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Preview of "The Great Floods" from Earth's Lost History - Part 1

Welcome to "The Great Floods" from my new book, Earth's Lost History - Part 1...

The following preview is from "Chapter 3: The Great Floods", which outlines the higher purposes of floods in the historical resets of civilizations upon the Earth, as well as the hidden history of scientific understandings and lost ancient knowledge of three important flood events in terms of our current collective timeline.

The information I've chosed to preview highlights the origins of water, the higher purpose of flood events and the ancient Giant Trees that once stood miles above the Earth.



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Preview of Chapter: 3 "The Great Floods"

From Earth's Lost History - Part 1 by Olivia Lundberg

The Great Floods

(From the June 24th, 2022 New Earth Report, “Be Brave”)

From the Founders of Creation:

We are with you now and forever.

The third teaching of “the lost history of earth”, is the deluge. The great “flood/s” within the earth and their effects upon humanity.

There are no coincidences within creation. Each and every “episode” of life falls within a certain framework and/or template of creation. These events and experiences play out in certain ways for those involved, until the experiences are no longer needed, and the templates can be erased or restored. There are moments in life when a creation template no longer is necessary and those involved request a “reset” event.” The deluge is one of them. The great flood/s of the land arrived to become a staple in the events of “resetting” a population or a creation template.

Water releases, clears and resets all at the same time. This is why your body immersed itself in water to be created within the womb. And why the oceans harbor so much diversity of life. Those planets who do not have water visibly seen upon them, have either water underneath the planet or in the etheric template of the planet. (44)

44. According to my guides, all life and the universe itself are made up of water - all living beings require water.

Water from the Etheric Template

When water is in the etheric template, water is ‘born’ in the physical at a certain time in the future or will become physicalized when those upon the planet ascend into higher dimensions of consciousness to “see” the water.

This is how the earth “received” its water. It was born into the physical from the etheric template - not brought here by comets, as your science would like you to believe. The ancient giant trees (45) upon your planet were also responsible for “calling forth” the water. “Birthing” water from the etheric template into the physical. (46)

45. According to my guides, there was a long stretch of time upon the earth when giant trees measuring approximately 20-30 miles high were scattered in pockets of ancient forests across the continents. They were the antenna, connectors, record keepers and consciousness beings of our earth. They were later cut down for various reasons to remove knowledge and reduce the atmosphere/creative energetics of the planet. The trees we see today are the descendants of these trees and have shrunk in size due to terraforming and reduced nutrients within the earth and atmosphere. They are babies in comparison. The petrified/mineralized stumps of these ancient giant trees can be seen all over the world, yet mainstream geology refutes them as merely rock formations.

46. My guides tell me this birthing of water from ancient giant trees happened through a process of osmosis.

Water from Within Inner Earth

When water is inside the inner core of the planet, beings must go below the surface to extract the water. This is where the majority of your physical water upon your planet is housed - in large aquifer-like pockets within the planet many miles below the surface. There are large “substations”(47) which process this water, as it is thought by some that this inner earth water holds mysterious powers of eternal life.

Some call this water “Primary Water”. Many have documented these inner earth Primary Water sources pouring forth from the ground and through trees upon the surface of the earth. Some of these Primary Water sources are underneath and within bodies of water. The substance of the primary water, in this case, is different than the body of water it is flowing within – creating a lake under a lake. This is where the stories of the fountain of youth come from.

There are many beings within the Agarthan Network(48) who are fighting to keep the waters below the surface pure and clean and kept from removal by nefarious beings.

47. Substations refers to advanced technology that works with and controls this water below the surface.

48. ancient inner earth civilizations – some are ancestors of Lumeria/MU

The Universe Is Abundant with Water

“Only certain planets have water” is an inconsistency within your “schooled” understanding of the reality of space and planetary life. Water is essential to all life - no matter where you are within the universe. Much of the “empty” areas of space contain vast amounts of water.

The core life-force of all water within your universe is part of a united consciousness stemming from the 18th dimension. All water you drink has had this consciousness removed – unless you intentionally charge your water back up. It is recommended that you bring this life-force back into your water at all times.

Recharging your water with its innate 18D energetics heals your body and restores lost DNA. Simply hold your hands over your water and state: “Return this water to its 18D harmonics now.”

Weaponization of Water

It is important to note, at this point in the discussion, that DNA is restored(49) within the physical planes in two ways:

  1. Through light - solar energetics and photonic [invisible] plasmic(50) emissions

  2. Through water - in its pure state, as the true consciousness of all water

Because of this, one can see…[end of preview]

49. DNA is restored through reclaiming and uniting it with OCT energetics of Source, much like DNA being turned on through energies pouring forth from Source.

50. By “plasmic” my guides are referring to the state by which light travels through the planes of existence and into your body. Plasmic states of travel surpass most methods and are able to penetrate dense material forms easily.

This is the end of the preview of "Chapter 3: The Great Floods". To read the rest of this chapter...

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