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"The Middle Path & 'The Event'" - The Diamond Sun of the Earth

Welcome to my guide's, The Diamond Sun of the Earth [the Source-consciousness at the core of the Earth], three part series detailing the main paths available upon the Earth at this time...The Middle Path, The Source Path & The Artificial Path!

In this first part, my guide, The Diamond Sun of the Earth, describes the underlying energetics, purpose and experiences of the Middle path.

As we move into even higher frequencies, consciousness and planetary evolution [as the new cycle of bifurcation anchors through this ascension process], a big shift point is headed our way.

This shift point, my guides call "The Event", requires all of us to commit fully to our paths. Those upon the "Middle Path" will have the hardest time as this event comes closer. Many of you, already aligned to the Source timeline, will be helping them with this decision.

Find out what my guide, The Diamond Sun of the Earth [the Source-consciousness at the core of the Earth], had to say about this...

Topics Include:

  • The Difference Between ACT & OCT Creation Templates

  • Welcome to the “Middle Path”

  • Choice Points & Looping Energetics

  • Middle Path Creation Confusion

  • The Upcoming “Event”

  • Your Solo Journey upon the OCTT

  • Walking with Those Upon the Middle Path

  • Moving Forward Through the “Event”

  • Evolution of Surface & Inner Earth Beings

  • Shifting Our “Pocket Universe” Back to Source



If you resonate with this message, explore the other two paths in this series of messages from The Diamond Sun of the Earth:

NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

The Middle Path & "The Event"

From The Diamond Sun of the Earth - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled January 31st, 2024)

The Difference Between ACT & OCT Creation Templates

There are many templates of creation besides the Original [Source-Aligned] Creation Template (OCT) and the Artificial Creation Template (ACT). The OCT is the most Source-aligned and Source-generated Original Creation Template there is in all of the various levels of creation. This template is, from a linear mindset, the original beginnings of creation [although there is no linearity]. The OCT is an infinite template of abundance and Source-aligned codes and energetics, which can flow within all planes of existence - not just one.

The main “timeline” of Source Creation in the lower planes of existence, that utilize time distortions [such as timelines] to represent the main current of creation flow, we term the Original Creation Template & Timeline [of Source] (OCTT). This Source timeline contains only OCT templates to create the experiences and physicality needed. This is the main timeline of all Source-aligned beings.

The ACT template, on the other hand, is a limited “finite” template of creation that was generated by non-Source-aligned beings to house “power over” and “service to self” energetics. Since these ways of being are limited in nature [and fragmented], there is a time limit within all ACT “creations”- a finite understanding and fragmentation within this template. There are multiple timelines to house ACT creations, because of the nature of its fragmented state of being.

Many “sub-zones” of creation exist for those utilizing ACT templates to experience their existence. This is where the terms “parallel realities/timelines” come from. Parallel realities/timelines only exist within the experiences of the fractured internal state of the ACT template. We call the general term for all these types of ACT timelines the Artificial Creation Template & Timeline (ACTT).

Because of this, creations made using the ACT template are not quite as solid, as one may think or see in front of them. They are very holographic and illusionary in nature. When one reads about the Earth being a simulation and/or a holographic reality, they are actually reading about life within the ACT template and upon the ACTT. This is not the nature of reality found when living directly from the OCT template and upon the OCTT (Source timeline).

By the very nature of their fragmentation, ACT creations can be “dissolved” easily when one's mind is made-up to understand the true nature of these ACT creations and seek to know them for what they really are - illusions. Because of this, ACT creations are housed within pockets of “sub-creation zones”. These zones were intentionally created by beings to “play God” [or understand their fragmented nature]. 

There is always purpose within creation templates; however, some of these templates do not always create lasting/evolving creations. The OCT holds lasting creation, evolution and abundance energetics in ways that spring from the Original Source Creation’s evolutionary paths. This is the original path of the Divine Human throughout creation.

