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"OCT Solutions to Health Challenges" - The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

What do you do when a health challenge arises?

We're in the Rebuild Cycle now, which means health challenges are being used as a tool to rebuild oneself. The way we perceive and work with these challenges shapes our future and the future of the collective

Find out what my guides had to say about why we go through health challenges, the energetics and agendas behind them and how to move through them on the Source timeline.

Check out what they said below…



NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

OCT Solutions to Health Challenges

From The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled July 15th, 2023)

Health and health challenges on the OCTT are always about releasing outdated, old energetics that no longer serve you. When one's body comes into any physical symptom, it is your sign that the body is starting a clearing process that is physical in nature. This happens in accordance with whatever organ system that aligns vibrationally to the match of energetics that needs to be released. Whatever organ system is not able to release, is where you will have the symptom. 

There is a level of support you may be led to do for yourself. “Support” being the very basics of living: safe house/environment, safe people that truly love you, nurturing energetics, calmness, rest, relaxation, movement [if necessary], slowly processing what is needed for your health and supplements [if needed]. Getting more sun, more water, more rest and seeing where your body takes you are required. Being calm, not going into fear and working with the uncomfortable sensations using tools at your disposal will help you process fear, panic and pain easily. 

It's like a “birthing process”. With physical birth, there are different ways to birth on this earth plane. You can go to the hospital and get medical intervention to assist in the birthing process. In this way, a doctor would have to cut open and take out the baby via cesarean or utilize a lot of other medical procedures for a natural process like birth. Other options include a homebirth with a trusted midwife and certain natural techniques for pain relief and relaxation to help one through the intense process of birthing a physical baby. In others, the birthing process happens quickly at home, without anyone present to assist and all goes well. All of these types of options are metaphorically available to you as well through the ascension “birthing process” into True OCT Health happening now.

Is Medical Intervention Necessary?

Yes, there are times when medical intervention is necessary, but this is not necessarily the case now that the OCT grid is anchoring, and more veils are being released. You have more OCT opportunities to health now than you did in years past. Obviously, if you have a severed arm or you're in an extreme car accident, yes, you will probably need the intervention of somebody who can assist you in that major life event. That would be a hospital indeed. But in all others, where you have an ache or pain here or you have this weird symptom happening, we suggest remaining calm, centered and asking what is needed for your True Divine Human Form to feel supported through this clearing. 

Look at all physical health issues as a “clearing of the body”, a detoxifying of the old to make room for the new. This is, in a sense, what “ascension symptoms” are all about and why people name them “ascension symptoms”. A lot of people need the validation of a doctor still, as they release these old paradigms and dogmas of health. Just know, doctors are not equipped to understand the nuance of detoxification. Their medical system does not teach that. 

Understanding the body in this way is so imperative now in order to become your own doctor. Find people who are aligned to the belief that you are 100% healthy and 1% of the time [sometimes] you have a symptom that is requiring your assistance to help your body clear or heal the old. Finding out what that “old” energetic that is leaving is, is sometimes required with different professionals in different areas like therapy, nutrition and so forth. Sometimes it is as simple as just producing art, sitting in the sun or meditating on that question of what's going on in your body. 

Your body was never meant to be a complex organism that you had no idea how to handle. That is a program that's been instilled into the ACT matrix grid for so long based upon a return and profits. Those who inserted this into the grid knew that if you believe this program, you will be spending a lot of money - needing outside opinions and outside help. Outside help in the form of medical practitioners and doctors who prescribe medication only, without looking at other various options and without looking at the body as a whole. 

There are definitely doctors out there who are coming into that perspective now more than ever, but a lot of them are still in the ACT system. This is and will be changing in the future. There are many paths to this change, where more and more of those doctors will step out. Until then, they are still within that licensure and insurance connection with the big organizations and associations that give them the power to perform medical intervention. There is a “slavery” power-over system for doctors, as well. All doctors are being given the opportunity now to figure out personally whether or not they want to be part of this ACT medical grid anymore and what alternative options there are to helping others. 

The Connection Between Health & The Rebuild Cycle

You are in the Rebuild Cycle until April of 2025. This time is rebuilding everything inside and out - including how you view health and how doctors within those ACT systems look at other possibilities for performing, helping and seeing the bigger picture of what health looks like. You will be going it alone at times on the OCTT. Find a trusted friend/s. Find somebody who understands this OCT process. Seek their council at times; especially when you are confused and don't know if you should trust your body in what it's trying to tell you because it doesn't make sense to the old ACT viewpoints of health. 

Eliminate as much as you can of outside ACT interferences that keeps you from making the choices you need and finding the truths you need on the OCTT. Love those who are still on that ACT grid and don't understand - but do not take that personally. There are many ways to provide yourself the health you need, but it is also possible that you need to rebuild your life to create health. 

What are the things that are holding you down or bring you into fear? What are the vibrations that you are around? Can you instill energetic boundaries? Can you state consent statements to rebuild and recreate those relationships and experiences? Or do you need to step away from those experiences and relationships, without creating more drama, trauma and pain within them? 

These are all questions that everybody is going through now. This is what is “vibrating” into the ACT matrix grid. The ACT matrix grid works on “checking” resonance - seeing who's in and who's out. There is so much “shaking” of frequencies happening that the matrix is recognizing this and going into panic/glitching/shutting down. There are beings who need this ACT matrix grid to survive and they are the ones who are instilling the ACT vibration into people – especially those who are more in tune with meditation and empathic connection. 

Discernment Is Key

It is very important to discern where your information is coming from. It is very important when asking for advice, when you're meditating, to go within your inner planes into your True Self/Source Self and then set boundaries around this place. Make sure you are only getting OCT Source Self messages or only getting messages from your OCT Cosmic Body. Otherwise, it is way too easy to accidentally tap into this big wave of energetics happening on the ACT grid. 

There are so many ACT beings and frequencies right now trying to convince people [who go within and ask for guidance from other guides] to believe those subtle ACT messages. It is too easy to get the wrong messages and think they are true for you - especially when you are in fear about your body. 

Discernment, riding the waves, trusting, slowing down, not making decisions right away, checking in to see who has a profit margin involved with their opinion and who has a pride/ego viewpoint on those issues that you are struggling with are all ways to work with health now. Trust the calm presence of OCT Source that knows you are whole and can heal yourself. Find the things that need to be implemented for you to support your body. In these ways, you will empower yourself and we know you can do this. It is time to step into more of your OCT body truths, which is what is happening with this vibration. 

With love in our hearts for you all at this time,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

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