gifts, knowledge, & experience, she was able to help me connect to my true gifts & how to bring them to life to help others. People who are looking to understand themselves & take their life to the next level, need someone exactly like Olivia in their life. 


- Lesha R.

It's time to live


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