All genetically modified and created humans (from ancient and modern genetic experiments) begin their life living upon the ACTT and create from ACT templates. This continues in their evolution until a time when they either fully embody their own sovereignty and/or shift their internal genetics themselves (through Source-aligned pathways and energetics) to OCT templates.

Welcome to the “Middle Path”

There are any number of creation templates in between these two extremes of ACT and OCT. All forms of life "play" within these two categories at times, but ultimately choose one or the other. One of these "in-between" creation templates, that is coming to the forefront [as the energetics of the Earth are trying to harmonize the varying frequencies anchoring at this time], is what we call the “middle path”. There are better terms for this that will be coming shortly. Until then, we will use the terms “middle path” for the general path and “middle template” for its creation template. 

Those upon the OCTT, can observe this middle path and those upon the ACTT cannot [as lower consciousness does not concern itself with the creation templates of others, unless it has something to gain from doing so and even then, they see other's through their own internal resonance]. This middle template consists of multiple templates rolled into one - some from parts of OCT templates and some from parts of ACT templates.

The middle path is a melding of understandings - a trying to “walk both sides at the same time” and integrate these varying templates, which the middle path originated from. Therefore, this middle path holds the desire to be both and all at the same time, which many eastern philosophies, mystics and religions upon your planet have come to describe. Christian-based religions have termed this middle path “purgatory”. Catholicism goes into this a little bit more than others; however, in reality this hellish purgatory is not connected to the middle path, as the middle path is not connected to suffering. 

This middle path is not “wrong”. There are no creation templates that are “wrong”. Creation templates hold within them the elements and energetics needed to create different experiences, which match the frequency bands from which they originate. This middle template/path is being utilized more in the world, as people wake up to some of the illusions of ACT understandings, but aren't quite ready to dissolve the illusion yet. Bits of the OCT template are also in their awareness field; however, they don't trust nor understand the OCT path fully to create using these templates yet.

Choice Points & Looping Energetics

The middle path, of which we speak, is connected to the beginnings of sovereign “choice”. Those within the middle path are free to make the choice to evolve or devolve, while submerging themselves within the “in between state” where one plays, looks and tries to understand both sides. This path is also deemed “the learning path” or “the lesson path”.

Many new age groups speak of this path when they say the Earth is a school where you come to learn lessons. This is an erroneous statement, as not everyone upon the Earth is working with the same templates and on the same frequency path, as those upon the middle path. Incarnation is an experience and a unique one that is always shifting and changing. There is constant awareness that is evolving. When you believe this evolution and unique experience is here to "learn", then you place yourself onto the middle path.

When the New Age community makes such a bold statement [that everyone is here to learn and Earth is a school] they negate all other awarenesses and paths. This is akin to a type of manipulation - those who listen assume that is why they are here. Those who do not know themselves fully, will be more apt to succumb to the middle path, as that is all they know. There is a large push in the spiritual communities to be on the middle path. This is being used as a purposeful block from aligning back to the Source timeline, as the more one stays upon the middle path, the harder it is to leave it and move on.

However, as those upon the middle path consciously journey inside themselves to their core truth, they will come to understand this falicy they were led to believe. Not all people within the New Age movement know what they are being led to regurgitate as a "spiritual truth" is in fact a partial statement, that is not being fully understood.

The middle path is where one purposely “goes into” the ACTT grid to begin to uncover and understand how to dissolve it. However, their understanding and ability to dissolve the illusions are not fully realized because there are still things they need to “learn”. This need to continue “learning”, however, can become a never-ending hook and loop that keeps one from fully releasing themselves from the illusion and shift their path to the OCTT. 

Many beings get stuck within this middle path and find themselves unable to fully evolve back into the OCTT [back to Source]. Evolution requires [especially at this time] the journey of the individual essence back into its Source state, which is continually evolving. Source is not finite - it has no end. Therefore, the path on the OCTT is whole and encompassing, whereas the middle path still has limits.

There is still a box, within the middle path, which consists of a finite way of thinking. However, this “box” contains small “cracks and openings” into more OCT awareness, but one is not creating from this template yet. This is unlike the ACT template, which does not contain these openings into awareness at all. 

