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Step Out of the ACT Version of Health…



This series is here to validate your unique journey into OCT health that does not always come from mainstream approaches. 

  • Reclaim your health on the Source timeline 

  • Step out of the mainstream media matrix of health

  • Empower your own path with your Divine Human form 

  • Learn simple, yet powerful tools that bring you into wholeness on the Source timeline

  • Understand the connection between all the variables of your beautiful life and how they easily and naturally intertwine into health on the Source timeline  

A Different Kind of Journey...

As you align your health with the Source frequency band of the Source timeline, you’ll realize this is a different kind of journey than you’re used to.


Growing up within the artificial 3D grid, we all learned how to use our control, willpower and things outside ourselves to gain energy and health. 


Upon the Source Path we focus [and upgrade into receiving] energy naturally from Source energetics within our bodies.


Therefore, health upon the Source timeline is a self-sovereign, inner-driven, system of wholeness - trusting your body to lead you through its resonance with Source.



Follow your body's needs


Connect to gentle & easy


Flow your cycles


Discern & align

What You'll Receive...
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  • 9 Audios (3.5 hours) - explore health on the Source timeline through conversations between Olivia and her guides

  • OCT Health Chart 82 health practices, channeled from the Source timeline, in categories based on resonance with your Divine Human form

  • 11 Worksheets - integrate the information & tools within your daily life

  • OCT Health Tools - simple, yet powerful, daily activities to bring you into wholeness with your health

  • OCT Health Resources - links to articles, products, videos & books to inspire your unique path

  • Transcripts of All Audios - dive deeper into the content


Your Price: $257

Please note: I am not a certified Nutritionist, Doctor nor Health Coach. This series was intuitively channeled from the Source Timeline. Please take what resonates & always refer to your team of qualified health experts if the messages go against their suggestions.

new earth report(2) copy.png

Create Your Own Path... 



The audios, tools, worksheets and resources explore your unique path to health on the Source timeline in terms of wholeness and alignment to your Divine Human Template.


Simple approaches work best on the Source timeline. Because everything is connected to wholeness, the tools within this series are fun and easy to implement because they flow within this Source wholeness.


Within the OCT grid of health, when you connect to your Divine Human form within, and begin to trust the messages you receive, you will be led to this OCT health state you seek - it will naturally occur. There will be “homeostasis”, balance and harmony within the body - no matter what your body looks like on the outside. 


-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

Trusting Yourself Is Key...


On the Source timeline, what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. This is where the majority of humans within the ACT grid inadvertently create non-health because they're trying to follow a pattern of positive success stories of someone else. They don't rely on and trust their own guidance system because they have not connected to that OCT grid of health, within them. 


-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

Health on the Source timeline is a resonance-based journey. Finding your own resonance and alignment creates flow, and flow is the key to the Source timeline frequency band.


The information within this series is intended to bring you into this Source frequency band and trust yourself as you follow the lead of your inner truth towards vibrant health.


Thank you so much for your purchase & support of this work.

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