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SHINE Your LIGHT on the Source Timeline!

Burst of Light


  • Reclaim your Divine Human Form

  • Enhance your intuitive gifts

  • Clear False Hooks keeping you in fear

  • Align to the Source Timeline! 



3-Month SHINE!
1:1 Source Session Package

Get your amazing inner light SHINING bright!  Receive roadmaps, activations & intuitive messages from your Source Self on the Source Timeline!

4 Session Package:

1, Channeled Roadmap PDF

4, 90-min Source Sessions via Phone/Zoom



(or 3 payments of $500)

SHINE! Health Logo

3-Month SHINE! Health
1:1 Source Session Package

Activate your Source-Aligned Health & reclaim your Sovereignty! Connect to your Cosmic Body for answers & SHINE your unique path of vitality!

4 Session Package:

1, Channeled Nutrition PDF

4, 90-min Source Sessions via Phone/Zoom



(or 3 payments of $500)

I would encourage you, regardless of where you are in your personal journey, do not allow fear to stop you from giving the gift of stepping into who you were created to be.

Personally, I could have let my fears and insecurities stop me from signing up, but knowing Olivia would be there holding space, and leading me through I knew I couldn't fail.



new earth report(2) copy.png

Step onto the Source Timeline with Support!


You've "raised your vibration" and now you've been given a choice – stay within 3D modes of living or fully trust yourself. This is the call of your Source Self.

Your health, your life and your being are yours in this lifetime - no one else’s.


Get in contact with who you truly are and the intuitive messages you need that can only be found when you step onto the Source timeline.

SHINE with me, over a course of three months...



  • Gain the confidence to remember who you are on the Source timeline

  • Step out of the Artificial Creation Template illusions telling you: you can't move forward in the ways you want

It’s time to trust in that beautiful light of yours, Feminine Empathic Lightworker. I look forward to seeing you access your empowerment and your truth in the ways you came to Earth to experience!

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