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Enjoy Olivia's unique 34-page report (in PDF format) detailing this cycle of time beginning March 24th, 2023 and beyond channeled from her guides, The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides, Founders of Creation & Existencia Source Fields to help align you to your True Self on the Source Timeline.


* Within the report is also a link to the 2-page PDF worksheet that contains the highlights of this report - to work with this information on a daily basis.


Note: The information contained in this report goes beyond this cycle of time and can be utilized as reference material for you for years to come. If the following resonants with you, my guides recommend purchasing this report.


Receive detailed messages around the following:


  1. The Beginning of this Cycle    
  2. Overarching Frequency of This Cycle: "Bones"    
  3. What’s Happening on the Source Timeline: "Intention & Awareness”
  4. Dismantling Areas of the ACT Grid: "Healing Light, Teacher, Planning & Action”
  5. Earth Activations: "Norwegian Sea & Antarctica - Gratitude & Adversity”
  6. Earth's Lost History: "The Lowering of Earth’s Field”

"The Reclaiming" - (PDF) Channeled New Earth Report

  • "The Reclaiming; New Earth Report": Copyright © 2023 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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