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Continuing on in the exciting journey of the Keys to the Rebuild Cycle series, dive into more messages from Olivia’s guides in this second book. Explore the interconnections and timeline shifts available and happening for us all now, as the anchoring and reclaiming of the Source Timeline upon the Earth awakens.


Learn how to:


  • Work with fear throughout this time


  • Stay congruent and aligned with your truth within


  • Discern the orientations of humans present within this time and how the Earth is handling these differences


  • Explore the Mandela Effect and how it corresponds to current timeline shifts taking place within the collective and where we go from here


  • Timeline Jump throughout this event and beyond to stay on the Source Timeline


  • Navigate new relationship connections awakening we once had over 500,000 years ago


  • And help the awakening Star Children not lose themselves in the coming shifts.


As always, this book explores themes of your Source empowerment and co-creative abilities within the structures of energetics opening up to us all within the Earth and beyond during this exciting time. The light codes, tools and understandings present within these messages will sustain you through whatever events and experiences occur.


Welcome to more of your co-creative empowerment within the Rebuild Cycle and beyond!




NOTE: You'll recieve two types of ebook files with purchase - one for iBooks (.epub) and one for Kindle (.mobi)

"Interconnection & Timeline Shifts" (eBook) - Channeled Content

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