Get Your LIGHT Activated!

Join me in a transformational program and... 


  • Reconnect with your True Self

  • Expand your intuitive & healing abilities

  • Clear mis-beliefs keeping you small 

  • Create a life you LOVE

  • Step into your Soul Mission

Olivia immediately makes you feel comfortable with her warm, inviting, and empathic personality.


She is extremely intuitive and talented and knows when to tap into her own gifts to help her clients. No question or comment is too crazy or embarrassing! She is willing to explore any topic. Even when discussing difficult material, she makes it fun and lighthearted.


I would highly recommend her to anyone. I have taken several courses and a program from Olivia and she never disappoints. I always know I’m going to leave her feeling more energized, in-tune with myself, and just having an overall sense of hope, joy, and excitement.


- Ali Stewart


 If you're an Empath 

 who's ready to SHINE, 

 you're in the right place...

Using my expertise in working intuitively with over 800 Empaths since 2010... 


I've honed a unique series of transformational programs using my True Self Method specifically designed to:

  • Get you into your extraordinary intuitive & healing gifts & SHINE your amazing LIGHT into this world!

  • Easily clear the inner roadblocks, so you can have fun creating a life you LOVE!


  • Powerful Intuitive Tools & Training honed from my years in practice

  • Messages from the Akashic Records

  • Energetic Clearings of blocks & fears

  • Intuitive Information from my Spirit Guides & yours

  • Energetic 'Activations' to get step you quickly into a life you LOVE


1-on-1 Support

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Get your amazing inner light SHINING bright!

Receive roadmaps, activations & intuitive messages to create a life you LOVE on your True Path!

Choose Akashic Sessions and/or Akashic Business Coaching.

1, 45-Min Roadmap Session via Phone +

3, 90-Min Akashic Sessions via Zoom


($900 for current program participants)

LIVE 4-Month Online

Group Programs



Become certified in Usui Reiki

levels 1-3 using​ Olivia's unique

TRUE SELF Method to connect

you back to your healing gifts!


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Become certified as an Akashic Reader with Olivia's unique True Self Akashic levels 1-4 

& supercharge your intuition!




Start your metaphysical business; create the unique Empath foundations to thrive!



Get clear on what makes you amazing

& supercharge 6 areas of your business!



Specialized Community

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A "masterclass" for Empathic Lightworkers here as Wayshowers for their community - step into your multi-dimensional NEW Earth life you LOVE, with my guides, The Councils of Light!

$95/month - Full Membership

$15/month - The New Earth Reports Only

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A forum for Empaths ready to SHINE!  Receive community, inspiration, access to Olivia & her FREE Empath Empowerment Challenge, FREE monthly LIVE Zoom Calls & Healing Events!


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Create a life you LOVE with your True Self!

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