"I love when clients realize the expansive truth of who they really are, which quickly shifts their life in amazing

& magical ways."

Hello Amazing Spirit!


I’m Olivia, a Transformation & Manifestation Expert who helps Empathic Lightworkers live their Soul Purpose and manifest a life they LOVE.


I'm also a:

  • Certified Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

  • Akashic Reader & Teacher

  • Crystal Healer & Teacher

  • Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner 

I've guided over 800 clients to up-level their life and create more joy and abundance through reconnecting and realigning with their TRUE SELF to transform their lives.  


Before going fulltime in my business, I spent 10 years as a professional painter and university professor with a passion for teaching and helping others think outside their self-defined box.  


In 2009, I expanded my notion of what was possible, which led me to where I am today - helping others self-partner, access their intuition and Soul Gifts and create a life they LOVE.  


Throughout my years in business, I've kept my love of teaching; creating unique metaphysical courses channeled directly from spirit in various energy healing and intutive modalities, which I've taught to over 500 students.


If you're currently stepping into more of who you're meant to be

- but finding the transition harrowing (to say the least)...


Or just curious as to how I did it...


I invite you to listen to how I navigated the up's and down's of my journey

 pivoting from Art Professor to Psychic Teacher on Helen Walker's podcast, The Soulful Mentor...

Other Things You Might Like To Know About Me:

I've been working with energy, intuition and spirit since I was a child.  Over the past 20 years my intutive gifts and healing abilities grew as a result of life-changing healing experiences divinely inspired to get me back to my TRUE SELF.

There's nothing like having your life turned upside down to get you searching!  And that's just what I did.  

This journey led me to:

  • Meet my TRUE SELF, Soul and Spirit Guides

  • Heal my body, which doctors and specialists said was impossible

  • Heal my relationships & up-level my life, which I thought was impossible

  • Fully open my intuitive and healing abilities and teach others how to do the same

This is my Soul Purpose - helping others...

  • Self -partner with their TRUE SELF

  • Open their intuitive and healing abilities

  • Understand the higher purpose of their experiences

  • Transform their lives

  • Create a life they LOVE

My journey is much like the journey of many others who move from the disempowered path of an Empath, 

creating from the "outside in", to stepping onto the empowered path as an Empathic Lightworker,

working consciously with their TRUE SELF and creating quantumly from "inside out":


When you step into empowerment, you receive the gift of seeing clearly all your hidden aspects and issues

in order to release the illusions, come back to your TRUE SELF and ultimately realign

and recreate your entire life into a life you LOVE.

And when you surrender to this process, magic happens.


I share the tools, techniques and wisdom my TRUE SELF and Soul Guides have given me through my journey, which have helped hundreds of clients in my programs, sessions & classes to Empaths:

  • Just starting out in reclaiming and trusting their intuitive and healing Soul Gifts

  • Who own their own transformation based businesses and are wanting to live their Bigger Purpose with joy and ease


Although I’ve studied with excellent contemporary healers, most of my training comes directly from my TRUE SELF and Spirit.  


This is one of my specialties and the reason I have so many referrals.  I've learned to get out of the way and channel deeply moving and accurate information from Spirit to others and teach people how to do the same.


Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you as well. 

Here's to creating a life you LOVE and LOVING the life you have,

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