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Journey into the heart of the Source Timeline and back into Earth's Lost History with The Founders of Creation as your guide. Dive deep into their channeled messages given to Olivia over the course of 2022 in this unique 88-page paperback.  


  • Find out why our language lacks the Source codes necessary to truly communicate - learn how to bring back these lost templates of communication.


  • Journey into your physical star lineages - get to know the original beings who brought the Divine Human Template to the planet.


  • Uncover the 3 great floods and why they occurred - including the upcoming flood that may happen if we don't get our act together.


  • Learn about the Norse gods and True Viking history from the perspective of the Source Timeline.


  • Regain the original Source-connected Relationship Gene - release the gene modification program keeping you from truly connecting.

Filled with light codes of remembering, you'll step back onto the Source Timeline and understand your connection to our Earth's lost history in this fascinating and thought-provoking read!


NOTE: Since this book ships directly from the publisher - shipping can take up to 10-14 days

"Earth's Lost History: Part 1" (Paperback) - Channeled Content


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