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Welcome to the INU & unique INU Light System!


During the Winter Solstice of 2021, I received this unique 4-level INU Light Healing System from my Guides - a multi-dimensional group of light beings on the Original Creation Template and Timeline of Source (OCTT) called the "INU".

The word “INU” (pronounced “I-Knew”) means “people of INAH (the Mother/Father Source or the unifying light)”. 


The INU's deep connection to and love of the sacred Divine Human Blueprint is inherent to this system - restoring the Divine Human Template within creation is their Soul Mission.

If you're ready to activate your Divine Human Template on the Original Source Timeline...Join me!

All 4 levels of the INU Light System...

  • Activate a Deeper, More Grounded, Connection to Life & Yourself - a connection the human family of earth forgot

  • Connect You into True Community - align to true connection within all types of relationships

  • Embody Your OCT Energy System & Divine Human Form - the way it actually was desiged on the Source Timeline

INU Light is a joyful, loving, light-filled experience.  Each level holds something special for YOU, just for YOU!!

During INU Level 1, I was being tuned into the light and sound frequencies/waves within the body and throughout dimensions.  This tuning activated my ability to strengthen and hold my energetic field so I can stay in my sovereignty during challenges, clear quicker, live with more joy and awareness and experience more gratitude and appreciation in my daily life.

INU Light connects you back to the multi-versal aspects of Source.  It’s a coming home to Source YOU.  The origination point of divine truth, love and light.  I highly recommend anyone who resonates with the INU and their soul mission to take this class!



The INU created this system to keep us connected to Source...

According to the INU, the earth (as we see it today) is not true 3D form.  It has been tampered with and split [fractured] upon an Artificial Template of Creation. 


This system realigns these false lower dimensions [and those within them] with their True Original Creation Template of Source and Divine Human Form...


Opening and integrating these specific Divine Human Blueprint Codes so we can reclaim our “connection” to Source and the Original Source Timeline within our Divine Human Form (DNA) upon this earth.

This system is an internal [personal] system & not a "practioner-based" healing system [to help others].

Practitioner-based healing systems, according to the INU, are the first step in opening dormant healing and intuitive gifts and assisting a “pre-awakening civilization” to reach a certain evolutionary level [before they step into sovereignty]. 

Practitioner-based systems are not always able to fully “anchor” the healing/activations because they are performed by another, outside the inner planes.


This INU Light System allows one to develop a resonance to the Divine Human Template from within, which exponentially radiates light into all areas of the universe - assisting in true Source evolution.

Image by J Lee

If You Have the Soul Mission...

To restore the Divine Human Template within creation

- through activating it within your body... 

Read on to see if this system resonates with you & if so, join us by filling out the application below.

The INU's purpose...

The INU hold the Collective Soul Mission to “unify all of life throughout the multi-verse - to bring back wholeness [from “within to without”]”. 


They did this on earth by planting seeds of wisdom and lightcodes during the “Lemuria/MU” civilizations throughout the universe - in order to protect and “house” Original Template Genetics/Source DNA.

They came initially to a 6D earth [which no longer exists]...


In order to “put” the light of Source back into our human family’s DNA - at a time when there was much manipulation of DNA.  The INU came so our DNA could “run” in alignment to Source. 


This system is now coming back to us because the Divine Human Family of earth requested this re-connection and re-remembering at this time.





In Polynesian (Hawaiian), the word “Inu” (pronounced “E new”) means “to drink”. 


This, the INU tell me, comes from the INU people, when they incarnated upon the 6D earth and taught people how “to drink in the love frequency”.  The ancient students of the INU people who “seeded” what we now know as the Hawaiian Islands are still alive today through this one simple word within the Hawaiian culture.

This INU Light course has been possibly the most impactful, life changing teaching I have experienced.

I came out of the course with a deep understanding of what truly aligned Universal Source Love was created to be.

By experiencing and integrating the purest, untainted form of love, INU Light has completely up-leveled and radically shifted every part of my life. This INU Light love has allowed me to heal the deepest, darkest past traumas, face daily challenges of life, and approach large life-altering experiences with ease and confidence.

There should be a warning with this class:

Warning, by the end of this course you may experience a complete restructuring of your life - changes that create the most joyful abundant life beyond anything you imagined.





Image by J Lee

Join the INU in

aligned community!


Activate Your Divine DNA

Embody True LOVE

Empower Your True SELF

  • Receive your Level 1 Attunement

  • Work with your INU Light Guides

  • Open to the Source "Love Vibes"

  • Learn how to create "Love Fields"

  • Activate your OCT Etheric & Source Fields

  • Practice INU Grounding, Gratitude & Hands-on Healing for yourself

  • Receive Level 1 Certification

INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper).png
INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper)(1).png
  • Receive your Level 3 Attunement

  • Re-establish your "Transmutation Portal"

  • Activate your 7 True Chakras (Source Stars)

  • Learn to "read" the Source Timeline

  • Release the Artificial "Archon Brain"

  • Expand into miracle healer Love Vibe 12

  • Receive Level 3 Certification

INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper).png
  • Receive your Level 2 Attunement

  • Re-establish your "Love Portal"

  • Learn to "shift the 3D grid" to see clearly

  • Stabilize areas of your life in Source Energetics & Resources

  • Use the "INU Breath" to reconnect

  • Unify your field into Wholeness

  • Receive Level 2 Certification

INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper).png
  • Receive your Level 4 Attunement

  • Re-establish your "Clarity Portal"

  • Learn to create Cellular Portals

  • Find & release all aspects of Ego

  • Activate Solidarity within yourself

  • Restore your "God Gene" & expand teachings

  • Receive Level 4 Certification

INU Light Healing System (Desktop Wallpaper).png

Each 10-Week Level

of INU Light Includes...

  • 5, Bi-Weekly (every other week) 2-hour Zoom Group Calls - (mountain time) with recordings of all calls, day & time to be announced (see upcoming dates below) - NOTE: no calls during major holiday weeks ($1,250 value)

  • In-Depth Training - Video Training Modules, MP3 Tools, Attunement, PDF Workbooks & Professional Certification ($575 value)


  • Special, "Check-In" Zoom Group Call (after level ends) - to see how you're doing & answer any questions you may have ($250 value)

  • Support in our Private INU Light Community Group ($500 value)

  • Access to Olivia throughout your training - ask me anything 24/7 ($350 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) ($700 value)


Total Value: $3,625


Your Price: 3 payments of $275


(price is for each level of training)

Space is limited


If you resonate to this system and are ready to embody

your Divine Human Form on the Source Timeline...

fill out the application below:

(all four levels of INU Light are taught when aligned groups are ready)

Connecting to the INU is connecting to the deep love within yourself and the universe.

Olivia’s channeling and guidance through this new knowing is invaluable! With greatest gratitude- thank you, Olivia!



It's time to embody

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