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SHINE your Cosmic Body into BEing!


Containing all Divine Human Creation Templates from all facets of creation, your Cosmic Body is a beautiful amalgam of your healthy and empowered you at your unique frequency and being. 


Born out of DNA activations and unique star systems you vibrationally hold within you, your Cosmic Body also resonates to ease and flow and knows exactly how to sustain optimum levels of energy and connection.

You know there's an easier way to flow true lasting intuitive way of working with your physical body that aligns to your Cosmic Body within you.


Connect to the Source Timeline and have fun SHINING your Cosmic Body into being using your Divine Gifts of intuition & flow!

Open a direct line of communication with your Cosmic Body & recalibrate your relationship to Divine Human Form.


This package is specifically designed for Feminine Empathic Lightworkers who wish to reunite with their Comsic Body and are ready to step into alignment with True Health on the Source Timeline.


  • Regain Source Connection & Alignment with your Cosmic Body

  • Step out of the Artificial 3D Grid's Matrix of body and health dogma for good

  • Activate your intuitive Source Flow to choose the right foods and movements for you 

  • Recalibrate into Source Wholeness by caring for your body in the unique ways you need

This is the most inspired fun, aligned and divinely orchestrated program I have done for myself and my body.


I am so grateful to have this NEW insight into my body after going thru the incredible 4 stages of SHINE! Health with Olivia.  It has been next level life changing with instant changes for the better - I have a new way to BE with my body.  My body and I are finally synching up and aligning through and after this SHINE! Health package.  Thank you Olivia!  


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What to expect...


Every Shine! Health package of 1:1 sessions is uniquely different...even for those who purchase a second round to reconnect back to and expand into living from their Cosmic Body from a much deeper perspective.

Some clients schedule this package twice a year, during season changes and transitions, as this package focuses on your health over 3-6 months.

Your Journey: 

Together with your Source Self & Cosmic Body, you'll connect to your state of true health on the Source Timeline through four, unique SHINE! Health Source Sessions:


  • SHINE! Nutrition Session

  • SHINE! Movement Session

  • SHINE! Systems Check Session

  • SHINE! Relate Session


Scheduled within three months, your Source Self will let us know the most beneficial schedule for your unique journey.

Aha's and quick shifts are a natural part of this package. 



Your Shine! Health package is created from your Source Self, which means the intuitively channeled messages I receive during your sessions are from you because your Source Self is you.


Once you receive your Source Self's messages, during sessions, these messages immediately shift/tune your energy field to your beautifully healthy Cosmic Body frequency band of energetics, and staying aligned to your unique health journey becomes much easier.

Clients love how easy it is to implement the tools and align with the messages they receive.  There is no's a resonant intuitive connection back to health, that's easy and fun...

And best of all - uniquely you.

Please note: I am not a certified Nutritionist, Doctor nor Health Coach.  These readings bring messages to you from your Source Self & Cosmic Body on the Source Timeline.  Please take what resonates & always refer to your team of qualified health experts if the messages go against their suggestions.

Your 3-Month SHINE! Health Package Includes...

  • 4, 90-min SHINE! Health Source Sessions via Zoom - receive guidance from your Source Self on the Source Timeline to connect to your Cosmic Body through a unique series of "Nutrition", "Movement", "Systems Check" & "Relate" Source Sessions

  • 6-Month Access to SHINE! Archive & Audio Tools - receive activations, meditations & inspiration designed to connect you back to your Cosmic Body, Source Truths & Cellular Regeneration on the Source Timeline

  • Access to Olivia Outside of Sessions (3 months, via email) - ask questions, share your win's & receive inspiration channeled from your Source Self to help you stay aligned to the Source Timeline


Your Price: $1,425*

(or 3 payments of $475)

*Special INU Light Participant Price: $950

 (must be currently enrolled in any level of INU Light with Olivia)


  1. Fill out the SHINE! Health Application to see if this package would benefit your unique journey. 

  2. If so, you'll receive a link to book a free 20-min call with me to see if we're a good fit & answer any questions you may have.

  3. If SHINE! Health is aligned for both of us, we'll get started - payment will be received over the phone & we'll book your first session.

  4. You're all set...I look forward to watching you SHINE into your aligned state of health on the Source Timeline!

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It's time to embody


Through frequencies, vibration & resonance on the Source Timeline...

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Starseed Nutrition

Starseed Health SHINE(2).png



(90 min) - Connect to your Cosmic Body & true relationship to food (no two of these sessions are alike).  Receive an activation from your Source Self to make intuiting your food easy & fun.

Starseed Health SHINE(2).png



(90 min) - Recalibrate to the natural state of flow within your Cosmic Body, learn what movements are best for you & clear outdated body stigma/dogma through your Source Self.



Systems Check

(90 min) - As your Cosmic Body integrates, your physical body systems recharge & recalibrate.  Learn how to best support them & stay in balance through your Source Self.

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(90 min) - Easily maintain your connection to your Cosmic Body on a daily basis, without conflict. Learn how to stay in your truth around friends, family, large groups & public spaces.

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