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Get Your LIGHT Expanded!

Burst of Light

Join me in a transformational program and... 


  • Reconnect with your True Self

  • Expand your intuitive & healing abilities

  • Clear mis-beliefs keeping you small 

  • Create a life you LOVE

  • Activate your Source Timeline! 

Olivia is truly a teacher's teacher...


It was an honor to learn from such

an experienced practitioner who holds such a

high level of personal integrity. Thank you, Olivia

for an amazing and life changing experience!




 If you're a Female Empathic Lightworker 
 who's ready to embody your True Self 
on the Original Source Timeline,

 you're in the right place...

Using my expertise in working intuitively with Empathic Lightworkers since 2010... 


I've honed a unique series of transformational programs & energy systems using my True Self Method specifically designed to:

  • Advance your extraordinary intuitive & healing gifts & SHINE your amazing LIGHT into this world!

  • Easily clear the inner roadblocks, so you can have fun creating the next level of a life you LOVE!

  • Align you to the Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source, so you can live your True Life Template & Soul Mission in this world!


  • Powerful Intuitive Tools & Training honed from my years channeling new systems from the Source Timeline (OCTT)

  • Energetic Clearings of blocks & fears

  • Intuitive Information from my Source Guides & yours

  • Energetic 'Activations' to step you quickly into a life you LOVE

  • And much more!


Personalized Support

Specialized Community


Specifically for Empathic Lightworkers who resonate to anchoring the unique Source Lightcodes emanating from the Diamond Sun deep within the Earth in this new ascension cycle!

$275/month - Reports, Community + Monthly Call


Have questions? Let's talk...

or email me...

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1:1 Source Session Package

Get your amazing inner light SHINING bright!  Receive roadmaps, activations & intuitive messages to from the Source Timeline to create a life you LOVE!

1, 45-Min Roadmap Session via Phone +

3, 90-Min Source Sessions via Zoom


($900 for current INU Light participants)

Square Program Posts(1).png

Activate your intuitive way to work with your physical body, align to your Cosmic Starseed DNA within you & get ready to have fun SHINING your Cosmic Body!

1, 1-Hr Source Session via Phone +

3, 90-Min Source Sessions via Zoom


($900 for current INU Light participants)

SHINE! Starseed Health
1:1 Source Session Package

LIVE Online Group Classes

INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper) (Instagram Post (Square)).png

INU Light Healing System Levels 1-4

Embody your True Divine Human Form on the Original Source Timeline with Olivia's unique healing system channeled from the INU!


Each Level: 2 payments of $375

(each level is a 5-week class)


Big Soul Parenting
4-Week Class

Connect to the Big Soul of your child and your high-level parenting guides in this transformational attunement-based intuitive parenting class!


or 2 payments of $295

New earth report(2).png

New Earth Reports specifically designed for Empathic Lightworkers walking their ascension journey!  Stay on the Original Source Timeline with my guides, The Councils of Light & The Founders!

$35/month - New Earth Reports

$95/month - Reports, Community + Monthly Call


A forum & archive for Empaths ready to SHINE!  Receive an archive of Olivia's Channeled Teachings, inspiration, access to Olivia & her FREE Empath Empowerment Challenge!

FREE - Archive + Community Programs

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