Middle Path Creation Confusion

This middle path is a template that can be used to create from. You see this throughout many creations upon your Earth where the manifestation holds both ACT and OCT energetics within its form [from relationships, experiences all the way to physical creations]. People upon both the OCTT and ACTT are unsure of what to do with this kind of “middle path creation”. However, people on the middle path, working with this middle path creation template, are very comfortable within that dual space of creation [and living with those “in between” creations]. 

Therefore, they do not have any reason to thwart, disregard or look at these creations as a path of righteousness or indignation - there is no judgment within these people. They are observers of both realities and also outside of them as well – unable to evolve upon either ACT or OCT paths, until they choose to do so. Many of you are straddling this middle path at this time. 

There will come a “choice point” in the near future where one has to decide if they are ready to fully and consciously step into either the OCT templates and the OCT Timeline [the Source timeline] or the ACT templates and the ACT Timeline. When one is upon the middle path, it is easy to stay within this choice point indefinitely - going back and forth in one’s mind, but never really making the commitment. 

If they do make the choice to “drop down” into living from ACT templates and the ACT Timeline [because one has a resonance already through this middle path to the ACT template structure], they can step fully back into the timeline of the ACT through their choice point. If they choose to evolve into the OCT path, they must completely relinquish their middle path and learn a whole new way of being and living upon this Earth.

The Upcoming “Event”

There is an “event” many people speak of, where decisions need to be made [and it needs to be made fully] whether one is living from the OCTT or ACTT paths. This event is coming closer. One may wonder how such an intensity and pivotal moment can be possible from a Source-aligned perspective. Because of the dichotomy of energetics present upon your Earth, and the intensity of incoming ascension energies and cosmic upgrades, there will come a time when this focal point of choice occurs upon this earth plane. 

Earth holds multiple realities within it - various frequency bands of civilizations and creations. One can easily step into frequency bands that range from lower consciousness ACT creations to higher consciousness OCT understandings and templates for creating, based upon one’s resonant frequency. Civilizations [you may not be aware of] are also on the brink of opening into higher OCT templates through their resonant frequencies. Your Earth holds a vast array of “realities” within it. 

Therefore, it is very easy and plausible for one to step back down into ACT reality, while living upon this Earth, and also have somebody living upon this Earth who is stepping into the “higher”, more whole, frequency of OCT reality, while neither the two interact in the physical whatsoever together anymore. It is very easy for this to happen and many of you will be coming to this understanding very quickly now. 

This understanding [of different realities present at the same time on Earth] has been hard to come to grips with in the past for many of you. As frequencies shift and balance, it will become more easily known – especially for those within the OCTT frequency bands of creation. It is frequency that creates your reality. When you step your “orchestra of frequencies” into a new frequency band (which means you integrate your frequencies that make up “you” into more wholeness upon a new level of awareness), your reality shifts. When this happens, you then undergo a process of releasing all that does not align to that new frequency band. 

Your Solo Journey upon the OCTT

Many of you upon the OCTT, who are choosing to evolve within the OCT frequency band of creation, and walk that OCT path, have experienced an inner state of growth that requires patience and much alone time. This is because there is a solo type of journey as one enters, aligns and works from the OCTT. No matter how many friends and family members you remain in contact with, there is a still a much-needed solo experience upon the OCTT (however, in the years moving forward, we do see more and more of you coming together in this way and not having such a solo journey). 

In the beginning of walking onto the OCT path, a necessary individuation process occurs - a solo strengthening of the individual at their core essence, as they begin to walk that path. This is what many consider to be the ultimate spiritual journey – the walking back to the core of your being. Those upon this path learn to create in wholeness - taking full responsibilities of every choice point of their life and throughout their day. This is a courageous act and one those of you upon the OCTT will understand. This is one of the reasons why those upon the ACTT refrain from choosing the OCTT path; self-responsibility can be hard to accept from an ACTT “group think” perspective.

