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"The Source Path" - The Diamond Sun of the Earth

Welcome to my guide's, The Diamond Sun of the Earth [the Source-consciousness at the core of the Earth], three part series detailing the main paths available upon the Earth at this time...The Middle Path, The Source Path & The Artificial Path!

In this third part, The Diamond Sun of the Earth, describes the underlying energetics, purpose and experiences of the Source path.

Upon the Source path, we evolve, create, align and grow within our sovereign being connected to Source. This is the place where we hone our frequency to resonate in order to manifest and understand the world around us, without looping backwards.

This is where we are being guided to connect into now, as this Earth evolves.

Topics Include:

  • The Source Path Contains the OCT & OCTT 

  • Linear Process of Aligning to the Source Path

  • Source Flow Substance

  • Leaving the Artificial Path

  • Elevating Frequencies onto the Source Timeline

  • The Principles of Flow Upon the Source Path

  • Consistency of Intention & Trust

  • Adjustment Period

  • The Importance of Rest

  • Clarity

  • Wholeness



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

The Source Path

From The Diamond Sun of the Earth - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled February 4th, 2024)

The Source Path Contains the OCT & OCTT 

To understand fully what it means to be aligned to the Source path, which contains the Original Creation Template (OCT) and Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source (OCTT), one must contemplate what it is to be connected to their core truth within their body, life and being - at all levels of their experience. This is the Source path in its entirety. 

Authenticity, sovereignty, genuine connection, deep truths, compassion, empathy, and guidance from the inside (one’s inner planes) takes precedence upon the Source path. Outer experiences are understood from this interior, inner planes, space of being. The inner planes are in flow completely with Source energetics. It is the inner planes where one experiences being in harmony with oneself and all of creation. 

The OCT stands for Original Creation Template - the original creation manifesting guideline and template which came directly from Source and holds the natural laws of Source within it for any core creation of Source. The core foundations of the OCT are truth, harmony and resonance within the Source path. There is also the main Source timeline, we call the OCTT [or the Original Creation Template and Timeline of Source]. This is where one resides, while being upon the Source path – especially during incarnations where there is a time component or where one works with timelines in this way. 

Linear Process of Aligning to the Source Path

As we look at those who have accomplished this journey upon Earth, we can say, in physical reality, there is a linear process of moving oneself onto the Source path from the Artificial or Middle paths. The first step is moving onto the Source Timeline [OCTT] – learning how to “jump” into the OCTT timelines available and stay connected to this Source flow. The second step, once one is comfortable upon the OCTT, is moving all of their creations out of the Artificial Creation Template (ACT) and into alignment with the Original Creation Template (OCT) energetics. 

This is the elevation of frequency one must accomplish to secure themselves within the Source path. Every area of one’s life must move into OCT energetics if one is to be integrated within the Source path. This process takes times and attention. Every micro choice of one’s day requires awareness of which creation template they are using and where their awareness is focused [OCT or ACT]. Throughout this process, there can be doubt. 

It is easy, when one lives in a world which seems to be filled with Artificial path experiences, to doubt if there is even a Source path at all and if this process one is undergoing matters to anyone outside of themselves. There is no outer world validation for this process [unless one finds those who have and/or are going through this themselves]. As one begins to really integrate into this process and utilize these templates and timelines within themselves, one begins to see the flow state of manifesting, within the Source path, unfold. 

Source Flow Substance

When one is in a higher dimensional plane of existence [during an incarnation that does not include time], one sees the OCTT Source timeline as a “path”, a flow of “water-like” substance, a “light” of core resonance that one is within. This OCTT Source timeline emanates this “substance” [for lack of a better word], coming directly from Source, throughout the universe and all of creation. Upon the Source path, one aligns their world and being to this substance. This is the basis of all Source path journeys and experiences in and upon this Earth at this time. 

Within society [and especially for those reading this and resonating to this message], many are in the process of guiding their life back to this Source timeline flow state. One can say this is the higher purpose of the ascension journey – evolving into remembering who they truly are and connecting back to one’s Source self on the Source timeline. This is not done through “will”, control or forceful action. This is done through flow and trust in the new and unknown experiences awaiting, within the Source path. 

