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Thank you so much for your purchase & support of this work.

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Each report is a major cycle of time connected to the anchoring Source Timeline. 



Reports explore:


  • New aspects of the Source Timeline

  • Global events dismantling

  • Cosmic energetics aiding our evolution 

  • Body upgrades into our Divine Human Form

  • Tools to help us stay on the Source Timeline

  • Lost history coming into view

Cycles in each report continue indefinitely, which means information contained in past or present reports can be utilized past the report date. 

Scroll below to read the latest report and find past reports that resonate for you...

New Cycles of Time...

In 2019 The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Founders began giving Olivia the messages that would lead Feminine Lightworkers through the Covid Event - helping navigate the dismantling Artificial 3D Grid events that were to follow. 


Her guides became a staple, providing clarity & deep truths of the anchoring Source Timeline.  The New Earth Reports below are their messages to help you navigate the present & upcoming Earth changes. 


Cycles of time outlined in each report begin on the date shown on the report image. Reports do not arrive each month, but in their own time, according to the cycles present...  


Your early New Earth Reports told us that this Coronavirus event was coming & because of those, I feel like I was truly prepared for this.


I'm also trying to figure out what I should be learning from this and I feel one of the biggest things is that I should trust my intuition and guidance regardless of what EVERYTHING around me is telling me! 


And I think I'm doing a pretty damn good job! I want you to know that a lot of that has to do with you!  You are awesome and I'm so grateful I've been able to connect with you!


- Macie M.

new earth report(2) copy.png


Shifting Timelines

"Eye of the Needle" Event

Evaluating the Rebuild Cycle

Tips for this Time


Restructuring Empathy Body

Elemental Earth Activations

Photonic Light Activations

Star Activations


Next 100 Years

OCT Financial System

Reclaiming Your Finances

3 Principles of OCT Finances


Ancient Divine Humans

Genetic Experiments

Earth Guardians

The Disclosure Conundrum


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  Welcome to the LATEST REPORT..

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