Walking with Those Upon the Middle Path

Those of you upon the OCTT have also been walking with those upon this middle path at times, helping them understand what the OCTT entails, while watching them grapple with and create from ACT templates. You see them learning and observing their reality, while walking within the looping structure of ”lessons”, which can become hooks back to the ACTT. This can be frustrating to witness. However, there is a love and compassion that is fostered - an empathy and understanding through this observation. 

Neutrality is gained for those upon the OCTT witnessing those upon the middle path. This is a purposeful experience at this time, as it strengthens your understanding of the path you have chosen and are continuing to choose. Those of you upon the OCTT who keep your OCT/OCTT connection [in every moment and micro choices of your day] will not be resonant with living from the middle path. However, you will be connected to it, at times, through guidance, love and connection to those you care about. 

Moving Forward Through the “Event”

As this event of “choosing” comes forward, and as frequency band widths “increase” over the years, there will be a drastic release of people from this middle path. There will be a population increase on both sides of the two templates, OCT and ACT, in various ways. It is recommended to stay within your understandings and sovereignty of free choice - remembering there are no wrong choices during this time. Everyone walks within those paths in the ways they need. Release the guilt and shame you may feel at choosing or seeing what is being chosen by others around you and having strong emotions because of it. It will seem to not make sense at times. This is happening now for those living “on top” of the Earth. 

Evolution of Surface & Inner Earth Beings

Upon the surface of the Earth, there are extremes of weather, elements and emotions. These extremes help foster the spiritual journey of going within [into one’s inner being] for the people upon the surface. In this way, this makes those of you who live upon the surface much more integral to the foundations of this Earth, as your collective “plays out” all various creation templates together. 

As one moves into the center of the planet and connects with various inner earth civilizations, one finds more “middle path” oriented beings who straddled both the OCT and ACT templates/paths. These inner earth beings are also undergoing an evolution as well, at this time. The “event” will also create a shifting for these inner earth civilizations [especially those upon the middle path] - helping them make their choice. 

Beings inside the Earth evolve to connect more closely to those deeper layers of higher frequency bands within the Earth [found as one moves into the core of the Earth]. Therefore, the plausibility of inner earth beings choosing more OCT-aligned templates increases the farther underneath the surface of the Earth they are. However, this does not negate the chances of more ACT inner earth civilizations [within more shallow pockets beneath the surface] devolving, as well. 

Shifting Our “Pocket Universe” Back to Source

There is a shift point happening within your quadrant of the Galaxy - shifting the entire “pocket universe” one is within. The purpose of this is to connect this pocket universe back to the core universe of Source it has come from. The Great Central Sun of Source at the center of your Universal Core is helping to access this reconnection. As a metaphor for the very general understanding of what is happening at this larger level of creation, one can look at it through the act of putting a puzzle together. 

Like an elusive puzzle piece that has now been located, now at this stage of your universal evolution, you are in the process of trying to figure out how to put your universe back into place within the larger Source Creation. Just as a puzzle piece needs to be placed into the empty spot in precisely the aligned way, so too does your universe within the larger tapestry of creation. Your choices at this stage, in essence, determine how this universe will align. This is the importance of staying connected to your core resonant truth. This is integral to this time.

We wish you peace, love and connection back to your core and your truth in knowing the path that aligns to you. Trust the path you choose to guide you back to you - back to your truth, back to your life, back to your center and back to your power. With this, we wish you farewell and love.

In connection to the core of your truth,

- The Diamond Sun of the Earth

If you resonate with this message, explore the other two paths in this series of messages from The Diamond Sun of the Earth:


"'The Middle Path & The Event' - The Diamond Sun of the Earth": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


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Hi Olivia, I read this article last night. You are absolutely right about the Middle Path and what I'm experiencing/witnessing happening in organizations. Thank you!🤗

Replying to

I'm so glad that resonates with what you're going through - so many are within this path right now it makes sense you're seeing it all around. 🌟 Your so welcome! ❤️

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