"I love when clients realize the expansive truth of who they really are, which quickly shifts their life in amazing

& magical ways."

Hello Amazing Spirit!


When I started my business, more than a decade ago, my passion was teaching Empaths how to become integrity-filled healers and intuitives...

Because there were so many people doing metaphysical work out there who were harming people.


I can't tell you the number of clients I had who told me horror stories

about paying a psychic healer for an hour of unethical heebie jeebies...

Which scared the bejeesus out of them and made them think they were indeed cursed.



So I decided to take my expertise from my professional teaching background and started channeling classes and certification courses from my guides...

To make sure people got the thorough and light-filled training they needed to become ethical practitioners.



A funny thing started happening when I did this...



Those I taught and certified, not only started referring me out and taking more classes...

But their confidence grew as a result

and they started sharing their gifts organically.

Which became a business they took pride in...

and that others wanted to be a part of.

I'm telling you...what Empaths can do when they start believing in themselves is amazing!
And what happens when you start activating your intuitive and healing gifts,
creates amazing synchronicities and aligned paths to a life you truly LOVE!



In a world which seems to be filled with overly confident charlatans…
We need more experts who come from the heart.
Like you!



You put your heart and soul into whatever you believe in and LOVE, diving deep and learning all about it...

Which means you definitely are an expert in your field!

You just don't believe in yourself yet!



If you tend to:

  • Second guess your knowledge and know-how

  • Get tripped up by others who know very little about a subject, but believe they do

  • Are hesitant to speak up about your expertise

  • Think you need more training before offering your gifts (even though you have certifications up the whazoo)

You're not alone and it's time to release this once and for all!


It's time to dream bigger...

Get expansive and really KNOW the truth of who you are and who you're meant to BE-come!



Especially now, as we begin to venture out into the world again

and navigate the uncertainties many people are facing.






I’m Olivia, a Transformation & Manifestation Expert who helps Empathic Lightworkers live their Soul Purpose and manifest a life they LOVE.


I'm also a:

  • Certified Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

  • Akashic Reader & Teacher

  • Crystal Healer & Teacher

  • Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner 

I've guided over 800 clients to up-level their life and create more joy and abundance through reconnecting and realigning with their TRUE SELF to transform their lives. 


If you're currently stepping into more of who you TRULY are...


I invite you to listen to how I navigated the up's and down's of my journey:

"Art Professor to 'Psychic Teacher" on Helen Walker's podcast, The Soulful Mentor...

Thank you for stopping by... 


I'm excited for you to embark upon your amazing journey into remembering more of who you Truly are and why you're here at this exact time in history! 


Just know that when you step in, you're led to exactly the right people and experiences you need, at exactly the right time. 


Here's to easily finding the amazing synchronicities upon your path!


And if I'm that next stop on your journey, I look forward to meeting you as well!

Receive your FREE copy of my book, Activate Your Spark & Transform Your Life!

and get on my list to stay up-to-date on this ascension journey we're on as we create this New Earth...

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