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Explore the 6 stages of global transformation through 2039


Embody your truth & connect to the Source Timeline


 Prepare for the collective timeline shifts moving forward


Reclaim your energy from the artificial moon & 3D grid



Align with your core truths as you experience the dismantling


Discern Souled-beings from non-souled beings on your path


Jump timelines & dive deeper into the collective timeline shifts


Awaken new relationship genes & ways to help our future's kids

Preview 3 important chapters from my 2023 release for free!



Preview 3 important chapters from my 2023 release for free!

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Keys to the Rebuild - Book 1 is here to open up a channel to your ability to hone in on the energetics coming to your planet, so you can discern what is in alignment with your Divine Human Form and what is not.


"This discernment is key, now and moving forward, as institutional experts and giving your power over to another are now out of the question on the Source Timeline. It is time for you to come into flow with your genuine Source-aligned connections, health and power. Do not lose sight of this.”


- The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

Open Your Discernment...


According to my guides, The Councils of Light & Timelines Guides, the Rebuild Cycle is a massively sped up and accelerating cycle of time from March 2022 through April 2025, intended to “rebuild” everything around and inside of us at a massive rate.


During this time, we get to choose the major creation templates and timelines, Source or Artificial, to do this. It’s all part of what many call our “ascension” journey and the human consciousness evolution of our planet. 

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“Interconnection & Timeline Shifts dives into major themes of empowerment all Souls incarnated upon various planets have within them. Your earth plane, however, has been tampered with. When you are born upon Earth, you are “veiled” to these truths that should be present and consciously known to you.


"This is why this compilation of messages comes through this book in this way - to remind you who you really are and what your Source Timeline reality entails. The flow of chapters brings you out of these veils of forgetting, so you can reclaim the wisdom of your path and understand the journey ahead.” 

- The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

Release the Veils...


Dive into the next phase of evolution within this Rebuild Cycle we are here to traverse, anchor and integrate now and in the future. Explore timeline shifts, collective avenues of awareness, star children and relationship nuances. 


With the help of my guides, The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides and Existencia Source Fields these messages release the veils, help Feminine Lightworkers navigate this Rebuild Cycle and align you to the Source Timeline.


Open to more of your sovereignty and freedom to choose and follow your unique guidance.

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new earth report(2) copy.png

  Welcome to the Rebuild... 

  Dive deeper into the Rebuild... 

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