Leaving the Artificial Path

Because society contains the Artificial path, and most of its systems are based upon these 3D grid principles, the majority of one’s life has been spent within these constructs and confines. These blocks and “purgatories of existence” within Artificial path experiences keep one stuck in loops of ego, fear and pain. This is the hallmark of the artificial creation template and its ACTT 3D grid upon the Artificial path. Because of this, one has choice as to when and how they move into the Source timeline and if this is, indeed, the lifetime they do that. 

If one believes, at one’s core, one is always connected to Source, then it is a matter of releasing the limiting veils, programs and blocks [that were a requirement of living within the Artificial path] from oneself, in order to access one’s core Source Self within and come into the frequency band of the Source timeline within the Source path. No one can do this process for another. This is not an easy journey, as so much is wrapped around the ACTT grid structure - including spirituality, religion, health, education, finances and security. 

Many relationships that have been fostered are very squarely anchored in the Artificial path’s ACT template and ACTT grid structure. Therefore, moving off the Artificial path and onto the Source path requires courage to face the unknown within relationships. Many are undergoing this process at this time. We see this process [upon the Earth] as a transformational journey that is very liberating and also very intimidating and hard. The challenge is not so much how does one align, but what does one do with that alignment, once they touch that space of the Source timeline and path? 

Elevating Frequencies onto the Source Timeline

Once one chooses to undergo this journey onto the Source timeline, they undergo the process of taking responsibility for their life in much bigger ways than before - examining each nuance and morsel of life through that lens. One looks at the priority they have been living within - assessing if this is in alignment with their core self and core truth on the Source timeline. If it is not aligned, it flows out. This flowing out and releasing is the hardest for many. 

Although this process is gradual, there are moments of “shake ups”. Gradual release turns into stronger and stronger momentum, until the realization emerges as to what is not in vibrational resonance with one’s core frequency anymore. This can stir up many things within the ACTT 3D grid of the Artificial path and those people around them living from that space. 

As one ventures onto the OCTT Source timeline, there is an expanding of awareness into who one really is and what one’s frequency field consists of. There is a higher frequency band upon the OCTT Source path one is required to access. However, in order to access this frequency band, one must reevaluate all the individual frequencies that make up one’s personal frequency band - elevating each one in turn. This can take time and patience is required. 

Many upon the Artificial path like to think of themselves upon the Source timeline already. However, if they have not done the inner work required, they cannot access this frequency band – no matter how much they believe they are.  Others who have actually experienced it are growing in this world. With this rise of those upon the Source path, connection and understanding of this process can occur. Unlike the Middle and Artificial paths, no matter how many people arrive at the Source path, it will always be a uniquely individual and authentic journey that requires patience and self-care. 

The Principles of Flow Upon the Source Path

When one realigns their entire life to this frequency band, they find there are specific laws or principles that are present when ones live from the flow state of the Source timeline upon this Earth. These principles are different than the ACTT 3D grid’s principles upon the Artificial path. The most important of these Source principles is “proximity and resonance”. 

“Resonance” is a term given to the frequency bands one lives within and how harmonized these individual frequencies are within one’s core being. One’s “resonant core frequency” determines one’s proximity – the specific aspects, material form and energetics one aligns themselves to in one’s outer and inner world. Proximity and resonance go hand in hand upon this Source path. This is one of the most integral understandings of the OCTT Source timeline upon this Earth. 

The Artificial path, on the other hand, does not hold the principle of resonance and proximity, as the Artificial path is not an inner driven path; it is outer driven. One can have a completely different experience than one’s internal frequency, when one lives within the Artificial path. This helps explain why many people can be magnetized to unhealthy situations within the Artificial path. Magnetism, seduction, desire and manipulation drive the attraction point of the Artificial path. 

This is why teachings such as The Secret have such a strong success rate within the Artificial path; if one can generate large amounts of desire, magnetism and manipulation energetics through one’s affirmation process, one can magnetize what one wants from the ACTT grid of the Artificial path and manifest it within the physical planes. 

Many of these Artificial path frequencies, one has lived within, release easily when proximity and resonance [within a higher frequency band upon the Source path] have been clarified within. This process unfolds naturally. However, in order to maintain one’s proximity and resonance one needs consistency with one’s intentions.

Consistency of Intention & Trust

The consistent practice of aligning one’s intentions and consciousness to the Source path is inherently known within oneself. Upon the Source path, Source energetics flow easily - helping guide the Source Self through this experience. When one trusts in this flow and releases control, desire and manipulation, through Artificial path tools [such as The Secret], one comes to align, integrate and step into this frequency band more easily than having controlled it. 

