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Professional photo of Olivia Lundberg for her about page

Hello, I’m Olivia!



I help Feminine Empathic Lightworkers reclaim their True Divine Human Form & activate their intuitive & healing gifts on the Original Source Timeline (OCTT) so they can manifest a life they LOVE.

Basically...I specialize in helping you SHINE on the Source Timeline!



Since 2010, I've guided

Feminine Empathic Lightworkers to...

 Step out of the Artificial 3D Matrix (ACTT) 

 & live their Soul Purpose using my powerfully simple intuitive 

 'OCT METHOD' I've honed over the years... 

FACILITATING unique sessions helping Empathic Lightworkers SHINE

CREATING & TEACHING Healing Systems channeled directly from Source

EMPOWERING WOMEN to activate their gifts on the Source Timeline

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Activating your Divine Human Template on the Source Timeline is my Soul Gift...


Since 2010, I’ve taught Feminine Empathic Lightworkers how to step off the Artificial 3D Matrix through connecting to the Source Timeline, advancing their intuitive gifts, aligning to their True Self & activating their Divine Human Template.

So much of the metaphysical and New Age movements are anchored in the Artificial Creation Timeline, utilizing reversal programs of False Light & False Dark teachings.

The time is now to move your tools & gifts off this false light artificial grid.  It's the KEY to awakening and embodying your Source Timeline & Empowerment.

The Artificial Creation Timeline contains false programs implanted from past trauma & mass media, meant to keep you from:


  • Knowing your worth

  • Speaking your truth

  • Trusting yourself



As an Empathic Lightworker, your gift is awareness, which shifts these challenges when you see clearly the reality of the world & reclaim your True Self on the Source Timeline, activating your:

  • True Confidence - Embrace your Intuitive & Healing Gifts 

  • True Self-Love - Recognize the True Power of your inherent Compassion & Empathy

  • True Protection - Align, manifest & co-create​ as a Divine Human on the Source Timeline


Below is the path I took to help others release the Artificial Timeline & embody the Source Timeline...
(In 2022, the energetics shifted & I was led to step out of the Akashic & Reiki grids to progress)


2009 - 2022

2012 - 2022



2015 - present


2021 - present

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My shift out of outdated Lightworker identities...


So much of my professional life was spent giving Reiki and Akashic Sessions to clients and teaching practitioners, which were integral to helping us understand and begin to navigate out of the 3D Artificial Creation Template's version of body and health. 

As the Covid “pandemic” arrived in 2020, we were all given a choice - to accept the narrative or find another way of being.  I chose the Source Timeline.  As I ventured into a whole new way of being, I began to release these Reiki and Akashic templates of identity and came to understand new Source-aligned ways to help clients empower themselves.

As I shifted onto more of the Source Timeline, the INU Light Healing System came into being, SHINE! Packages rerouted into new areas of the Source Fields and my business began to help clients in more Source-aligned ways.

One of the keys to my shift has been through the help of my guides on the Source Timeline. 



I've been professionally channeling...


  • The Councils of Light since 2015

  • The Founders of Creation since 2020

  • Existencia Source Fields, Timeline Guides & the INU since 2021

Their messages strengthen our ability to discern Source Truths from false light 3D-matrixed programming, give us the courage to believe there is more to life than what meets the eye and help us fully trust ourselves.

They continue to help Feminine Empathic Lightworkers navigate out of what my guides call the Artificial Creation Template & Timeline (ACTT) and onto the Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source (OCTT).

new earth report(2) copy.png

My skillset, which I've harmonized & teach others to do as well...


Comes from channeling NEW healing systems, tools and wisdom directly from the Original Source Timeline (OCTT) - so we can shift into our Divine Human Form, aligned ways of living & expanded levels of consciousness here upon this Earth.

  Now it's your time... 


Get expansive & really know the TRUTH of who you ARE!

There are new OCT Templates of Health, Intuition & what it means to be a Lightworker ready for you to step into...
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