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You're an Expansive Being of Light!


You've done out-of-this-world things, are far more talented than you think and have traveled throughout the multi-verse, creating and guiding this tapestry of creation through your unique connection to Source!


Thank you for your service!  


It's now time to align with and create your next level of your journey on the Original Source Timeline (OCTT) that's being restored upon this planet (and universe) now.


SHINE more of your light into the world, anchor onto the Source Timeline and expand into new territories of support and Truth - creating a life you LOVE without succumbing to the hooks of the Artificial 3D Matrix that's dismantling now.

Open a direct line to your True Self, the Original Source Timeline & the intuitive messages you need to help you live the life you were meant to live, without fear.



This package is specifically designed for Female Empathic Lightworkers who are ready to embody their True Self on the Original Source Timeline.


  • Experience more Empowerment and Joy

  • Advance their Gifts

  • Embrace their Truths

  • Expand their Creative Potential

  • Live a life where Inspiration is the mainstay and challenges become fodder for new and better creations


For anyone considering doing this program,

it is WORTH it!


Olivia’s ability to hone in on just what is needed for your soul is truly unmatched by any healer I’ve worked with

in the last 10 years. The joy and spirituality she brings

to this SHINE! program is contagious...Thank you, Olivia, for your kindness, clarity, and above all else the LOVE you put into your work and your clients!”




Welcome to Your Source Self



Receive the downloads of truth & the Source frequencies

that shift your life into the Source Timeline instantly...

What to expect...


I work with a select few aligned 1:1 clients at a time, therefore space is limited and all potential Shine! clients begin with a consult call to see if we're a good match.


If it is, your Source Timeline, True Self and Source Guides will craft a uniquely tailored journey to get you up-leveled in one area of your life and answer any questions you may have.  

Every Shine! Package is uniquely different...even for clients who purchase a second round to up-level further, dive deeper into their Gifts and confidently SHINE out into the world in more expansive ways. 


Your Journey:

Start with a 45-minute Roadmap call - receive information from your Source Self on the Source Timeline about the area of your life that needs to up-level, a roadmap of where you're headed and what your next steps look like. 


This becomes our focus for your next three, SHINE! 90-min Source Sessions, scheduled within three months (your Source Self will let us know the most beneficial schedule). 

Aha's and quick shifts are a natural part of this package. 



Together we will:

  • Supercharge an area of your life and activate your True Creative Potential on the Source Timeline through your Source Self

  • Receive answers to your questions from the wisdom and higher perspective of your Source Self on the Source Timeline

  • Shift out of fear and into an expanded view of your situation so you can clearly see your True Path to a life you LOVE

  • Reconnect with who you truly are and your Original Source Timeline Purpose

  • Clear any False Light & Artificial 3D Matrix energy blocks holding you back so you can embody the confidence and clarity to move forward easily

Your 'SHINE!' Package Includes...

  • 1, 45-min SHINE! Roadmap Call, (value $225) - to get ready for your package sessions & create a roadmap of your journey, together with your Source Self on the Source Timeline

  • 3, 90-Min SHINE! Source Sessions via Zoom, (value $1,350) - receive the clarity and frequency shifts you need to upgrade an area of your life through your Source Self on the Source Timeline - use within three months

  • Access to Me Outside of Sessions, (value $750) - throughout your package time - via email - ask me questions, share your win's & receive inspiration crafted by your guides to stay aligned to your Source Self & Source Timeline (OCTT)

  • Emailed MP3 Recordings of All Sessions, (value $200) - with embedded lightcodes to activate and align you to your Source Self and the Source Timeline every time you listen back


Value: $2,525


Your Price: $1,350*

(or 3 payments of $450)

*Special INU Light Participant Price: $900

 (must be currently enrolled in any level of INU Light with Olivia)


  1. Book your Free 20-Min Consult Call and see if this is a good fit for you.

  2. If it is, we'll get started - payment will be received over the phone & we'll book your first session.

  3. You're all set...I look forward to watching you SHINE!

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