You Deserve to

LOVE Your Life!

Receive tools and inspiration from my Guides, The Councils of Light, and myself, to create a life you LOVE with your True Self/Spark each week!

  • Access a private Member's Site with all week's messages, tools, meditations, MP3's and PDF's

  • Align your Spark with unique energy and intuitive tools to stay high vibe and up your manifesting game

  • And much more...

Membership: $45/month

Online access

*Click to create a life you LOVE & save $500 

when you purchase 5, 'Quick Shift' Sessions...

Embody the peace & clarity you need

to move forward & create

a life you LOVE!

  • Receive a unique intuitive reading, uncovering the higher purpose of your experiences

  • Activate your soul gifts and purpose

  • Quickly shift your life into one you truly LOVE by connecting to your True Self

Your Investment: $250

In person or by phone

Step into your 5D reality 

& align to your True Self!

Through the loving energy of Reiki, go straight into 5D, release the blocks holding you back


Choose from one of Olivia's specialties:

  • Heal Your Relationships

  • Attract More Money

  • Open Your Intuitive & Healing Soul Gifts

  • Activate Your Soul Purpose

Your Investment: $250

In person, phone or Zoom

Go straight to the heart

of what's truly important

& shift your life!  

  • Receive a 60 minute Akashic Reading, connecting you to your truths and releasing the blocks holding you back

  • Then relax for a 30 minute, 5D Reiki Session to supercharge your creations  

*Click to save $500 

when you purchase 5 sessions...


Your Investment: $350

In person, phone or Zoom

Release your business from the pitfalls and tricky self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you in Empath Survival Mode!

  • Attend one, 2-3 hour Business Group Meeting per month via Zoom or in-person

  • Receive Monthly Worksheets to help you create a business you LOVE

  • Access our Members Group Online Community to share your wins and gain support

  • And much more...

Membership: $175/month

Receive a downloadable PDF & MP3 of the meeting each week...

Designed to help you clear the

Empathic Survival Mode fears from your business so you can step in!

  • Receive a high vibe office 1-2 days/week

  • Step into unlimited possibilities, through the Monthly Business Group

  • Break free from the fears and doubts that have been keeping you small

  • And much more...

Your Investment: $175-$325/month

4, 6, 9 or 1 year leases

'Empath To Empathic Lightworker' 5 Session Individual Program

Shift out of Empath Survival Mode

and into your empowered

Empathic Lightworker True Self!

  • Confidently step into the real you

  • Expand your notion of what's possible

  • Release your fears

  • Step into your Soul Gifts

  • And much more...

Your Investment: $1,250

(or 2 payments of $697)

in person or by Zoom wherever you are

'Empathic Lightworker Empowered Creator'

8 Week Group Program 

Become the TRUE Creator you're meant

to be; manifesting, up-leveling &

reclaiming the life you were meant to live!

  • Gain the confidence to create without fear

  • Trust yourself and your inner wisdom

  • Learn a manifesting system for Empaths that works in any area of your life

  • Create Quantumly by shifting your inner world to create your outer world

  • And much more...

Your Investment: $797

(or 2 payments of $450)

in person or by Zoom wherever you are

"Every interaction with Olivia has exceeded expectation." - Bill L.

"Olivia coached and supported me through a difficult experience, helped open me up to my own clarity

and taught me how to trust my own intuition." - Jennifer G.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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