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How does water shape the 3 main flood events?



Where did the time traveling "north men" come from?


What inter-stellar DNA do you hold?


How did language & relationships get hijacked?

  Explore Earth's Lost History... 

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You hold valuable keys...



As you read these chapters many aspects of you awaken, merge and regain wholeness once again. These chapters are meant to awaken the remembering of our ancient wisdom & achievements.


There may never be a way to “prove” the validity nor the historical accuracy of this channeled information, as our Earth’s actual history has been extremely tampered with, erased and twisted. Proof is not the point of this work.


This channeled archive is meant to activate your own remembrance of who you truly are and who we truly are as a species of Divine Humans upon this planet. There are “Lightcodes” embedded within this information to help you discern “false” from “true” historical information wherever you are led.


Please take only what resonates. You hold valuable keys to unlock the ancient mysteries and true nature of our earth plane and its coding, as your own Divine connection to our Earth’s Lost History is within your DNA.

Source Timeline's Historical Energetics...

One might ponder why The Founders of Creation crafted such a diverse cross section of lost history as compiled within this book. To go from True Language to Starseed Origins to the Great Floods to Norse Gods and then end with a Relationship Separation Gene seems to be quite a mix mosh of thoughts.


As each new energy wave and ascension cycle came in during 2022, a new veil lifted, and a new focus of lost history uncovered itself on the Source timeline.


These themes may seem varied, but The Founders assure me they are very much connected to one another:


"These five chapters connect to one another through themes of empowerment, disjointed attempts at thwarting and rewriting earth’s history, the control one has to shift and change circumstances and timelines and the abilities one has to achieve things which seem impossible."

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