Anytime control is used upon the Source timeline, there is a loss of connection to this frequency band. One can easily fall in back into Artificial path teachings of manifesting. This is especially true when one experiences how much clarity comes from aligning yourself to the Source timeline frequency band. Because one has previously lived from the Artificial path, this clarity can easily be mistaken as signs one is manifesting what they desire and using this clarity as an affirmation-like tool to continue manifesting. 

In reality, this clarity is a result of shifting more into one’s internal frequencies within and unique connection to Source. It is a different resonance than manifesting.  This new connection to one’s core resonance is opening to Source frequency bands of wisdom and truth within the Source timeline. This wisdom will anchor within oneself, as one continues to flow the Source energetics through trusting this process.  The longer one is able to trust, and stay within the Source flow, the more this becomes understood. 

Adjustment Period

When one begins to access the frequency band of the OCTT Source timeline, one’s mental mind needs to adjust to this state. So many societies, currently within the earth plane, have been created within the Artificial path. Because of this, there are many blocks to living from one’s core self - purposefully placed within the ACTT grid of the Artificial path. Many who live from the Artificial path are not aware of the various distractions and mind programming present within its ACTT grid. 

As one steps consciously into more of the Source path, one can release these Artificial path “blocks” and distractions through activating and utilizing one’s mental body to check in with one’s core self within every micro choice made throughout the day. The more this is done, the stronger one’s connection to their Source, truth and purpose become in this world, the more one aligns and flows within the Source path, the more synchronicities of peace and ease come through and the more one is able to handle life's ups and downs. The frequency within becomes so sturdy, one’s anchor point within the Source timeline is unshakable over the long run. 

This does not mean one will not experience fear or have challenges to overcome. One will now be looking at it from a much sturdier place of resonance in one’s Source frequency within and higher perspectives. From this place, what to do next comes naturally. 

The Importance of Rest

As one walks more and more onto the Source path, more aligns for them. This may release many changes over a short period of time, as the frequency band “hones”. Therefore, the Source path contains more needed downtimes of rest and peaceful contemplation. One’s mental ACT programming of “doing, doing, doing”, not being worthy of having peace and/or the inability to enjoy the silent moments and appreciation of what one does have may be triggered during these times. 

The Artificial path does not change; it loops. ACT mental programs have been inserted into the ACTT grid to create an internal sense of comfort when one experiences “looping” types of experiences, thoughts and emotions upon the Artificial path. Therefore, this process of aligning to the Source path can bring up insecurities, as those ACT programs of comfort and security, through staying in stagnant places, will be releasing as well. These are times when the new does not come quick enough, and one is with oneself in contemplation or introspection for long periods of time. These can be mentally jarring moments of temporary states. 


You will begin to recognize what's happening more clearly, the more you are upon the Source timeline. Shows, media, songs and entertainment start to take on new truths, and one begins to see the facade and the programs within these outer world activities. One’s Divine Human cells within begin to reroute and shift in frequency and one activates latent abilities - clarity being the most important. 

When one is upon the Source path, there is much purpose in having clarity of focus, as it helps one remove their life from the Artificial path and seek out new ways of being within the Source path. Clarity of focus is not, however, what one has been led to believe upon the Artificial path, a pinpoint laser beam of thought. On the Source timeline, clarity is a totality of wholeness. There is a wholeness in clarity - an understanding of all components [energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally] that are happening in one moment of time. As one begins to experience this upon the OCTT Source timeline, it can feel very muddled, as one is rerouting synapses and neural pathways to accomplish this wholeness and thought consciously. 


The Source path is about wholeness. As one begins to align to the Source path frequency band, fragmented parts of one’s self arise to integrate/reclaim. The more this happens, the more one begins to align. This is how healing happens upon the Source timeline – by bringing that part of self, that is not aware of its wholeness and has been fragmented, back into wholeness. 

Upon the Source path, there is expansion, evolution and lasting creation. It is an ongoing journey into more and more wholeness, as one continues choosing this path. It is only through experiencing the Source path firsthand that one begins to understand their higher purpose and integrate into wisdom. 

In connection to the core of your truth,

- The Diamond Sun of the Earth

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"The Source Path - The Diamond Sun of the Earth": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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