I love when clients realize the expansive truth of who they really are, which quickly shifts their life in amazing

& magical ways.

Hi Amazing Spirit!

I’m Olivia!


A Transformation & Manifestation Expert who helps Empathic Lightworkers live their Soul Purpose & manifest a life they LOVE

Basically...I specialize in helping Empaths, like yourself, SHINE!

Technically...I'm also a:

  • Akashic Reader & Teacher

  • Certified Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

  • Professional Channel of The Councils of Light
  • Crystal Healer & Teacher

  • Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner 

I LOVE What I Do...

 Since 2010, I've guided over 800 Empaths 

 to step out into the world in amazing ways, up-level their  

 life & create more joy & abundance using my powerfuly simple 

  intuitive 'TRUE SELF METHOD' 

 I've honed over the years 

FACILITATING 1,000 + Akashic Readings & Reiki Sessions for amazing clients


rounds of 30 different  metaphysical classes channeled from spirit to help Empaths SHINE 

TRAINING 500 + EMPATHS in activating their unique intuitive & healing abilities

Finding the higher purpose in any situation is my Soul Gift...


I'm a Never-Ending Optimist.


Intuitively accessing this higher purpose for clients through the Akashic Records has been the key to unlocking pure manifesting magic, which:

  • Dramatically shifts & clears any challenge

  • Opens doors to amazing possibilities

  • Allows you to become the confident co-creator you were born to be!


Never underestimate the power of a higher perspective!

Since 2010, I’ve taught over 500 Empaths how to use their intuitive gifts

to tap into this wisdom & up-level their life.

All Empaths struggle with:


  • Knowing their worth

  • Speaking their truth

  • Trusting themselves


And all Empaths shift these challenges when they step into their TRUE SELF, activating their:

  • True Confidence by embracing their Intuitive & Healing Gifts

  • True Self-Love by recognizing the amazing power of their inherent Compassion & Empathy

  • True Power through activating their amazing superpowers of manifesting & creating​

  A few fun facts about me... 

I DROVE A SEMI IN MY 20's, which was a pivot point in me doing what I LOVE now

I WAS A PROFESSIONAL PAINTER & taught art at the university for 10 years before going full time in my business

I CUSS LIKE A SAILOR & my guides like to occasionally 

sprinkle some in for fun punctuation during sessions & classes

I was the girl in high school everyone wanted running their Ouiji Board...

It wasn't until an eight-year journey healing debilitating chronic pain, that I began uncovering my Higher Purpose and my True Self Method, leading me to you today.

Along my path, I've met some amazing healers and intuitives.  


But, my skillset, which I've honed and teach others to do as well, comes from channeling NEW tools, classes and wisdom directly from spirit - so we can shift into new ways of living and higher dimensions of reality here on this Earth.

Now, it's your time to dream bigger...

Get expansive & really KNOW the truth of who you are

& who you're meant to BE-come!

Join me & embark upon your amazing spiritual journey...


Back to remembering who you Truly are & why you're here at this exact time in history! 

Are you ready?

Heck Yeah!

 Wanna know how I transitioned 

 into doing what I do? 


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